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  1. Indeed, shame, i had already hidden the app in my list but i guess i will keep a shortcut around for now, i wonder if is per design or a flaw.
  2. mm could be that i have encountered a bug then, i do not have a screenlock on my phone, just to be sure i added a pin, locked en then unlocked the phone, also rebooted, still no luck unfortunatly, thanks for the tip though 🙂
  3. Hello everyone, Messing around with my pro1 since yesterday, having fun so far. i was browsing the settings for the snapdragon camera app and i found the toggle "Space shoot" i can't find anything about it on google, anyone know it's function? Also when i first used the app it showed a preview of previously made photo's in the lower left corner (in portraitmode) but now i don't see it anymore. To check if i made a decent picture i have to go to google photo's manually, is there a setting i missed/changed or do i have to link a gallery app to the camera app somehow.
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