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  1. The way it is now I would use it in portrait mode when I want to scan for information or read news etc and as soon as I want to type something which is more than a quick "yes" or "no", I would flip out the keyboard. Several times a day I scan through headlines of 5 different sites, 4 mailboxes, a couple of media sites etc and when flipping over to landscape I see a third of information of what I see in portrait mode so for this purpose the landscape is for me not very useful. I need advice on how I can improve my overview in landscape mode to be better than portrait mode. I have two functional
  2. Is this "split screen" meant to be just two separate windows/tabs or can you configure them to follow each other. Meaning, that if you scroll on one side the other one is the continuation, and follows the other. This would be awesome and weighs up for shortage of screen space when scrolling/viewing for instance "news" in landscape.
  3. Where it is manufactured, which city. Just wondering, since the Huawei Android problem. Fxtec I understand is UK-based team...but is it a UK-registered company...?
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