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  1. I sense your confusion @netman I am also confused. It does not compute.
  2. Yeah, I had no interest in having a system run of external media. It was an accident. And I definitely got lucky. Ijust wanted to make sure this was documented in case others had a need to know.
  3. Still my fave. Been using the same one since February. I have 2 spares that are still sealed. If you don't like the designs, maybe you can skin it. https://www.ebay.com/itm/153051236557
  4. I'm not sure how things were originally configured, but sans card all the apps were working perfectly. The only change was that the pics and docs and other personal files were not present. I was surprised. If it transferred system files to the card, how was it still working?
  5. I am still all about the Samsung Browswer. Ad-free, super fast...
  6. My husband typed this up... In case this happens to anyone else. @EskeRahn - can you categorize this as something meaningful? Formatted card as Internal, All photos & video & Music put on card, Lost visibility to internal storage Decided this was a bad plan Shut off phone Removed SD Card Turned on phone All apps still present All games still at previous levels Phone still works HYPOTHESIS: Reformatting card should leave everything alone, just need to reinstall photos/video/music Backed up phone Powered off phone Reinstalled card Powered on phone Ref
  7. At my husband's suggestion I chose internal and now I want to undo that.
  8. So I got a new card and I meant to just transfer my pictures but I accidentally hit move files. Couple things; 1) The SD card, which is supposed to be a 512 is showing as a 1TB 2) I now no longer have access to the phone itself when I plug it into my computer. 3) The system folder is showing as being filled 506GB our of 1TB 4) What have I done? 5) Can I change it back? 6) How can I get it so I can see my internal storage when I plug the phone into the computer?
  9. Hi there @silversolver Yes, Kitty is a big fan. I am even having an fxtec shirt made for her. I have spent the past couple days chatting back and forth with the guys at fxtec. So glad they are doing well and safe and partly working from home. For all those people who complain about customer service, I have to ask you - How often do you contact fxtec when you do NOT need something or something isn't wrong? Do you ever just send them a note to say hi and that you are thinking about them? I do, because I am. They are good guys and they gave us this marvelous tool. Yeah it sucks t
  10. I'm sorry I have been so MIA around here. The main contributor to that is I love my phone and I have a case that has been going strong since I got it. I bought 2 others just in case but I haven't even unwrapped them yet because there are no failure points. Sadly, it seems to only be available in Hello Kitty prints (which works for me fabulously, but probably not for you. I am so happy to read about the new developments that are being made. I wish that there were no COVID going on because it really is messing with fxtec's rep and I think that's slightly unfair. I know some of you
  11. Flies with honey. Ever just talk to them and say hi?
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