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  1. Thanks for your advice. I know magnetic chargers and I've used them for a year now for my devices at work (tablet, phone, handheld scanner). But for a device I use many hours of the day, I don't like the idea of something sticking out. Especially since the charging port is really badly placed if you use your phone horizontally (I do that 99.9% of the time, even when checking the weather or browsing pictures) so it's always in the way. I'd love to have two ports or one next to the power button.Your advice is still good though. As much as I hate it, I know that I will brake the port in the next
  2. Does FxTec sell separate usb ports or are they soldered to the main board? Mine seems to be dying due to frequent use (I work in field service, my phone is used as the navigation device and therefore connected 50% of the day). Would be great if I could buy 2-3 replacement ports since I always tend to break them very fast.
  3. Yes, I had indeed many problems with LOS 16 and focusing problems, especially in low light scenarios. I installed Open Camera, went to the advanced settings (I don't remember where you set it up) and used the manual focus for low light scenarios. I thought the fault was the hardware. Autofocus is still slow in low light, but definitely improved. But in very low light when it can't focus I'll still use the manual focus.
  4. I just want to inform you guys, that over two months later I actually updated my OS to LOS 17.1 with Android 10. I was fearing the update since last time I failed miserably and lost all my data. But the fear was unfounded, I didn't have to get confused with A/B slots and it was fast and easy. Now it's my first six hours with the new OS but I haven't had ANY issues so far. It really seems to be fixed now and the system is way more responsive as well (it's actually fascinating how fast it is). Time will tell if it will get slower over time but what I can definitely tell is that this is no h
  5. That's the thing. We aren't talking about bitcoin mining or that kind of power hungry processes, but of an open browser, Whatsapp or a 2D game I often play. Maybe it's a RAM issue instead. When I kill every other app (app drawer), the keyboard usually works fine. I noticed it quite clearly when I start the 2D game and switch apps while it's loading. It seems to save the current (loading) state in the background and this takes more resources (CPU or RAM) than the finalized loaded game. I've also observed it with copying 1GB of files from one part of the phone to the next one, but whenever
  6. @Slion There is no simple way to reproduce it. I've seen those problems happen in huge loads but that's not guaranteed either. What I do very often is to stop any process ii the back which helps a lot. That leads me to the thought that we are talking about a software problem. But you have to stop those processes manually or you have to restart them every time (when switching apps) if you disable background processfhgses (<--processes) in the developer menu. @jamescarruthers That really gives me hope... I'll definitely try updating it over the weekend. AOSP is the software that 'he
  7. How long did it take for them to replace it? As much as I understand many people haven't even received their phone yet so I don't expect them to hurry for replacement phones. I'd feel much more comfortable just opening it myself and maybe change some parts. Also it's strange that it mostly happens when the phone is under load, shouldn't it be a software issue then?
  8. Not yet (I'm on the latest LOS 16.x). But I could imagine that it's because of a fresh install? I'll see if I find the time to try it on the weekend. Is there a way to disable AOSP for the keyboard in order to remove any software activities while typing? (this way I'd hope to lower the frequency of the issues)
  9. Hello there, I've been using my Pro1 now for approximately four months and the input issues (ghost input) seems to get worse and worse. For some time I've been documenting the ghost input and it definitely shows a pattern (list below). It feels like somebody smashed my keyboard every now and then and it occurs very frequently that I have to write a word three times since ghost writing occurs repeatedly. Apart from ghost writing I have tab/alt keys pressed (tab+space is often enter/send since you get tabbed to the next button), key menu popup (í instead of i), missing keys or double s
  10. If you have access to the battery I'd check the voltage of it. But I don't expect him to dismantle his phone while being in warranty.
  11. Well they can't be connected, otherwise you'd have an entire plate passing through the device (which would waste quite a lot of space)...
  12. Thank you for the video. The hinge seems extremely fragile and the sliders seem to tilt very easily (since they can't be forced to stay parallel). Looks quite painful to watch, honestly... I wouldn't expect a manufacturer to sell a device with such a mechanism so that's why I expect a lot more delays before they actually produce it. On the other hand we had bending and exploding phones before, so why not one that breaks in half? (seriously, I imagine this being open while falling asleep (happens a lot with my Pro1) and accidentally laying on top of it. I couldn't imagine that the hinge woul
  13. I really don't expect that they manage shipping at march 2021, they have had delays with other devices as well. Also, I do not feel well with that hinge and we haven't seen an actual demonstration (not animation) of the device being opened. FxTec did that WAY before they started producing and demonstrated that they really believed in their device. Those big keys wouldn't be my preference either (depends on how they feel of course). Hardwarewise it seems to be the better option, especially with that chipset (haven't heard of it yet but it seems to be powerful). But in the end this all wil
  14. Their original plan was to have some devices in stock. Of course they won't produce thousands of devices over their current orders but a few hundreds would be my expectation. There sure is a demand although it decreases the longer they wait (outdated/overpriced would be the arguments there). On the other hand they will want to fulfill all current preorders (I don't call four months of waiting an order), so I'd at least wait until shipping time has reduced to about one month where you can actually expect to get a device at all. This is my personal experience since I waited nine months
  15. As much as Fxtec will hate me for these words: just wait until they have actual devices in stock for 'immediate' delivery. You would get your device slightly faster by buying now but that isn't worth waiting 3-12 months for your device. Also I do recommend setting up push notifications for ebay and maybe even google search. That is how I got my device four months ago (I never spent money faster than after that email).
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