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  1. the virus seems to have a better chance of reaching me than pro1 :(
  2. yes! n950 - its the best of the phones. And it looks like he will remain so, as I’m already tired of waiting for my pro1 ... After 2 weeks, it will be like 3 months of waiting ... This is sad ...
  3. My not big contribution of photos 🙂
  4. Thank you! If you have the time and desire, could you build some large application on the phone, for example, QT library version 5. Or at least show the output of the "configure" script. I ask this because in my chroot (in nokia n950, debian squeeze) I had to edit the source code of the QT libraries so that the assembly was successful. There were also some problems with binutils and with some other libraries. I wonder how much time I have to "work with a file" on my PRO1 so that he could fully build any programs. It took me almost a year to set up the n950, in order to bring my phone to the "portable IDE". I apologize for my English, this is a Google translator. Thanks.
  5. Sorry! Its chrome page autotranslater... I writed it in anglish 🙂
  6. Отлично !!! Можете ли вы установить build-essential packege в свой чот? какая версия GCC доступна? Я планирую собрать QTcreator и запустить его на PRO1. Теперь я хочу, чтобы мой PRO1 еще больше. Боже мой, это просто чудо! Hike my sony vaio ux and nokia n950 very soon will go on a well-deserved vacation! MODERATOR: Google translate Excellent !!! Can you install build-essential packege in your chot? What version of GCC is available? I plan to build QTcreator and run it on PRO1. Now I want my PRO1 even more. Oh my god, this is just a miracle! Hike my sony vaio ux and nokia n950 very soon will go on a well-deserved vacation!
  7. My imagination is better than patience. I am a software and hardwear engineer. Also a co-founder of a small company that produces equipment for aviation. Believe me, no one would ever contact my company if I had promised one delivery time, but I would have done another time. This is not serious. And do not forget gentlemen, while we are waiting here, our phone is "aging" snapdragon 835 - a chip that is almost 3 years old. I do not want to water anyone with dirt, I sincerely hoped to get my device in 4-6 weeks.
  8. It is written, 4-6 weeks. You do not like this lie? ahahah, but they didn’t even remove this inscription, which means that they like to deceive people ... But how else to explain it?
  9. Craig, thx for info. Yes, Im russian. I want to live my country before 1st january. I worry that the package will arrive later than my departure.
  10. lets see it. (Посмотрим) p.s. November 12 + (7 days * 6 weeks (max) ) == December 24.
  11. You want to say that my order will arrive before December 24? 3 weeks passed and I still have not received my track number. My order - [Order #417**] (November 12, 2019) aahhhhhhh..... 🤨
  12. im not understend what this meen -- "Order your Pro1 today. Shipping worldwide in 4-6 weeks." - its joke? why they dont remove this message, if they know what its (deliver on time) not posible? Sorry for my english.
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