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  1. It's wild how different the experiences with their customer service are. Due to financial issues I had to cancel my order and ask for a refund yesterday (really not an easy decision) and just 9hrs later I got an answer and an email confirming my refund. After reading what other customers had to deal with I was expecting the worst but it seems I got extremely lucky...
  2. So you know the age of all women on this forum and can judge by that whether they are women or girls? That would be somewhat creepy.
  3. Nice! I can't even do 10-finger touch typing on a standard PC keyboard so I don't think I will on a phone-sized one XD. I have slightly shaky hands from medication I started taking last year though and that makes virtual keyboards somewhat difficult to use so I'm looking forward to having a physical one on my phone 😎
  4. Nope 😄 Fine fingers? I'm afraid I don't qualify for that though 😅
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