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  1. Oh my... That is obviously a statement coming from a boy. Who would match their shoes to their cases? Shoes should match purses. And I have more than 53 of those too (shows AND purses).
  2. No. Not a typo. I did in facet have 53 cases. God Bless eBay.
  3. My Sidekick cases rocked. They were two piece + screen protector. They handled well with great tactile aesthetics. Angle screen was no problem. Nor was the curved bevel. I had 53 depending on my mood. They can make them the research is null. With Hello Kitty please.
  4. Can someone post the steps to do this?
  5. I didn't know that was the only Android version. Mine is stuck on FroYo. Apps started to not work anymore - nothing was supported. It's sort of where my KitKat Nexus is heading. Hope the new and improved Pro1 I will be receiving in June will be just the thing.
  6. @david Mine is a Sidekick 4G circa 2011. Still kicking.
  7. I had one. I sold one. I ordered another one. I don't have that yet.
  8. I want a terrace! All I have is a cement block with a giant crack in it pretending to be a patio :(
  9. I think it's just easier for them to send the refunds to those who ask rather than have to take the time to scroll through all of the orders and see who paid.
  10. I didn't get any message, just "Your F(x)tec order #xxxxx has been partially refunded" And then the receipt. I imagine they are not going to do it unless you ask. In Erik's message it says to contact them via email, so I did.
  11. Just as an FYI: At 8:51AM today I sent an email to fxtec asking about a sales tax refund and what was the process. At 9:23AM today I got an email saying that my sales tax was refunded completely and attaching a receipt. So um... impressed and thank you.
  12. I'll take all of them! Honey, Sweetie, Baby, Babes, Muffin, Cupcake, Noodle, Dolly, Love (I call so many people Babes, Sweetie and Love - man or woman). I would have made a great 50s housewife. Instead I am an IT Project Manager with a Masters degree who has to work to pay off student loans. Maybe next life...next life I will be a 50s housewife or a cat that belongs to a really rich old lady.
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