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  1. Erik no I won't like to share my order details for my privacy just like you don't share any real info with us. All I can tell you is we ordered 3 units in May when you said it will be shipped in July. Now coming to the shipping , when I said last time that it won't be shipped on 29 Erik was so quick to respond that it's definitely shipping on 29th. And here comes 29th. I can say this with confidence that they have not shipped any at all. Does any of real customers here received shipping notification? I bet none. This is another trick to get couple of more months. They can see that the previous trick of delaying is failing so now they got this which will give them couple of more months. I think some will understand what I am saying by the end of November. I think it's all because they have not done any manufacturing at it. Its an absolute scam. And those who try to justify them by keep saying it's a small company, so the small companies are allowed to lie like this on and on? It's really sad what they are doing to desprate people. As for us like I said earlier we are cancelling our orders today. In fact we will not ask fx to cancel, we will just contact our credit card company to file a dispute. So that fx will get a fine and goes in black list. We are done here.
  2. So the next round of frustration is started if fx has really shipped. For 4 months we been wondering when will it ship. Now for the next 4 months we will be wondering when will we get it. Erik every time you announce it doesn't add up. Like u now saying if it's shipped today to few then why will it take next week for them to get it? Shouldn't it be by the end of this week And apart for God knows which lucky ones to expect next week, the rest will then can't expect for atleast next couple of months. I truly regret the day I signed up for this pro1
  3. Yes i did. I actually contacted them several times. and i also offered to pay them in full for the testing device. i also applied for the testing application back then. but Fx never offered me any testing device.
  4. Thanks Erik for your post and i hope it will be all good by the end of this month. And i will post my big apologies here if it start shipping by 29th October. I would like to shed some light on why am i so bent and twisted. We need this device to use for our business. i am waiting for the first one to arrive and if its all good as expected then we would order 25-30 of these pro1 devices. We have been using Nokia E7 for last many years, its form factor is what is suitable for our business process. so we have 30 of these Nokia E7 devices that we were regularly maintaining the hardware and we also had few developers that we pay to develop apps on regular basis. but the main issue we were having lately was that its hardware and software was becoming very out dated and most of the online stuff wont work, even the browser was not able to access most of the sites by now. so we were looking for some new device with the similar form factor (sliding keyboard). the blackberry is not suitable for us as its not a full laptop style sliding keyboard. and then this pro1 came to our attention back in February. its was just same form factor like E7 but with new hardware and latest android os. so this was the new device we were looking for. we didnt counted on pro1 very seriously until August when Fx announced a release date. So when we paid for our pre order in the start of August and FX gave a date of release (mid september) that when we thought that its definitely coming. and that's when we started retiring our Nokia E7 devices. we stopped spending money on E7 hardware maintenance and also stopped spending money on software development knowing that we will need new software development in andriod. since then we were keep waiting. for us its not just a phone gadget to play with. and since then its been keep delaying to the point where we start becoming uncertain when pro1 will be really released. and we are stuck in the middle. we dont know if we go back to Nokia E7 which is bit hard to set these devices all again. we were also looking at any other option similar but not much is available except some keyboard cases for galaxy note. so we are unable to decide which way to go and its a loss to our business. this is why i have been not very happy. but i would say that if pro1 starts shipping by the end of this month that it will be great and i will owe FX team an apologies.
  5. What is actually annoying? doesnt it the keep delaying and each time giving dishonest timeline? Yes we wouldnt place the order if we knew its gonna keep delaying. At the time of payment FX clearly specified the timeline of shipment. Its not a crawdfunded project and i wouldve never signed up for crowdfunded. yes it was pre order but FX gave the timeline. And the last email they sent me mid october they cleary said they assure that it will be shipped before or at most by 29th october. I can see a clear pattern here repeating again and again, which is FX announce a shipping date and then goes absolutly quite until that date. when its getting close to that date some will start posting here that its not a big deal to delay and nothing wrong with another delay (are these people FX paid?). this is what is happening again. now some are suggesting its ok for another delay. so i am nearly sure after 29th october another delay will be announced with another new reason. Its not just about money, its also about wasting time and keep getting dishonest updates. I am definately canceling my order if it doesnt start shipping by 29th october. im not saying my order must be shipped by 29th october but it the process of shippment to any orders does not start by 29th then its clearly not happening. And i would suggest all the ones who can see my point should cancel their orders after 29th october if shipping process doesnt start. because we should not encourage such disappointing way of doing business.
