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  1. Hey Community The title of this thread is "info on production status" . But i find every other infos but nothing about the production status.... So, could someone please say if there are any informations about the 2nd batch? About more delay or about where my preordered phone is?? Thanks guys
  2. I hope so.... I already hoped sometimes but i hope so 🙂 my wife told me today that as soon i have my pro1 running the device will be already old again. Haha, maybe we can pre order the pro2 already for shipping 2021 🙂
  3. Hi everyone The question is an easy one... How many devices got shipped in the first batch? Eric, could you please answer this question? And i have got some informations that the 2nd batch will be send in the 2nd week of November which will be me much larger than de first batch. Cheers
  4. reading these statements was really great. finally we have received many many answers to our questions. thank you very much. to the people which much criticism donated ... from the beginning had to be expected with a delay and that have pre-orders per se. But I am fully convinced that it is worth the wait and we will have a device that will work uniquely and perfectly. only the time investment for the details shows me that the team fxtec stands behind it with full passion. I'm really looking forward to the pro1.
  5. I asked if the delivery date, which was announced on Twitter, can be met. because the second september week has already started and there was no information ... so I asked for and got this answer. and yes I'm a preorderer :)
  6. Hi everyone. Yes, i pre-ordered the Pro1 in June and paid it at the same day we received the mail for paying (which was the first Week of August)
  7. I now received the answer of Fxtec... We're almost 100% sure the device will begin shipping by early-October, possibly much earlier. We have completed the hardware set, we're just finalising the software to ship with the device and that is 9/10 complete. That means it has a delay....
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