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  1. Small update and answer to @electristan's question: The problem, with Jolla store has vanished over night (without reboot). All apps show up now. Battery life is definitely worse than with android at the moment, but I think, if you don't use it to extensively, it will bring you through the day. Still can't get mobile data to work. No matter if I enter access data manually or if I leave it to the automatic (anyway the same data). The funny behavior of the brightness slider is just there, when the device boots up without the sensors. Which happens not that often as I feared at the beginning Minor problems I have not reported yet: I can't access the device via ssh over usb. Over Wifi it works fine. You can't set ISO manually on the camera app. Pictures are good enough, have look at talk.maemo.org Daily driver? No way at the moment. FOR ME the show stoppers are: No mobile data no GPS Wrong mapping of the keyboard Complete crashing, when inserting earplugs If these problems are solved I will give it immediately a try. Sailfish feels too sexy on that device.🥰
  2. Ok, here are my first Impressions from Sailfish (Alpha state) on Pro1: The Porting-Team did a great job so far!!! Anyway it's still Alpha and you can feel that still on some missing features and some rough edges. I always used official Sailfish devices in the past, so this is my first community port. Boot time is the first thing which is something which made me somewhat nervous on the install process. The first boot takes ages but also the following ones take more than 3 times longer than that on my XperiaX. SIM Card is detected and I can make phone calls. But I can't access mobile data, I get the mesage SIM is inactive. (Mobile data settings are the same than in my XperiaX). Connection over WIfi is possible and works fine. After installation I set up my Jolla account and entered Jolla store. I could install the Jolla standard apps, and some further apps are shown, but not very many. Doing pkcon refresh shows up "Failed to obtain authentication" Keyboard works, but the mapping is wrong on my qwertz device. I have offered my help on Github for that. Onscreen keyboard sometimes doesn't show up. After opening the hardware keyboard and closing it, it shows up again. The sensors quite often do not work after boot. On next boot these problems are usually gone. Relevant here are nearly all sensors including multitouch. When they work, they work. So no erratic failures. But after a boot the chance is high that they are not working. Camera works including the hardware button for it. GPS doesn't work. (Already on Github as a known bug) The same applies to FM Radio Bluetooth is working. I connected to my Sony SRS-X11 without problems, did no further tests. Sound is working through Speakers, when I connect my headphones Sailfish crashes immediately. Graphics are fluid, anyway I have the feeling, that not all cores are fully used. Adjusting display brightness works, but the slider is reacting somewhat strange. I would call it nervous 😉 Double tap to wake phone works, but not always. Found no pattern yet, maybe it's me: I often grab the phone in a way that on the edges my fingers touching the screen. (Bigger bezels would have been better, even so it doesn't look that nice. I already made that experience on Android) Can't say to much about battery yet. Doesn't look to bad at the moment, but I had the impression on Android Battery life was a little bit better. On the other hand, I haven't tested that intensively on Android. I simply don't like Android. The first thing I wanted to test there, was the keyboard. So I opened the notes app and was immediately asked for my google account. For taking notes? Really? I have no Google account and I definitely won't have in future. That's my first impressions. If these sound bad, you got me wrong. All in all Sailfish feels great on this device, even so it's still an alpha. I hope the team makes rapid progress, so I can switch to the Pro1 as my main device. To the developers: I am no coder. But I'm willing to help in any way I can. Testing, simple works like translations or whatever and of course with sponsoring some beers. Just let me know! Keep on your great work!
  3. OK got it to run. Sorry for beeing a little bit nervous. Problem was, that It just takes very long to boot. At least the first time.
  4. Can't get it to work. I completely repeated the whole procedure. I think the first time I missunderstood the part "go back and go to reboot and choose reboot into recovery" Anyway, this time i did the reboot to recovery. But I always get the failure message : Failed to mount '/vendor' (invalid argumment) Install runs thtough, but after instalation it still says, no OS installed and I can't boot into anything else than recovery mode. Any hints?
  5. It is 32GB. The steps are not described very good I think. It is not go back and go to reboot and choose reboot into recovery, but go back on Start Page choose Install and there choose install from zip. I have now installed it that way anyway I got the same message : No OS Installed! Are you sure you wish to reboot? Shall i??
  6. Next problem: After format I went back to reboot and choose reboot into recovery. But I have no Choice to install zip firmware. There is just: No OS Installed! Are you sure you wish to reboot? SD card with zip is inserted
  7. fastboot flash boot twrp-3.3.1-qx1000.img Can I use a path with the command?
  8. I'm running KDe Neon. Installed fastboot and adb over the official repositories. And want to flash SFOS on the Pro1. What is meant with "Transfer the TWRP image into the adb folder of your PC" Is there a special folder or do I have to configure one. Or is ist just like transfer the file where adb is installed. In my case this would be usr/bin
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