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  1. Submitted a support ticket requesting a refund about 50 hours ago. F(x)Tec emailed to check I really did want to cancel, considering that devices were now being delivered. I confirmed that I did want to. Refund has now arrived in my account. So, at least in my case, they were quite prompt. Next step: Clove UK can provide me with the phone instead 🙂 ... cheaper, because they offer free-of-charge shipping in the UK.
  2. You'd only have to pay customs if the delivery is delayed for 13 more months, and maybe not even in that case. It's a condition of the Withdrawal Agreement that Brexit (if it goes ahead) will initially consist of a 'transition period' lasting until at least the end of December 2020, and that during the 'transition period' the UK will effectively still be in the EU's Customs Union = no customs charges or VAT. After 13 months, who knows?
  3. If they go out of business, they won't have any money to return to us. I don't suppose they have kept our money in a segregated client funds account. So, in that unlikely event, we would be claiming money from the liquidators (there won't be any money) or from our credit/debit card providers (which will work, or not, depending on the Ts&Cs of those providers, and the laws of whichever countries we happen to live in). So let's hope that doesn't happen, then.
  4. For those not watching Twitter, Liangchen Chen just tweeted: "Confirmed first shipment is on the way to US / UK warehouse and takes 1-2 working days to handle forward shipping and custom. (They don't work over weekend) aiming to get tracking code sent out early next week. Getting there "
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