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  1. @Erik Mine is ignored as well. I confirmed it immediately and gave them my bank account. Since then, three weeks passed. I even wrote them another reminder mail a week ago, but nothing happened. Would be great if you could refund me as well so that I won't get another phone I don't need anymore (I bought a used one instead). The return cost would be more expensive.
  2. Signal strength to mobile grid seems fine to me. On par with my previous device (Moto G3). Internet is fine too. However, I get slightlx less signal with WiFi which leads to disconnecting for me. This is worse than the Moto G3 and on par with very old devices like the Droid series. I can´t tell yet if it may be a LineageOS problem, but I don´t believe so. The difference is not extreme but I really expected it to be better than a low budget phone like the Motorola G3.
  3. I've got two questions about some issues where I don't know if that's an issue with LineageOS or if it also happens with the stock Android version. 1. Noise cancellation: If I grab a loud sound with the camera or microphone (in example whatsapp), it is fine for two seconds and then it gets much quieter while sounding very bad. Is there any way to prevent the phone from doing that? I tried grabbing rain and a gong and both sounded very weird and much quieter after around two seconds. If wanted, I can add sound files. 2. Light sensor: When I use the phone as a navigation device in the car, the screen doesn't really brighten up with the daylight. I have to manually brighten it up every time, which thanks to LineageOS is easier by just swiping the notification bar. Still, my old phones were slow at changing brightness but they did that without any problems. I fear that is an hardware issue with a bad sensor placement. 2.1. Also, at night, the screen doesn't dim lower than ~20% brightness if set on Auto brightness. If I set it to 0%, it will gradually grow back to ~20%. This wouldn't be such an issue if there wasn't this strange greenish color when the phone is set to brightness levels of ~10-30%. Is there any way to change the brightness curve myself? This could probably fix both issues.
  4. Where is the LineageOS keychar file saved? Since there are many locations and your setup is already very good, this is easier than to create a new one. (Reason: For Qwertz, the 'FN'+L key outputs ´ instead of '. That means that letters get apostrophes instead of getting separated.)
  5. I have finally received a (used) Pro 1 too, so I was able to try and play with it a bit today. The ideas in this thread sounded very interesting but I looked for a completely silent method that also reduces the risk of dropping the phone because of the spring mechanism. What I do is I lift up the back slightly and then push the top forwards. That way I can open the phone completely silent as you probably (can't) hear in this video. Also you do need less force to open it. Don't forget to rate my camera setup...
  6. But Android is? I have never heard from a company phone running Android since it was too easy for users to get viruses or break stuff by changing settings. As much as I hate Apple and as useless as Windows Mobile can be, I really understand why companies don't choose Android.
  7. While I fully understand the fears and the scenarios are entirely possible, I don't really understand the timing. Now, after they shipped new devices and after they informed us that they ramped up production entirely, now you are complaining and saying that they get bankrupt. That doesn't really make sense to me. Also, spreading such theories can very well lead to a self-fulfilling prophecy since more cancelled orders further affect the liquidity and profit range. Do refund if you don't trust them anymore, but don't destroy it for others.
  8. @v6akSorry, but how exactly was the information better back then? We have heard from them once a month (now almost once a week), were given immense promises (shipping starts at x, shipping is completed by x) and haven't heard of any problems until... well, until the deadline was passed and we got another delay. Too much information also inherets the risk that people leave the boat fearing that those problems will cost too much time. So it's a risky game to still provide us with some information. For me, this is better. I don't feel forgotten nor do I feel like they were lying to us. And since they can't make any promises in these times, they just avoid them. I'm happy with that kind of information although it won't change the delivery date.
  9. @jlavi If I remember correctly, those 70% were never completed and I think they were even missed by a big margin. However, I don't have the thread/post at hand that would support my theory so it might be wrong. Anyways: If you don't get your parts, your whole calculation won't work out. I expect my phone to arrive in at least one or two months from now even if they ramped up production a lot. Not that I wouldn't take it if it was sent at this exact moment...
  10. I prever vague statements instead of promises honestly. And even vague mails show that they haven't forgot us. Remember those "will be shipped before [august, september, october, november, christmas, new year, january, february]" mails which we got every month? I hated those. Now at least we know that we don't know when to receive it. This feels better than broken promises and expectations every couple of werks.
  11. Can you pack the launcher with a backup program maybe? That way you could use it on LineageOS and other systems
  12. Well the revamped website still says shipping in 4-6 weeks if you order now, so you should have it soon!
  13. It was a preorder for months after I paid. I guess they changed it so their promise to fulfill the preorders until a certain date would be easier to fulfill (we all know how that went). It's alright, I bought and paid in september so technically it wasn't a preorder anymore. But I really don't see why that is more important than changing the delivery time on the website for new buyers. And looking for a change on my (pre)order that was not exactly what I was hoping for...
  14. I finally got an order update! My preorder was changed to order. Well thanks...
  15. Shouldn't that be a normal thing? I've got 29 days on my Motorola G3 (2015, LineageOS 14.1/Android 7.1.2) and 21 days on my laptop since the last restart ("systeminfo"). I wouldn't expect anything less from a portable device.
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