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  1. On my TOH with TOHKBD, the Aliendalvik was working fine with the tohkbd daemon. If the XA2 Aliendalvik package really works with Pro1, but I can't confirm it, it will not be so hard to get the input from the hardware keyboard. It was already done with the first device - TOH. I can install the rpms, but the aliendalvik service is unable to start. Can anyone help me with starting of the aliendalvik service? [[email protected] nemo]# systemctl start aliendalvik Job for aliendalvik.service failed because the control process exited with error code. See "systemctl status aliendalvik.service"
  2. Can someone tell me how can I switch between the layouts. I have US keyboard and cyrillic layout (russian for now, but on my N900 it was the same as the bulgarian) setted up, but I don't know how to switch it. Can someone help me?
  3. I have very bad experience with updating of build sailfishos-t5-release- 1st scenario: Install Storemann and with Storemann install any program. Result: Storeman is updating the phone and after reboot, cellular, wifi and bluetooth ar not working anymore. 2nd scenario: update with: zypper ref; zypper update; dd if=/boot/hybris-boot.img of=/dev/block/bootdevice/by-name/boot_a result: no cellular, bt not checked, wifi works Beware when updating sailfishos-t5-release- Now I am flashing the sailfishos-t5-release-
  4. The commands are for the Linux based PC that is connected to your Pro1, not for the Pro1 itself. I have flashed my Pro1 with Sailfish. adb is not working for me at all, fastboot works with USB3 port perfect (i have used it for the higher current to charge the phone faster). I have flashed the twrp. The only issue is that in TWRP you need to unmpunt the data partition. If you don't unmount it before installing the zip image, the script will be unable to mount the data partition (becouse allready mounted) and the flashing of SFOS will fail.
  5. When my Pro1 arrives, does I need to unlock the bootloader, or the Pro1 will arrive unlocked? Can I unbox the Pro1 and start directly with flashing TWRP, wiping the Android and installing SFOS, without booting in Android at all?
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