  6. Well so far unhappy people are proven to be correct. now another month of delay. I will come here on 1st november and will ask the happy people if they are still happy for the next delay until 29th of november. im sure some will still be. i wish to support FX team but looking at the history of these past 3 months i am sorry to say that i am pretty sure this pro1 will not be shipped this year. Time will tell all these happy people.
  7. Well to me its another disappointment. i know some people want to be positive but its not the matter of positive or negative. its about the facts. by now we all should have it but instead its no where to be seen. just two days ago Erik said they will start shipping in mid october and all of pre orders will be shipped by end of october. but now they say its not gonna start until 29th october. so basically they have bought another month now until they announce the next delay. unfortunately and sadly i am not seeing this device shipped in this year.
  8. Didn't i said earlier that FX team is telling everyone a different story, They emailed me yesterday and said we know for the fact that shipping will start in mid october. I dont know how people here are justifying them, its not a matter of small or big company or first time project. Its about being dishonest. its close to a scam. I would say this pro1 is not going to be shipped this year! AND I MENTIONED THAT EARLIER. they will keep doing this.
  9. Look guys getting few dollars reward means nothing. Its not all about money. for some like me its more about i am on halt not buying any other device and keep waiting. sure i and all other are still on it because there is no other option in the market similar to this. But if it keeps going like this that means its never going to be released and may eventually be cancelled by FX. And at the end of the day its not a super device, its just a phone with keyboard and laptop like factor. and i am now thing to get the keyboard case for another phone if i can find and that will give it similar to pro1, atleast it will be possible to get. I think all we want is an update on real situation. that is when really will it be shipped rather then keep for FX to keep buying time in weeks. And i think if FX announce another delay in mid october then it will hurt their fan base as many will loose hope and cancel orders.
  10. And how are you sure the Pro1 will come? what if after a while they will drop this final update that its cancelled. I am sure FX team want to release it so that they sell it and make money. but what is stopping them? the updates they keep posting is very similar excuses. so i am concerned that there is a big milestone or issue that they are not able to overcome and they can eventually cancel the project. i am not saying its the all truth because i dont know. but it seems like its heading towards cancelling the project
  11. Maybe look at from another angle then. mainstream is not intrested in this phone and only fans like us. and if many of them cancel then the pro1 itself will be cancelled
  12. Ok i make a pledge here. Regardless of when my order is shipped, if its start shipping in mid october then i will make an apology to FX team and everyone here in the forum about november. But if it gets another delay i will giveup and cancel my order and never return here ever!
  13. Thanks ErikFx for finally giving some updates. But this update doesn't look that promising. As you said most pre orders will be sent by end of october, and if i am the one not in those most then i will be getting it in november or if i do. so its coming to the same point, maybe november.
  14. I hope what casparbum has said is going to be true and it starts shipping this week. what i dont understand is why i got a very different reply from FX suggesting no near date. many here suggest that being a small company its ok. but no matter its a small or a big company, customers expect from them the honest information. This is FX website and forum but they dont have time to post any update here? while they have time to reply to individual emails and telling each one a different story. i am getting more and more suspicious.
  15. Hi Hook i am sorry, i am just frustrated. Well about my source, firstly if you remember back in September before the delay announcement some people started talking about october and later the delay was announced until october. so same way some here are now talking about november now which gives me the sense that its going to be november delay. secondly, so i emailed fx team and asked them to give me so approx date if its coming in early october. they replied that it will never be before mid october and because of no stock its more likely to be in november. so its clear that next delay is most likely and for november. the big problem here is that after they will announce delay until november then they will sit very quite till the last minute which means end of november and once its almost passed then they will announce the next delay. its sad. i am unsure if we are getting pro1 within this year or even get it ever.
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