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  1. 10 days ago, they said "They process refunds within a week of request. We will notify you once the refund has been issued." And yet still no refund or reply. I should not have to beg to have my money back...
  2. Hi, The situation is getting out of conctrol here. After 1 year of wait i decide to move on, with this phone, and cancel my order. Yet I have no news from your support team. How should I proceed ? Is there a hotline/company line to call ? Thanks A
  3. Your are one Year old now, I was hoping you d have grown up a little more, to a shipped order, or even a received order. But you are just a Pre Order, you can't do anything by yourself, and sometimes i really wondering "What s the Point". Fx Tec, got me last year with their news about OTA update, I told my self, wow those guys are really pros. I think you all remember this one: Then came most fraudulous email ever at the start of August And yet I fell for it and paid... Shipping in early September, what a joke, now you can tell it, when you got all the money
  4. So lets look straight at the facts, FxTec never gave us any real numbers, dates, visibility, like how many devices been made and shipped, when the factory really started, how big is the factory itself, when did they try to start batch shipping, how much customs issues cost them... People keeping track speaks very low volumes, around 1000 devices shipped, as a crowfunding project this is a real concern on how they can "factory" anything with such low volume. On the manufacturing itself, we already know that the following July statement was a big fat lie: "We are beginning the man
  5. i laughed ! But the delay put up a real concern, it was kind of OK to buy a phone with a Snapdragon 835 in July 2019, but with all the delays, this cpu in June 2020 is less and less appealing. Fxtec really needs to put up something for the ones who will get their phones nearly 1 year after they paid for a phone supposed to be shipped in a few weeks after they paid...
  6. Is there going to be some kind of compensation, for people like me who pre ordered a phone more than 10 monthes ago, paid it more than 6 monthes ago ? And likely won't get it before April in the best situation ?
  7. It s definitely a "Ponzi scheme", now let s see how far they will go with it, because they will certainly ran out of money sooner than later.
  8. Damn, the low numbers of produced phone (around 1000) make me think the situation is far worst than I expected. Pro1 is basically a failure and a scam, on July 31st when most people paid for a phone that should have shipped weeks later, the "factory process" was not even started or even founded. And what factory build 1000 phones in 5 monthes, that's 6 phones a day ? If you add to this all the customs issues, and now the China epidemic crisis, and the 70% batch may really be the last one.
  9. These pourcentage doesn t mean anything. If only they could speak with Unit numbers build and Shipped, things would be clearer. We have yet to understand what they really call pre order ? Looking at the board, order numbers should be around 45000. fxtec would have build & shipped around 30 000 units by the end of January. I think we are really far from that count, if 10 000 units will be shippedby EOM, it s already a miracle considering all their production and shipping issues...
  10. I won t put too much trust into the annouced 70% of preorder shipped by end of month. What do they really call Pre-Order ? Order made before July 31st ? Order made before 4th Nov (the date of the first batch shipped) All Order until now ? They really never spoke about real numbers. Do we even know how many Pro1 have been shipped so far ? 100, 1000, 10 000 ?
  11. Hi, Would it be possible for fxtec to create keyboard layout stickers ? Like the one you can find for laptops to transform a Qwerty Keyboard into Azerty ? Looks pretty easy to produce, you can find plenty on ebay or amazon for laptops. Thx
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