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  1. As an update, I chartered a private jet for my mom. She is back home in the Chicago suburbs, safely tucked into her house 3 blocks away from me, Safe and sound.
  2. I didn't know that and it does make me feel better, but still not good. He is, however, in a better predicament being NOT in the US as presently we have the highest cases of any county.
  3. I started reading this post today. I guess since I haven't left the house much and primarily use my phone as a phone, it hadn't occurred to me to come visit this forum. I apologize for that. I should have checked in, and checked in on my peeps. It's just surreal. This post here, and moving forwards, you can almost track progression. We go from concern to trepidation, to fear pretty quickly. And I get it - people want their phones. What I want is for all the people like you to be around when this whole thing has passed. I want to know that you are safe and then one day we can go back to normal and make jokes and tease eachother. Levity right now seems so not appropriate. I worry every day. I worry about my 85 year old mother who is in a hotel in Cali because we are too scared for her to go to 3 airports to come home to Chicago. I worry about staying healthy so I can be there for my family. I worry that people in this country can't just keep their asses home. NOT be a part of the problem. So I guess, dear Wax, I want to say that even though I am just a complete stranger, someone you trade cat pictures with, and chat with on the forum, I do care. I care about your well being and your country. I care that you are okay.
  4. I have had LOTS of Hello Kitty things come from China. I'm not sick. Then again, shipping took weeks.
  5. I am a weirdo. I turn on bluetooth, data or wi-fi when actively doing something. Bluetooth is on when paired to a speaker or my car (which is in essence a big giant speaker). I turn data on to check mail, browse while waiting for food to be prepared, look something up. Then I turn it off when I am done. I do the same thing with Location (which is only on when I am in the car using GPS or Maps). I only use wi-fi when I am in a known secured environment (my home, somebody I know's home). I don't have any burning need to be constantly connected to the universe. I also don't have any burning need to have my phone hacked or data stolen. I don't do any financial transactions from my phone (that's what I have a computer and a secured in-home network for). I love having a Pro1 that let's me have god rights for the most part. And thank you @EskeRahn for taking the time to explain they why or rationale. It makes sense. But I just want to be able to look at the phone and see up at the top what is on so I know to turn it off.
  6. Stupid Pie. Is that something that was fixed with Quinoa?
  7. For whatever reason it only appears when it is actively paired - not in standby. Is that the same for everyone?
  8. Her name is Juniper. I call her Juni. Ergo, she is the Junicat.
  9. But he mentioned fishing for the back button and I don't get it because the back button is always there.
  10. I don't understand. What fish? Why don't you just touch the back button?
  11. I think that anyone who was supposed to get them with the first batch should get them for free. Well, let's do the math. I asked on January 28th - one day before I received my phone. I got a reply on February 3rd. I got the headphones on February 18th. So 20 days between request and actualization.
  12. Born and raised? Is the playground where you spend most of your days? :D
  13. Do keep in mind that when I had pre-ordered the first phone it was said to included the earbuds and a case. I never received them with the initial phone I received in December. So I'm just considering this to be fxtec fulfilling that request.
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