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  1. I remember it being promoted as well but not for Indiegogo. Instead, I think they wanted to send it to their very first 'Preorders' but they changed their mind quite early which was okay for us all. Nobody really wanted these earphones. I don't know if anybody actually got them since I believe somebody said that their quality was very bad.
  2. The forum was made invisible for the public and loading times are getting slower and slower. Not a single official FxTec employee is seen anymore. My guess is that the forum will vanish completely in the next months. Where will we meet when this forum gets deleted? Reddit? Discord?
  3. @VaZso Check this 'fix' for your ghost touch problems. I've had no issues about it anymore. The touch problem didn't appear with the original Elephone U Pro so the display itself can't be at fault. My guess is that FxTec left too little space for the touch screen ribbon cable and therefore squeezed it too much. By natural movement (i.e. in pockets), the ribbon cable lines eventually brakes right where the plastic corner of the frame is.
  4. Can you provide us with photos why you think they are original displays? As far as I know, the Pro1 displays were originally displays from the Elephone which were repurposed. From reading your explanation, I could imagine the 'original' phone display you had in your hands was also from an Elephone. Anyways, there are two more important factors: does the display have black notches on the sides or even on the middle of the screen? Are the edges touch-sensitive? (I've had replacement displays with invisible edges and others that worked fine) If both are answered with 'Yes' then
  5. As I'm getting used to the new phone and mainly the keyboard, I've done some typing tests. At the moment, I am getting 300-320 (340 peak) characters/minute (German, including capital letters). This is good news since on my Pro1 I was at 320-330cpm with 370 peak (only English) and I'm only using the keyboard for around two weeks now. Especially the reprogrammed keys Ctrl right / Right shift help a lot. Currently, I'm already typing blindly quite often but I have to 'recalibrate' my position after deleting characters. The keyboard definitely has potential!
  6. IF that all was true (which might or not be the case), the reason mainly lies in the size of the company. The smaller you are, the less leverage you have and the worse your conditions for production are. You will also get screwed over in other countries and there are many trustworthy sellers and fabrics in China as well. FxTec had to go for cheap solutions and some solutions might have been too cheap. But (another time assuming they always said the truth) it was always badly organized. There should always be money for a couple of people controlling the processes. At least when they steal
  7. Yesterday, researching their adress, I've found this: https://find-and-update.company-information.service.gov.uk/company/11602958/filing-history In the last reports, I find these numbers: 2020: Debtors: 170k Cash at bank account and in hand: 290k 2021: Debtors: 5.6M Cash at bank account and in hand: 9.3M 2022: Debtors: 2.3M Cash at bank account and in hand: 100k How should we interpret these numbers? Are we debtors? Or are there other investors which helped starting the production lines and are yet to be paid?
  8. All they are saying is that we should wait a bit more. Let's wait another two two whole months to hear new excuses. Phones got stolen and sold over other platforms? Sure. But nobody told us when we got angry about all those phones getting sold while we already paid them? Those 3/4... how would we check that number? Also, what about those regular orders over the shop page? I asked for a refund two months ago since I personally need the money this year. I was told almost immediately that my refund request is being processes. Nothing happened. I asked again, same message. It's li
  9. @FlyingAntero The adapter looks very nice, have you glued it in place? Do you plan to cover the open spaces with something? Regarding software: I feel that Samsung is very restrictive, that's why I used the keymapper for a fixed landscape orientation. You only need it when lying in bed anyways. The virtual keyboard hides automatically when a physical keyboard is connected, you just have to enable the setting in Android as we had to with the Pro1. Your solution with the keyboard layout is more professional though. I decided to use a single hinge for a reason: when typi
  10. This is my final phone. As mentioned, I've used a fishing line to hold the top part in place. This makes the entire phone much stiffer. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pUZs2xNawWE Keymapping: Play/Pause = fixed landscape mode Play Next = enable auto rotate Play Previous = toggle flashlight Win (Meta) = ctrl right # = Shift right since I used # key for right shift, we have to find a substitute: Ctrl left + Ö = type text: # Ctrl left + Ä = type text: ' So far, I'm very happy with it and I fully switched from my Pro1 to the self-assembled phone. Slowly
  11. You may laugh but currently this is my best solution to prevent the phone from tipping over. I've tried expandable and flippable supports and I'd love to have a side arm on the left side but I didn't find good solutions for mounting it. The wire is great. I've superglued it onto the hinges and it holds the phone perfectly. It also makes the tilting mechanism way stiffer as the top part is now supported from both sides (the other side is a magnet). My only fear is that the fishing line could lengthen over time. If it doesn't work, I might try a stiffer wire. For example, I've found
  12. Ty, I've corrected it. I think, if the main parameters fit, it could still work out. The installation fails anyways so the result could be the same. But the installation probably won't even start since the hardware differs between both phone versions. The approach would obviously be to learn what exactly hapens with the code and write a patch for all phones. Sadly, I'm not a programmer so I can't help with that.
  13. https://community.fxtec.com/topic/3204-display-units-with-large-tap-insensitive-margin/page/8/?tab=comments#comment-62230 It should be this thread. You have your current rom installed and try to overwrite it without wiping data. The installation starts and fails after a few minutes, however the display area is reconfigured. I don't know if it works with the Pro1X, but the idea should be the same. Be sure to always backup your data though for the case anything goes wrong.
  14. It's so much fun seeing new prototype phones getting built and your sliding mechanism really turned out great. Thanks for sharing and experimenting! I have installed the app Key Mapper which allows you to remap any key to any action. I've assigned the button [previous song] to portrait mode and [play/pause] to landscape mode. [Next song] activates auto rotation again. The app is also useful to reassign useless keys (like Win) to more useful keys (like right shift). It's a great addition for such a keyboard.
  15. It's really hard to get elephone displays anymore. I've been in contact with the company that sold them and they are not going to ramp up production again (not even if you ordered 1000 pieces). The little displays available often have huge black spots on the side or even in the middle. If you order displays, I recommend buying at least three in hope that one works out. If they all were fine, you could still resell them later. Regarding the margin: I've used my phone with the margin for a long period and it isn't that bad. Only for some apps it will cause problems as the icons are too
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