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  1. My darling Francisco has been kind enough to teach me how to say "I am so sorry: in at least 8 different languages. It's a special game that we play. April, 19, 2021 here on Hubby's Pro1-x Batch #2
  2. As to the topic in hand speaking of the Pro1 not Pro1x, calls are hit or miss. I miss a lot of calls and get voicemail notifications, texts don't always go through or come through. But man I love this phone.
  3. I did not realize that had been merged with this. Sorry 😕
  4. It was announced a while ago that this would not be a 5G device. Please keep that in mind as far as signal capabilities.
  5. We have no news from the warehouse yet. Units are being prepared and labelled for September's Shipping. So... there's that.
  6. Sorry guys. Yes. Original campaign. They did not tell me when in advance, just apologies for not getting it to me by my birthday.
  7. Someone sent me a PM saying that they did not believe the shipping time for my order. I get it. Sometimes communicating might be hit or miss. But I wanted to show that they are good to their word when they can be.
  8. Who will get devices first - Indie customers or orders from the website?
  9. This. The Medium one's dimensions are right https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/183427133313 I have not ordered because I don't have time to register for Australian eBay. But it comes in black and this is the same as my Kitty cases
  10. Using Android. Default that came on phone. I mean I like the infinite screens but I just want to swap screens rather than rearranging everything. I've not tried Nova or any other launchers.
  11. Never tried until today, but I would like to reorder the home screens. I tried just long pressing a blank space which on all other Androids brought up the screens and I could just reposition them. Suggestions?
  12. This was confirmed (this morning) to still be on track.
  13. However the magnet hold is really quite nice and it's a well made case. Just...not it.
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