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  1. @DieBruine Thank you! Your suggestion seems to have worked on my Asus RT-AC86U router I was able to use WiFi MAC filtering to force 2.4GHZ and so far so good, no reboot. I do hope this gets fixed in the standard OS though, I should be able to use the phone on 5GHZ these days!
  2. Wife finally got her Pro 1 after nearly a year of waiting. Start up the device, turn on Wifi Connects to Router, phone reboots, comes back to home screen reboots, over and over and over. If I quickly disable Wifi at the home screen everything is fine. but as soon as we turn Wifi back on and it connects, phone reboots. Waited all this time and to have such a glaring problem like this is just horrible. I will copy this into a support ticket as well, but didn't know if anyone else in the July 6th batch are having the same issue. *Note: I was able to get all of the patche
  3. "It's finally here! Mine is the 335th specimen." Does that mean they have only made less than 500 units of the phone so far?
  4. Pre-Order: August 19, 2019 Really, really, really been trying to be patient, and I know a lot of things have not been within anyone's control, but wow! Was hoping to replace my wife's Priv(as she is adamant her phone must have a keyboard) which is now really starting to get in bad shape, First as a Anniversary gift Then as a Halloween gift Then as a Thanksgiving gift Then as a Christmas gift Then as a New Years gift Then as a Valentines day gift Then as a St Patricks Day gift Then as an Easter gift Then as a Arbor Day gift
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