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  1. I've recently discovered typeracer as well which seems easier since you have full sentences. Best achievement with the Pro1 today were 370cpm which should equal to about 74wpm in german language. In english I get around 65-70 wpm but I have to quit many texts since they have special characters which I don't regularly use (as ' ). On the computer I get to up to 500cpm at max - in best times though.
  2. So it's not the cable with the connector but a non-visible connection between display and touchscreen that causes this issue?
  3. I replaced my display as well. I ordered the same part as dreamflasher and it works fine. Unfortunately, it's not done removing the screws and just replacing the display since there's a custom made plastic bracket that holds the entire display in place which is glued together. A hot air gun (an hairdryer probably works as well) is needed. The good thing is that tools and glue strips are provided and the back side of the new display comes with a not too strong glue so there's no risk of losing the display but you still can remove the display if it breaks again. For 40€ that's great service a
  4. @VaZsoThank you for your profound answer and description. I had seen the ghost touches thread but didn't think the reason would be the same - thanks to the moderator for forwarding this thread. I've now ordered two of the cheap elephone screens (since they are 32€ instead of 80€) and will replace the screen as soon as it arrives. If anybody knows a keyboard cursor app (probably designed for external keyboards) which allows us to use the keyboard as a mouse cursor, that would be interesting.
  5. Hey there, I've got a touchscreen issue and I wqonder if there's any way to solve it without replacing the screen. In the attached video I'm using only one finger with a touch visualizer. In one area on the lower half of the screen the touch screen doesn't recognize the finger which results in two touch inputs around that 'broken' line. The issue is more complex though. When I slap the phone very hard or hit it onto my leg, it often works way better with only slight deviations around the 'broken' touchpad line. That's the case for only a few minutes though. I'm wondering now if clea
  6. Hey there. It took a while but I ended up disassembling my phone today (probably because I dropped it into water not only once but twice...). Sadly, I see no way to removing the fingerpring sensor to replace or remove it. Since it's not a double connector I can't disconnect the ribbon and send it to you. And to remove the sensor I'd have to break parts of the body. Since my secondary USB C jack isn't an option due to its depth (the battery would be in its way) I don't want to break the body to remove the fingerprint sensor. I'm very sorry. If you do find a way to remove the finger
  7. @Jack T. Chance Exactly, the case you mentioned was hand-made from Jordi. I already gave it away to another forum user. I do think however that it's not too hard to make and Jordi might gives advice in case you need help.
  8. Something that might be interesting: I also had the issue with blurred images at far distances. Fascinatingly, after updating the device from LOS 16 to 18 (Android 9 to 11), the camera works fine again. I don't know the exact version I was running at but if you're encountering the same problem maybe a software update can help... Obviously, Android 11 brings new problems since apps aren't adapted to it yet.
  9. I'll have to open my phone at one point. You make it look relatively easy (opening it a couple times) so I'll probably do it sooner. That being said, I don't need the fingerprint sensor at all - I never use it. So if you won't get the sensor from FxTec, I'll send you mine. With the idea of adding a secondary USB-port (don't know yet if that's possible with USB C) I wouldn't need a defective replacement to cover the hole. However, it's entirely possible that I'll not open the phone until christmas so that's not a quick solution. Regarding the buttons: I don't think the but
  10. The numbers are edited into the pictures on the bottom right. The order is: 1, 1, 1, 2, 2, 3 Eske didn't message me so I guess @brunoais has reserved the first one. The other two are still available then.
  11. Hey there. After buying a used phone, I got three additional cases/pouches made from @Jordi but as a hardcore writer I sadly have no use for it. I'll give them away for free (you just pay the office fees) since they would just be laying around here. There are three cases which I'll attach pictures below. On the bottom right you'll see which number we're talking about. 1: magnetic flip case (an incredible piece of engineering!) 2: 'purse' pouch (landscape) 3: regular pouch (portrait) If you're interested, please write what case you want and message me then. I'm located in Ge
  12. I had the same behaviour while mostly having focus problems in low-light scenarios. I guess, that part of the issue is software-based, although I'm not sure if it's caused by LineageOS or the camera driver itself. I used LOS as well. However, having the option to manually focus makes it usable at least.
  13. Did this fix your problem or isn't the phone reassembled yet?
  14. I had similar issues that autofocus didn't work but they weren't as severe. My fix: install Open Camera, activate Camera API 2 and activate manual focus. Especially in dark conditions this really helps a lot.
  15. Make a landscape boot animation, rotate it with your favourite video editor and load it into your phone? That way it would be looking like landscape all the time...
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