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  1. I got a response from Support that states the US shipping issue isn't an issue for Canada as Canada orders are being shipped directly from Hong Kong. That said I have not seen any Canadian who has gotten shipping notification.
  2. Well I had the LG Rumour (which I could not classify as a smartphone) when I first got texting. I also had a sidekick (that ran android) And a Priv.
  3. The poll is slightly inaccurate because it did not allow for having both smart and not smart phones with keyboards (as I had both)
  4. One of the reasons it might appeal to the under 30s (and I am under 30 although this is not the reason I am waiting impatiently for my phone) We had (mid 20 year olds) physical keyboard cellphones as some of our first cell phones. I had the LG rumour, I had a sidekick, blackberry's were the coolest thing you could have for awhile. Just saying.
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