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  1. @SirBaconIII No problem! Send us an email: [email protected] 🙂
  2. Can I also just add a massive thank you to those that entered!! We hope to continue hosting more competitions for you all to take part in from now on 🙂
  3. Hey guys! Sorry it has taken so long for us to go through the entrants, we have had a busy few weeks. @SirBaconIII you are the winner of our wallpaper competition. WELL DONE!!! We loved your Pine close up photo. Please could you drop us a message on Twitter 🙂
  4. COMPETITION TIME!! Hey guys! We want you all to get creative and design us a new wallpaper for the Pro1 THERE ARE NO RULES. Be as creative as you like! The winner will get their design added to the Pro1's default wallpapers AND bag themselves an F(x)tec T-shirt. We will go through each of the entries as a team to decide which design we feel should win. To enter, simply post your design in the thread below, or upload a Google Drive/Drop Box link. You can have multiple entries. We will close the competition on Thursday 2nd April 2020 at 2pm. Good luck!! 😁
  5. Hey guys! I know the subject of this thread won't be relevant to everyone, but we have had a few comments from customers who have been struggling to open and shut their Pro1... I just wanted to clarify that the Pro1's slider mechanism wasn't designed to simply slide open... you do need to hold the phone at such an angle that you lift the top of the screen up whilst also pushing up from the bottom simultaneously. After you have got the knack, it becomes a lot more straight forward and you will be able to slide it open much more quickly and seamlessly. I have attached a video for those
  6. Brilliant photos, thank you!
  7. We will be changing the type of content posted across all social media platforms. Even if you don't have a Instagram account, we would still love to share your Pro1 photos through our Instagram account 🙂
  8. Hey guys! We are looking to revamp our social media accounts and would love you all to contribute. If anyone has any really good quality/cool photos taken by the Pro1 then please do send them in. Let us know what your Instagram handle is too so we can tag you in the post 🙂
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