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  1. Moderator: This is a thread intended to keep the "Known Bugs" thread more 'clean'. I split out the below comments from it Resolving bugs & issues and sharing tips & tricks maybe the best benefits from this forum. It's great to see the F(x)tec themselves coming out with the 1st known bug. Way to go! I am sure it will be a wonderful experience with Pro1. Thanks!
  2. https://www.stuff.tv/fxtec/pro-1/review Last para is interesting: "F(x)tec is also already planning its next smartphone, which is set to bring back more nostalgic features from the ghosts of the mobiles past. So if (like us) you're a sucker for nostalgia and tech, watch this space."
  3. Wow...4 phones! Are you a collector or a re-seller? :)
  4. I don't think it has been dispatched to the recipient country, as otherwise they would have provided tracking numbers...
  5. No one can deny their communication has been very poor. I too have pointed it out in my other posts. But since they are on the job now, I am willing to put it behind and look at them more positively, considering it's only 1-2 year old startup with no name in the market. As you maybe aware they had to settle for Snapdragon 835 because Qualcomm would not supply them 845 or 855. Like wise many vendors may fail to meet their demands in time as these vendors may need to supply to other "big" players. So I believe the repeatedly failed delivery promises may have these reasons, and it might have been much embarrassing for them as well. Many people like to splurge and change to "latest" models every year, including flagship phones from Samsung, iphone etc., which are much more expensive than Pro1. So not necessary everyone would wait for it to complete it's lifespan, if more models/ options are available in the market. (Though personally I would like to use it at least for 4-5 years). So I feel even if Pro1 gets average success, F(x)tec may try to bring out Pro2 within 2 years, to make a better presence in the market and ensure that people don't forget F(x)tec.
  6. I think the delays are mainly because many things are not in their direct control. Small company, hence maybe at mercy of various vendors... I am sure things will be different if there will be Pro2, with better experience and buying power...
  7. Why don't you go ahead and start the poll, it only takes a click to vote and we all have the time since we are still waiting for shipping updates.. 🙂
  8. Ok, so wired earphones will be included in the same package if you have pre-ordered before 24th June.
  9. So the case is NOT going to be included for any pre-orders before 24th June?
  10. Are you sure they are sending a sleeve (case) along with the device? Lately I have not heard anything from F(x)tec about the case nor the earphone being included, which was supposed to be free for the early pre-orders? On their shopping page it says "coming soon" for wired earphones and hard case.
  11. This mid-November shipment should be from factory to warehouse. On Friday, 1st Nov, Erik had estimated that all preorders should be completed by end of Nov. But this could extend to max mid-December? They are getting there. Further wait is more reassuring, as things are now on the move...
  12. Thanks for your message.As the first batch has now been delegated to it's orders, it doesn't look like your order will be included in this batch. Realistically, the next batch, which is much bigger than the first one, will arrive and it will be ready for shipping in the mid-November.Once your tracking information is available, it will be emailed to you. Feel free to let us know if there's anything else we can help you with. Kind regards, F(x)tec Support
  13. Nice! What's the status in your order? Has it changed from "processing"?
  14. Even if I move the Keyone, it cannot come to the edge. Moreover Pro1 will have tighter fit as it's more thick and should not move at all. Like you said, actual fitting will be seen whenever the Pro1 arrives! Anyway these are cheap cases and something is always better than nothing. Edit: Worst case I will have to keep the screen facing inside.
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