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Found 6 results

  1. Dear keyboard lovers here is something to try out while waiting for your Pro¹X. Interface just launched. It's a revolutionary Bluetooth PC keyboard for Android devices. Currently only available on Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra. It's very early days so the feature set is still limited but the potential is mind blowing. And yes, I too have been a long term fan of mechanical keyboards and I thought I could never do without them. I used a couple of ThinkPad USB keyboards for the last 20 years, even developed a custom driver for them. But then I saw the potential of devices such as the T
  2. Fx Service is an Android application notably enabling Pro1 smart case support. It also provides various solutions to common Pro1 problems or simply new features including: Smart case support: configurable lock and wake functionalities. Screen filter overlay to lower display brightness beyond system settings. Configurable vibration upon keyboard key action. Alternative auto-rotate solution to bypass system auto-rotate which tends to get stuck. Filter out unwanted system key input. Feel free to post here to discuss bugs and feature requests.
  3. I started working on Fulguris Web Browser. It's primarily targeting F(x)tec Pro1. Now available on PlayStore for free.
  4. I just published what's basically a modified variant of FinQwerty called Fx Qwerty with focus on Pro1 usability.
  5. Hello everyone, Messing around with my pro1 since yesterday, having fun so far. i was browsing the settings for the snapdragon camera app and i found the toggle "Space shoot" i can't find anything about it on google, anyone know it's function? Also when i first used the app it showed a preview of previously made photo's in the lower left corner (in portraitmode) but now i don't see it anymore. To check if i made a decent picture i have to go to google photo's manually, is there a setting i missed/changed or do i have to link a gallery app to the camera app somehow.
  6. I could not find Disney+ in the Play Store for my Pro1. It's available and works fine on my Huawei P30 Pro. Is that the same for everyone or is it because I'm running the compromised OTA that was made available for a short time?
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