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  1. Videos are still live too. I downloaded the pages to offlines. Nothing is ever "gone".
  2. https://www.fxtec.com/smartphones/pro1x https://www.fxtec.com/smartphones/pro1
  3. I have no clue where the original thread ended up. I posted a couple of cases I got a while back that are perfect, but y'all didn't want the funky designs and colors. I finally found a black one on Amazon https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B085B37D84 All you have to do is GENTLY remove the rubber phone holder, use a few pieces of double sided carpet tape (lemme know if you want a link) and mount the phone. Camera hole is perfect, no button interference, and great protection.
  4. I don't understand why nix an account? Just don't use it.
  5. Take the card out and put it in a reader?
  6. Has anyone other than "Francisco" ever responded to anyone?
  7. You have to go into Connected Devices and select USB and the select File Transfer
  8. Still loving my Pro1. Haven't even had to put in the new battery yet. I use my phone a lot. Like surfing and videos. I turn data off when not in use, keep wifi on at home because wifi calling. I put it in Airplane mode when I am sleeping (because sleep).
  9. Been there. Done this. I didn't post about it because it was an epic fail. Also I had to fight for the return credit because it's some stupid a$$ 3rd Party Chinesium dude.
  10. Love my Pro1. Hubby uses a Bluetooth keyboard to type on his phone.
  11. My apologies. I never got an email notification about this. I contacted my credit card company and contested the charge. (US location) They sent me an email asking me for proof of intent on my part to handle the matter. I sent them screenshots, emails, proof that I had attempted to cancel, proof that fxtec acknowledged me and said (repeatedly) that it would be handled by their finance team. That showed that they were willing and accepting of my request to cancel. The fact that after they sent those emails to me they never did and the amount of time I was waiting was enough. The CC
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