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  1. I had the same behaviour while mostly having focus problems in low-light scenarios. I guess, that part of the issue is software-based, although I'm not sure if it's caused by LineageOS or the camera driver itself. I used LOS as well. However, having the option to manually focus makes it usable at least.
  2. Did this fix your problem or isn't the phone reassembled yet?
  3. I had similar issues that autofocus didn't work but they weren't as severe. My fix: install Open Camera, activate Camera API 2 and activate manual focus. Especially in dark conditions this really helps a lot.
  4. I found it now (I thought you could only edit threads for some time)
  5. Raising my offer to 900€ since nobody is selling one. I can also offer my placed order for a Pro1X + 200€ in exchange to an old Pro1. (would be great if somebody could change the title)
  6. Make a landscape boot animation, rotate it with your favourite video editor and load it into your phone? That way it would be looking like landscape all the time...
  7. I've made the experience that shorter cables work better since the signal strength is better. Even the best cable won't work if it's 2m long.
  8. I've had the same issue, at times excessively. Ghost input was an issue as well. For me it was solved temporarily by updating the system OS (in my case LineageOS). Im think updating to Android 11 (?) solved it mostly, I only had these issues rarely again. It seems to be related to software load: the system is under load (i.e. some background process) and the keyboard recognition is stopped temporarily. When it starts again it checks for the time passed and believes that you pressed the key twice or longer. I was interested to prioritize the keyboard process above everything el
  9. My Pro1 had this as well. I didn't even consider this being some issue and I never noticed it in action. If it were a QWERTZ edition I'd buy it immediately.
  10. @matf It was stolen from the ex of my girlfriend when we tried to call the police. I expect it was thrown into the river afterwards and he claims he wasn't even there. Since three people have seen him he won't get away with it. However it can take ages and I don't expect that I get the money a new one would cost me. A case about a broken graphics card took three years until I was refunded completely. @eightaceI wouldn't care so much about the y/z but qwertys are shifted while qwertz are not. ÄÖÜ are important for me as well...
  11. My Pro1 was stolen a couple weeks ago and most probably destroyed. I'll someday get my money back but there's no way I'll see my phone again. In the last weeks I tried to work with a regular touch phone and I just can't handle it anymore. Yes, I had my problems with it, yes, it was frustrating at times. But typing with 300+ keystrokes a minute without covering 50% of your screen is something I am missing a lot. But shipping still seems to take ages. That's why I try it this way: I'm looking for a Pro1 Qwertz phone in used condition and I'm willing to pay 750€ for it. If located in so
  12. I used the idea of @EskeRahn (without a case) and it worked mostly. The usb port was so wrecked that even the adapter was wobbling a bit but I could get a connection mostly. After some days of adapting it wasn't that bad either so I'll use this idea for my next phone for sure. Why am I speaking of the future? Well, my phone was stolen two weeks ago so it won't matter anymore (I'll probably get back my money though). I've checked the shipping situation and it seems to be as bad as a year ago, used phones seem to be rare as well. So if I ever get a new Pro1, I'll use this method to keep the
  13. Thanks for your advice. I know magnetic chargers and I've used them for a year now for my devices at work (tablet, phone, handheld scanner). But for a device I use many hours of the day, I don't like the idea of something sticking out. Especially since the charging port is really badly placed if you use your phone horizontally (I do that 99.9% of the time, even when checking the weather or browsing pictures) so it's always in the way. I'd love to have two ports or one next to the power button.Your advice is still good though. As much as I hate it, I know that I will brake the port in the next
  14. Does FxTec sell separate usb ports or are they soldered to the main board? Mine seems to be dying due to frequent use (I work in field service, my phone is used as the navigation device and therefore connected 50% of the day). Would be great if I could buy 2-3 replacement ports since I always tend to break them very fast.
  15. Yes, I had indeed many problems with LOS 16 and focusing problems, especially in low light scenarios. I installed Open Camera, went to the advanced settings (I don't remember where you set it up) and used the manual focus for low light scenarios. I thought the fault was the hardware. Autofocus is still slow in low light, but definitely improved. But in very low light when it can't focus I'll still use the manual focus.
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