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  1. Love my Pro1. Hubby uses a Bluetooth keyboard to type on his phone.
  2. My apologies. I never got an email notification about this. I contacted my credit card company and contested the charge. (US location) They sent me an email asking me for proof of intent on my part to handle the matter. I sent them screenshots, emails, proof that I had attempted to cancel, proof that fxtec acknowledged me and said (repeatedly) that it would be handled by their finance team. That showed that they were willing and accepting of my request to cancel. The fact that after they sent those emails to me they never did and the amount of time I was waiting was enough. The CC
  3. How many of the people who did not get their phone are US customers who did NOT get it through Indiegogo?
  4. Where are you located and how did you pay for your phone?
  5. It's never too long. Keep in mind that my original order was placed in April of 2021 and I got my refund in April of 2023. Document everything. Show proof that you don't have the phone, that the company isn't going to make them, your original charge... if you want I will send you the letter that I sent to my CC company and you can just drop in your own info and use it as a template. Add a link to this forum - specifically this topic or others where people are mentioning they did not get theirs. It is never too late. There is no statute of limitations.
  6. I know. I'm just saying that they ARE shipping SOMEthing even if it's not a phone :D
  7. I paid 129.34 so yeah. Took a little less than a month to receive.
  8. I ordered an extra battery on 4/14 and received it on 5/4 So parts do exist.
  9. It is what it is. Still love my Pro 1 to death and would get one for my hubby, but based on all the feedback, I don't even want a Pro1x anymore.
  10. I did a credit card claim - even though it had been 2 years. I was fully refunded including shipping. You're not going to get a refund from fxtec so you need to be more creative to get your money back. Also I am in the US
  11. Looking for a Pro1 (NOT X) for my husband. Must be $500 or less. Shipping I will pay.
  12. So does this mean that you have a Pro1 you are not using and might be willing to part with @Slion
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