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  1. It is what it is. Still love my Pro 1 to death and would get one for my hubby, but based on all the feedback, I don't even want a Pro1x anymore.
  2. I did a credit card claim - even though it had been 2 years. I was fully refunded including shipping. You're not going to get a refund from fxtec so you need to be more creative to get your money back. Also I am in the US
  3. Looking for a Pro1 (NOT X) for my husband. Must be $500 or less. Shipping I will pay.
  4. So does this mean that you have a Pro1 you are not using and might be willing to part with @Slion
  5. What I would like to know is if there is a way that I can hook the replacement battery up to something so I can charge it/keep it charged
  6. Yes they charged 120€ - 99 + shipping. When it comes time for me to deploy the new battery, if it is a fail I will send it to you if they aren't willing to refund me.
  7. @Hook @EskeRahn @Casey Got some Happy Mail today
  8. Because the Pro1, after 3 years, has none of the problems that the Pro1x does. It just works as advertised.
  9. Heavy browsing for about an hour, looking at photos etc. Other than that, mostly sleeping with the phone in airplane mode
  10. It's coming to my city so that's a start 😆
  11. How can you check to see if your battery really needs to be replaced? Like Mine was fully charged 8 hours ago and it's currently at 92% saying 3 days left. Is that good or bad?
  12. So I was sent a new tracking number for a package that left yesterday. Let's hope this one gets here. My apologies if Francisco is actually a real person.
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