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  1. Well they can't be connected, otherwise you'd have an entire plate passing through the device (which would waste quite a lot of space)...
  2. Thank you for the video. The hinge seems extremely fragile and the sliders seem to tilt very easily (since they can't be forced to stay parallel). Looks quite painful to watch, honestly... I wouldn't expect a manufacturer to sell a device with such a mechanism so that's why I expect a lot more delays before they actually produce it. On the other hand we had bending and exploding phones before, so why not one that breaks in half? (seriously, I imagine this being open while falling asleep (happens a lot with my Pro1) and accidentally laying on top of it. I couldn't imagine that the hinge woul
  3. I really don't expect that they manage shipping at march 2021, they have had delays with other devices as well. Also, I do not feel well with that hinge and we haven't seen an actual demonstration (not animation) of the device being opened. FxTec did that WAY before they started producing and demonstrated that they really believed in their device. Those big keys wouldn't be my preference either (depends on how they feel of course). Hardwarewise it seems to be the better option, especially with that chipset (haven't heard of it yet but it seems to be powerful). But in the end this all wil
  4. Their original plan was to have some devices in stock. Of course they won't produce thousands of devices over their current orders but a few hundreds would be my expectation. There sure is a demand although it decreases the longer they wait (outdated/overpriced would be the arguments there). On the other hand they will want to fulfill all current preorders (I don't call four months of waiting an order), so I'd at least wait until shipping time has reduced to about one month where you can actually expect to get a device at all. This is my personal experience since I waited nine months
  5. As much as Fxtec will hate me for these words: just wait until they have actual devices in stock for 'immediate' delivery. You would get your device slightly faster by buying now but that isn't worth waiting 3-12 months for your device. Also I do recommend setting up push notifications for ebay and maybe even google search. That is how I got my device four months ago (I never spent money faster than after that email).
  6. Good to know that I would have waited four to five more months to get a device (I think it was order number 48k) if I hadn't bought a used one. But I'm still glad that they keep producing and seemingly ramped up the production (at least a bit). Since we were at around order number 10k in may/june, it really seems to go in the right direction.
  7. Thank you all a lot! Knowing that it is slightly more to the upper right (I thought it would be centered, slightly above the FxTec logo) might help with future tries of payments.
  8. Would you mind sharing the information with us? I have some devices (receiver) where the NFC doesn't work and I wonder if I am holding it wrong.
  9. Settings -> System -> (I don't know how it's called in english, maybe 'gestures'?) -> On/Off key, at the same place where you can set up the long press action itself. I remember having a faulty display (proximity sensor mesuring wrong numbers) and getting angry over that function a lot. But when it worked it was awesome. Still, I'm very happy with the LineageOS feature and it's very fast and reliable (as well as very usable without getting sore handwrists). It might be a good option for those with stock Android though.
  10. You can set that up in LineageOS as well, I have set it to 5min (not for temperature reasons, I've also used it 15-30 minutes as well, but to prevent battery drainage if the button is used by mistake. You can set it to 1min, 2min, 5min and 10min (and never, if you don't want to disable it). Regarding the 100ms to xy ms - that setting sure could be set in some system file. However, since there is battery optimization when on Standby, this setting wouldn't work as intended since it takes some time to activate the counter itself. May I ask on which phones you have
  11. The LED will not melt by itself and although it's not cooled actively (you can actually burn your fingers when holding on it), there will be some safety circuit. Using phone LEDs as a flashlight is common since years. Regarding quick access: If you have LineageOS, you can control the flashlight by holding the power button while the display is off. It won't get faster than that. The Moto G3 had a shaking control which was also quite fast (and probably looked cooler), maybe the code/app can be extracted for other phones. Still, seeing all the advantages of LineageOS I would really re
  12. So I was told that it was this thread where I could brag about typing speeds (I completely forgot about it since I got my (used) phone four months after my last visit). Comparison: up to 250 keystrokes with Clavis software keyboard on a smaller phone (G3, traveling distance matters) up to 280 keystrokes (if I remember correctly) back in the days of the Droid 4 / Photon Q up to 440 keystrokes with my laptop and cramped fingers up to 250 keystrokes with my Pro1 keyboard just a month ago (now up to 300). Sadly I can't do the german tests since sticky shift doesn't work in kiwi br
  13. Minute I meant... for a moment I actually thought I was a fast typer ._.
  14. This is like saying it would be stupid to refund now since they will ship most of the devices until the end of the month. Previously they even said they would deliver ALL devices by the end of september. This phrase would apply to every month so far. September, when they were supposed to start shipping, October, November, December (first Christmas was promised, then it was the New Year), January, February, ... - it paused over the CoVid19 phase (March to May) and then as it seemed continued as we were used to. I was lucky and got a used phone from somebody who wasn't actually using his devic
  15. I've seen this with another small company that a bigger investor demanded a physical action with a notification for any kind of unusual money transfer in order to prevent money loss or theft. It could very well be an internal policy with the same reasons since they can't risk any loss of money. What I find most difficult here is that the order doesn't seem to be cancelled until the refund is done. The worst thing for Fxtec would be that the device gets delivered and has to be sent back since it wouldn't be needed anymore. That would be a huge loss of money that would be easy to prevent.
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