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  1. A short update.. Did a factory reset two times and the problems remained. Because the microphone * was broken, and I couldn't use the phone to make calls, the Pro1 is now send back to F(x)tec to let them have a look. And hopefully they can resolve the issue. The problem with the slider keyboard state is likely some hardware problem with the magnets that are behind the display. I'll post another update here just for the record. Cheers, Ben * i've read somewhere here on the forum the Pro1 should even have 2 mics but I've inspected all my video's and it only ever recorded t
  2. Thanks @FlyingAntero it might be useful in the long run but first I'm gonna try to get my hardware fixed if it is broken. But I can see it is useful, even when this works again, to have a choice what virtual keyboard is opened and when. I now ended up using SwiftKey mostly for automatic capitalization but I can imagine I want something different when I use the virtual keyboard. I bet it can also sort out some other issues I have. To be honest I started to appreciate the BlackBerry PRIV's keyboard simplicity once I struggled with setting up the Pro1. Or actually any other (N97min
  3. Hi @Slion Yes I'm definitely victim of the auto orientation getting stuck... For instance it was just acting up and stuck in a way that when I enables standard auto-rotate it would switch to portrait and if I disabled it the orientation went to landscape. The opposite of what I expected as I think off should default to portrait. ...but on top of that the sensor is just broken. Or keyboard status as you call it. But in my case it is the opposite; it is stuck in landscape rather than not going to landscape. The two are related as they deal with orientation. The difference is t
  4. Ah ok I see. But that would also give me a virtual keyboard in landscape orientation. What would be nice if there is a way to enable the virtual keyboard only in portrait mode. This would be enough for the virtual keyboard to do what I want without the hardware sensor. But there would still be the backlight for the keyboard for which I have to choose between leaving them on so I can use them but drain the battery even when keyboard is closed. Hmm for turning them on the light sensor could be used. Would be a nice feature anyway. And something I didn't tell yet is that the phone is in
  5. With trying out all the orientation options I'm now hearing that something small is loose in the phone ☹️ I didn't drop the phone or can't remember I bumped into something so maybe some glue came loose.
  6. Thanks @FlyingAntero I've tried that app and it didn't record anything when I open/close the keyboard nor when I play with some magnets.
  7. thanks @SCΛRECROW I've tried that app but I can't seem to get it automatically orienting to start with. Also not sure where that is. Couldn't find it in that Rotation Control app. If it is separate from that it might still come in handy.
  8. Thanks @Jacob_S I'm now taking a look at the FactoryKit and the hall sensors. Like @EskeRahn describes I'm trying to use a magnet to get any reaction. Until now with the keyboard opening/closing or with some magnets I get no reaction. It should do something with the keyboard right? That FactoryKit is very useful though. I could now confirm my mic doesn't work either.
  9. Hi folks, Been using my Pro1 for a couple of months now. Overall I'm happy and one of the minor annoying things was the screen orientation being a bit flaky. This weekend though I realized something new was going on with the orientation that I could work not around and is a show stopper in terms of physical keyboard use. It also doesn't go away with opening portrait-only apps or restarting the phone. I'm afraid it's 100% reproducible rather than just flaky 😨 I was not able to find another thread so please point me there if there is one. I know there is at least one thread about t
  10. Hi everybody! Have been lurking on this thread for quite a while... waiting has been and still is an exercise in patience it seems 🙂 Just to add a little bit of my info to the order statistics for which I also did not yet receive a "stock assigned" email. #23xxx ordered: July 26th paid: August 2nd county: Netherlands/Holland no coupon QWERTY What I'm going to say next is supposed to sound crazy 🙃 but I'm not joking; "I thank FXtec for being so open in their communication." It was dangerously open though as it triggered false hope many time
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