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  1. I fear payment day doesn't mean much either. If a few people paid on July 31st and nobody (in their country) ordered a device after them (which is very probable in small countries), then some will receive a device and others won't, no matter of they paid it early. The country factor can make things very unfair. But it sure will work out in bigger countries.
  2. I thought about that as well, but I think that the majority of preorders were made by August, or am I wrong here? If so, it wouldn't really matter.
  3. This is inconvenient and doesn't work on stock, but it is better than nothing. Wait... does that mean that you can change the brightness setting of your keyboard backlight? Or is it an on/off setting despite the name "brightness"?
  4. Might be that I understand you wrong, but Erik already wrote that 70% will be fulfilled with this batch, not that 70% (more) are covered with his batch. So there's still 30% of preorders left until this day, although they seem to be working to get a few devices more done before the Chinese New Year begins.
  5. There is a serial number thread where people can post the serial number (if highest) of their received Pro1. If we are talking about 12% already fulfilled (I don't know where that number comes from but it hasn't been denied), we can calculate the total number of preorders ( "highest serial number" / "0,12" = total number of preorders). I am not sure though if this is correct since either they could have used parts with higher serial number which have been sent out before others (so the number of preorders would be slower) or people received phones with higher serial number but didn't see the equivalent post.
  6. I feel you. I got ~38xxx and the support continuously promised (it weren't just expectations) that it will come in October, then November, later by Christmas and after that in January. But this is the first time that we get actual information and with the numbers I really believe that we will get our phone next month. Still a long wait, but it comes to an end.
  7. Those things exist for cars and guide marks aren't even needed. It's the stickers with two covers, one of them being transparent to align them. But I wonder if it isn't enough to just change a handful of keys? Or are we trying to shift a non-shifted keyboard?
  8. I'm just happy that Erik is honest. He gives us exact numbers and tells us when more devices are going to be shipped. Sure I'd have liked to get my device soon and sure I could tell about my phone falling apart - it actually is. But with that kind of honesty, I can't be mad. Thank you, @Erik and FxTec for listening to us.
  9. But are there really no root apps that can handle this? It wouldn't be too hard to change some parameters to the settings you like. With custom roms I expect this to be done (maybe possible in the settings, maybe with different downloads or a file exchange).
  10. Sneaky me didn't see your sneeky sneekyness and chose the next age group since it wasn't long ahead. Also, I thought about the Pro1 not getting delivered before anyways. Now we have to do another poll. Shame on me!
  11. Well, in October they expected delivery by end of that month, in November it was the 29th and in december "before Christmas". Currently they say that all orders will be completed by the end of this month, at latest by the beginning of February (but with shippng starting in January. I've asking the support every month and in every mail there's a margin of around four weeks (and I'm a late order). I know your feel, but given that they really expected to fulfill their shipping schedule, the website would technically be correct... Were the expectations too high? Of course. But that's a different problem.
  12. Well, it was as clear as now that it wouldn't happen: We just don't know. It could have been a possibility that their expectations would have worked out since I don't think that they would intentionally lie to us. Were the expectations high? Of course. And they are again. But we often have big expectations for stuff that are usually out of our hands.
  13. As far as I know, they changed the site once in july/august and then in november (with the current information). It was wrong all the time but they always expected shipping to happen in the next four weeks. That's at least what they told us. If they were smart, they'd have deactivated it completely and offered a newsletter with information when it's out.
  14. I think, and this has been said before, that we get to the edge of technology where the chip doesn't age that fast anymore. The processor of a Motorola Droid 1 was old when it came out and some of us still used it 5+ years. An 835 will be usable maybe even in a decade. And having enough ram and a long-lasting keyboard, I'm sure I'll use this device for many years. The only point why I prefer better chips nowadays is for use in emulators and desktop systems, but you wouldn't call that normal usecase. Equally, an i7 (0)700 wouldn't handle games and emulators anymore, but is very good for standard use in office, browsing and so on.
  15. So, I've looked into the keychar files that Eske provided. Thanks again! We have a "ç" with ALT+c (which is interesting since I thought that's only used in catalan spain). Some accents are typed with [vocal] + ALT which seems strange to me. But as they wish... FN+[key] being used for many different characters seems very odd to me. I'd probably change that to ALT or SHIFT. Also, I think to know the reason for the non-sticky shift key. It could be the keypad type not being "ALPHA". They used "FULL", which has a different behavior. I don't know though what happens to "FN" if that's changed. I expect it to work the same. If it wouldn't, there'd be workarounds. Since some of you have already added other keychar files, I shouldn't need to research it myself. Can you place any new keychar files into the folder (root needed?) and they appear in the settings? Or what else do you need? If so, just change the first unignored (#) parameter in the kcm file: "type FULL" to "type ALPHA" and see if sticky shift works. Could be that this would be enough... Also, what does ESCAPE currently do when not pressed with other buttons? In the code it says "base: none", so that would be no function at all? (add "fallback BACK" if you could use a "back" button)
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