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  1. I hope there is some news for the US/North America customers soon! *fingers crossed* Either way good to see progress!
  2. Are you on T-Mobile? Forgive me if you said which service you are using.
  3. As one of the 3 Americans here I have to say thank you 🤣 But seriously F(x)tec, I too am thankful someone is daring to make a product like the Pro1. The fact that each one is made by hand is quite something. I work in an orthodontist laboratory, where we pretty much make most things by hand. Its not an entirely easy process bending wire to exactly the patient’s anatomy ... I can only think to imagine how hard it could be with such smaller parts for an epic sliding phone. Either way I am still patiently waiting for my clack-tastic Pro1. Keep it up.
  4. correct me if I am wrong; but if one were to install Lineage OS or SailfishOS, this wouldn’t exist.
  5. Same here. Just curious on when I should start vigorously checking my email and jumping for joy! 😄
  6. Hey all not sure if it was mentioned before, but a neat feature for the forums would be to have a custom signature. Loads of other forums have this. I think it would be great way to represent peoples timeline of physical qwerty devices or whatever else.
  7. my plan is to root and fiddle with the stock os at first but then jump on Lineage OS.
  8. Speaking of rooting; who plans on rooting the stock android preinstalled or installing rooted LineageOS?
  9. Greetings from wonderful New England everyone! I would first like to say thanks a bunch to everyone behind the F(x) Tec Pro1. You have seriously made my dream phone real. That said, I would like to ask anyone who cares to answer: How do you plan on using the Pro 1. I for one will use the device in landscape mode even with the keyboard closed. As far as Android goes most apps seam to work fine in landscape. I don't do the social media apps so I wouldn't know. But Outlook and many other apps work fine. I would love for root access to lock the orientation to always landscape! Till then I will stick with my always portrait atomic BlackBerry Key2 LE ...
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