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  1. Yes for example - http://aeroplan-pro.ru/elektronnyj-deselerometr-dep-5a/ This is completely my development, and software and hardware, all from scratch, I did 1 in 2 years. That was 3 years ago.
  2. Ok, I understood everything. Justify and justify and believe in those who cannot cope with their duties. Come to us in Russia, here they are very fond of such “endlessly waiting” and “believing in promises”. They will squeeze out all the juices from you and throw them in the trash like a rag, while you wait and believe. This was my last post in this forum. Good luck and patience to all, it is useful to you. P.S. I do not believe in promises, but believe in deeds, so I do, so my firm does.
  3. It’s better not to have business with fxtec. That they do not hesitate to feed with promises like "next week." And the fact that we are not completely respected. (It's my personal opinion). And the fact that I personally was disappointed in fxtec. I myself am a developer of both hardware and software, and I understand that for YEARS it is possible not only to build a telephone, but to surrender it from scratch, patent, certify, test, navigation equipment for small aircraft. This is what My firm has done. If you think that creating a phone is hard, then you are not competent in the matter. Fo
  4. If anyone is interested, I wrote this letter in PLANET COMPUTERS - Body: Hello! I want to order "COSMO" from you. I am in Russia, in St. Petersburg, and wanted to know if I order and pay for the device today, when will you be able to deliver it to Me? Are your factories in China? Are you experiencing difficulties with manufacturing or shipping your goods due to the virus? I ask because I do not want to be deceived as with fxtec with PRO1, who promised to deliver the device in 4-6 weeks, and I have been waiting for the fifth month. I hope you are more honest with your clients. Thank
  5. Then a letter from texts like “wait, we work” will be sufficient for you. Otherwise - When they say nothing: people are whining When they say something without a when: people are whining When they try to give a vague estimate stating that it is out of their control. people are whining When they tell that the supply lines are working again and production and shipping is expected to be resumed: People are whining too ?!?!? What do you expect them to do in the current situation?
  6. I expect useful information. And not something like this - “next week the fleas on the ass of some Chinese will stop biting him,” or “next week the planet Mars will be closest to the earth” ... And where is all this? It gives me as much information about my phone as it gives me message information from fxtec - absolutely not at all. They don’t say something like - "next week the workers will return to the factory AND THIS MEANS THAT ON TUESDAY (FOR EXAMPLE) THEY WILL START PRODUCTION, AND ON FRIDAY (FOR EXAMPLE) YOU WILL PRODUCE YOUR PHONE AND BY SUNDAY (FOR EXAMPLE) WE ARE YOU. No, that’s not
  7. 1 - again next week and given our big backlog, we expect that everything Pre-order to receive your devices until the end of January. 2- Another batch of devices left the factory on Wednesday and breaks through the F (x) tec logistics network over the next week. we working with the factory on how quickly they can get the remaining pre-order devices collected and ready, updates will come either through us directly or with a change in status to your turn. 3 - do not want to overestimate once therefore, again, our official statement on the delivery of your order by the end of
  8. the virus seems to have a better chance of reaching me than pro1 :(
  9. yes! n950 - its the best of the phones. And it looks like he will remain so, as I’m already tired of waiting for my pro1 ... After 2 weeks, it will be like 3 months of waiting ... This is sad ...
  10. Thank you! If you have the time and desire, could you build some large application on the phone, for example, QT library version 5. Or at least show the output of the "configure" script. I ask this because in my chroot (in nokia n950, debian squeeze) I had to edit the source code of the QT libraries so that the assembly was successful. There were also some problems with binutils and with some other libraries. I wonder how much time I have to "work with a file" on my PRO1 so that he could fully build any programs. It took me almost a year to set up the n950, in order to bring my phone to the
  11. Sorry! Its chrome page autotranslater... I writed it in anglish 🙂
  12. Отлично !!! Можете ли вы установить build-essential packege в свой чот? какая версия GCC доступна? Я планирую собрать QTcreator и запустить его на PRO1. Теперь я хочу, чтобы мой PRO1 еще больше. Боже мой, это просто чудо! Hike my sony vaio ux and nokia n950 very soon will go on a well-deserved vacation! MODERATOR: Google translate Excellent !!! Can you install build-essential packege in your chot? What version of GCC is available? I plan to build QTcreator and run it on PRO1. Now I want my PRO1 even more. Oh my god, this is just a miracle! Hike my sony vaio ux and nokia n950
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