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  1. To be honest, calls and texts go through 99% of the time and I've never had a dropped call. So I guess my gripe really comes down to the very slow LTE speeds I'm experiencing. I just feel like venting some frustrations I have. Other than this my Pro1 has been great for me. Maybe I should look into other carriers whose main LTE bands are supported by the Pro1.
  2. well with some smartwatches you can get them with LTE connectivity built-in meaning you can leave your phone at home and use the watch itself as a phone. I think you can even share the same phone number between them. It's good if you need to make and receive quick calls and texts.
  3. Woah hey fellow Masshole 😆 Just kiddin. But, which carrier are you on? T-Mobile way up in the Essex county is really slow and spotty (at least for me). Previously I never had an issue. But I second the idea of getting a prepaid phone. Or perhaps if you can, look into a smartwatch with LTE support?
  4. I MAYBE am thinking about selling my Pro1. It's a QWERTY and in US. I got it way back in January, and used it as a daily driver everyday until my work closed due to COVID. I found myself using it less and less and, now since that I am no longer at my work building, I noticed that I have little to no reception with T-Mobile in my area. I am on the fence about selling this RARE piece of tech, however not being able to send or receive texts or calls in certain situations is a tad bit more important. Now, I am going to be testing AT&T with my wife's sim and see if there is any reception /
  5. If there is no option within the launcher's settings, it might still be a part of the beta program. Within the launcher settings check for updates also, that likes to force with the MS servers for updates rather than the play-store. Note: the app titled 'preview' is not the same as the normal version's beta program. EDIT: I should have been a bit more clear: in the launcher settings -> home screen -> more
  6. Microsoft Launcher has a neat landscape mode. it supports customizing widgets, and a lot more options too actually. It is a robust launcher and works quite fine on my Pro1 running LineageOS. Best of all 100% free and no ads 😄 oh it can also fully sync with your PC workflow 👍
  7. Interesting ... 😄 Which files did you delete from where?
  8. I don't know what's going on but I'm having fingerprint issues on LineageOS. It wasn't recognizing any touches plus every time my phone reboots the fingers were no longer saved. I went back to stock (had a bunch of stock OTAs) made sure it wasn't my sensor. Thankfully its not, everything works fine and data stays after reboots. So I figured lets try out Lineage again. Fresh clean install of the newest build and recovery (20200727) ... The sensor is responding and recognizing quite well; but, data is still lost after reboots. 😕 I was thinking about going back to the OTA test build v2
  9. Downloading and installing the official OTA now! 😄 Forgive my ignorance but with these OTAs, do they also update the recovery?
  10. Hey. I've been playing around with the official build and noticed that the fingerprint doesn't work very well on the lock screen and sometimes works within apps that can use fingerprints (banking apps). However when rebooting device the fingerprints are no longer saved. I looked back in the test build forums and found the post regarding removing all the files within the /persist/data/fingerprint ... this directory doesn't seem to exist in the official build. I did a full wipe and clean install of official build and recovery.
  11. From a quick look at the link, it seems like AT&T is doing away with their 3G bands. Basically if you do not have 4G LTE connections then you won't have service. My guess is that AT&T doesn't know anything about our Pro1s. (If I go to my T-Mobile account it says that my phone is an "unknown device" yet my service seems to be working fine) I honestly think you'd be ok seeing as the phones supported on the list include an iPhone 6. We both know our Pro1s are much higher spec than that. ... But I could be completely wrong. It's just my two cents.
  12. Ahh yes the history of LineageOS. Seems like forever ago when I was flashing CyanogenMod. Man, this phone really does hit the nostalgia!
  13. 7 days?! That's like nothing in terms of waiting for things around here 😅 Jokes aside; I am so happy to see this. Amazing work to everyone involved and many thanks! 👍
  14. If we're talking about a dream os for me ... it would be a Windows Mobile/Windows Phone. Which ever you wanna call it these days. It'll bring me right back to the days of my HTC Touch Pro. I MISS WINDOWS MOBILE 6.5 😭
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