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  1. Because he (a) gets to see more lines of text in portrait and (b) ...yeah I don't know why he didn't disable the onscreen one. I also don't know why he didn't just mirror his phone to his monitor and then do it.
  2. So this is his version of a phone with a keyboard...
  3. I asked. They answered. "The existing Pro1 will not lose it's support from us for Android or the LineageOS, Linux communities anytime soon. Although the Pro1 X has a slight advantage - it's still updated by the SoC maker Qualcomm."
  4. I'm happy with the camera. It's not perfect but it's the best phone camera I have ever had.
  5. These all are fabulous!
  6. Can you all post some of your pics?
  7. Just sharing some different shots. This is a 2 inch diecast metal figure.
  8. A lot of times here in the US when you buy a technology product, they charge you a restocking fee to return it. This generally deters people who are just trying something out from returning because unless something is fundamentally wrong with the product, after 14 days you won't get a full refund.
  9. And I think when the background is not in tech they are less exposed in general to what is available. As a result, a recommendation of something that has practical applications is more desirable than something that is shiny and has lots of features.
  10. Yes. I had bought it at a brick and mortar store and was within my return window so I got a 100% refund. They didn't even charge me a restocking fee because it was not a ME problem. And they went and pulled all of the other cards by that manufacturer off the shelves.
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