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  1. Can you all post some of your pics?
  2. Just sharing some different shots. This is a 2 inch diecast metal figure.
  3. A lot of times here in the US when you buy a technology product, they charge you a restocking fee to return it. This generally deters people who are just trying something out from returning because unless something is fundamentally wrong with the product, after 14 days you won't get a full refund.
  4. And I think when the background is not in tech they are less exposed in general to what is available. As a result, a recommendation of something that has practical applications is more desirable than something that is shiny and has lots of features.
  5. Yes. I had bought it at a brick and mortar store and was within my return window so I got a 100% refund. They didn't even charge me a restocking fee because it was not a ME problem. And they went and pulled all of the other cards by that manufacturer off the shelves.
  6. Been working in IT for decades, Masters and Bachelors in Information Technology Management. I would like to mention that of the 14 people I know who have bought the Pro1 on my recommendation, there are 8 who are NOT in IT and 3 who are rather scared of tech in general.
  7. I miss my Sidekick. Still the best keyboard on a phone ever.
  8. It was a fake. After 3 imports that the guy at Fry's tried it started deleting the data. Thanks for your suggestions everyone. I ended up with a 512 legit SanDisk one instead; it was the largest one they had in the store.
  9. Ugh. Yeah I don't want to risk that. It's still within the return period until 3/1 so back it goes. Thanks everyone.
  10. I celebrated with a new phone case
  11. Yes and Yes. So I tried 2 things: 1) I disabled Contacts+ as the default app ane enabled phone Still no thing. 2) I reinstalled an old APK for the version of Contacts+ that I like. Magic better. And all my apps are set to never updated. I hate updates. Updates suck. But it may have been the battery pull thing that you had me do. Regardless... problem solved and thank you all!
  12. So 50% of the problem solved. I get a notification in the drawer now but it doesn't default to my Contacts app.
  13. You are correct. It's a SanDisk - Ultra 2TB Internal SATA Solid State Drive
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