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  1. Flies with honey. Ever just talk to them and say hi?
  2. Voice, Data and Text affected. No solution or end time. Nothing is wrong with the Pro1. Also, Wi-Fi Calling is also broken because you have to be actively connected to a network - even if choosing wifi only.
  3. I will always miss my Nexus 5 a little. Also my favorite slab phone.
  4. Sidekick. What phone don't YOU miss anymore?
  5. Selfie Lighting. Turned it off. Bands are gone.
  6. Nothing in the settings. ANyone else?
  7. The beige at the top and covering the bottom rather than their being transparency so you can see your face compeltely.
  8. (double posted) Does anyone know why the selfie camera has that weird band?
  9. Maya's Pro1 Photos Click Link
  10. Agreed, I will toss them up on a google drive and share the link. THanks.
  11. Post them here! I would like to see how good the camera is with different software.
  12. That's just um... wow...
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