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  1. I'd wish to have a Windows platform as well, even if its performance wasn't that great. But as far as I've heard, there were just some users (developers) trying their best to get parts of Windows working on mobile devices, just to show that it is possible. I fear, FXtec won't have the resources to make that happen. And there won't be enough demand for developers to work on it themselves.
  2. That's fitting since the fins would try to fixit instead of leaving it.
  3. I didn't receive a mail either (order placed in end of september). Normally, you get forwarded to a page with payment information. If you close that page, you won't see the information ever again. The support is the right way to go here, but it would be a good idea to send an E-Mail or to provide the payment information in the order section of the website.
  4. Why do we need to repeat the same arguments over and over again? Yes, the early payment was a mistake and yes, the devices should have been shipped earlier or information should have been provided. But come on! First devices are delivering and more are to come. Also, Liangchen (Waxberry) is providing almost daily updates. Don't focus on the past when the future is that bright.
  5. I don't know how to accomplish that, but you should be able to start a small script with it (Pro 1 is specifically designed for shortcuts) and that should be able to change the layout setting. Very interesting idea.
  6. By the way, you can also assign keys like this: Ö = ö SHIFT+Ö = Ö ALT+Ö = ő SHIFT+ALT+Ö = Ő Other keys should be accessable like usual (´+ o = ó) I'm sure you'll find a solution that fits you.
  7. Typically, you can set up and change your keys individually by a file named keychar or similar in Android. For the Droid 4 I had to edit two files for changes to be made (i.e. change y/z), but it was very easy to do. First thing I will do with this device is to unable Caps lock (or change it to ALT+Caps). But you have lots of options.
  8. But those are mobile systems with mobile apps. You can't install a desktop browser with addons, nor can you use excel with full functionality like it was demanded here. Also, a desktop OS is useless without a keyboard (hence there is no demand and therefore no supply). So I'd want Windows on a Pro 1 with hardware that can handle it and a complete keyboard. Apart from emulators which would probably allow Windows XP to run on this hardware (and I'm honestly considering to use it), there's just no option to get a desktop OS running in the phone. And emulators are slow.
  9. You can open and edit excel spreadsheets with the google spreadsheet app. That works quite well and keeps the formats as they are supposed to be. However, some functions are not available in mobile use (like CTRL+L for quick sorting). I wonder when the time comes when we can use full Linux- or Windows systems with mobile devices (emulators are not the same). A phone like this with good specs and a hardware keyboard would perfectly fit and I'd be very happy to finally use a desktop browser with desktop add-ons on the go. In my dreams there would even be a small mouse in the middle of the keyboard (the small knob that laptops had previously) to use as a cursor when needed. But this wouldn't be a prerequisite.
  10. Delivery time also makes sense then. I wonder however why it took so long if the first batch was already processed by the end of october. Also, Erik wrote (unofficially, of course) that people would get their devices by the end of this week even if tracking numbers aren't available yet. My week ends in two days, but maybe they live in another time zone. //Edit: Thanks Liangchen for your sincere update.
  11. They told me that I'll definitely get my device (regular order) by end of November. Also they I don't blame them, but those definite answers don't mean anything. Either they only get limited information (wouldn't be new) or their plans don't work out as planned. Maybe both. I'm very optimistic to get my phone before christmas as well, but others here were as well - about shipping by the end of summer. I've read here that customs only apply once if you ship the same item multiple times, so shipments should be much faster next time. Correct me if I'm wrong with that.
  12. Your calculation is extremely wrong. It was said before that we can expect up to 3000 paid orders, it's probably even less. Order numbers seem to be given for any phone sitting in a cart (in order to prevent double orders), but not being paid yet. That fits with the 2.5k users in the forum, although many of them will be spectators not having bought a device yet (speaking of future user base). Let's say at least 30% of the orders are registered users in this forum, which would mean 1000 orders with forum "activity". The amount of active users doesn't matter, it's the amount of readers which matters. This thread was read 62k times. Many of us have clicked it multiple times but there's a lot of interest in this topic. Also, there's far more than one complaint (just read the previous pages), and we all agree that there should be more transparency about the whole process. Ignoring all those people doesn't make it better. And I'm sure that if nothing changes by christmas, A LOT of orders will be cancelled.
  13. Compared to the amount of forum users, it is. And he is right. Missing transparency leads me to cancel my order as well. I mean, phones were supposed to get shipped by 29th October to the customer. Then it was warehouse and now it is warehouse to warehouse. Two weeks went by and nobody received their phone nor their tracking number (correct me if I missed something). Eric is out of this thread but he wasn't supplying official infos anyways (that argument is stupid by the way). We are just sitting in the dark waiting for some miracle to happen. I'm waiting for it too, but if none of the "sent" phones get delivered by end of november, and there won't be any further information, I'll cancel my order as well.
  14. No more information about the second batch yet, the first batch has still not reached the customers either. Also, this forum isn't an official source for information, as we were told recently. Edit: That was already said by others, sorry.
  15. It took me a week to transfer money from my bank to theirs, so a bit of patience is needed. The physical appearance seems to be a safety "feature" to prevent people booking their money back while already receiving a phone. For a small company that would mean a lot of trouble.
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