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  1. Shouldn't it be possible to download and backup the apk with some backup program (p.e. Titanium Backup)? I've installed plenty of apps that way which were not supposed to be compatible with my phone. Or are there in-app problems to be expected as well? PS: A pc emulator might work just as well for downloading. If we have access to the files, I could even imagine extracting the apk from there.
  2. Haven't yet received the phone but I'll be using Kiwi Browser since it has support for desktop extensions. Having uMatrix on your phone really is helpful. And you know what? You can easily export the filters from your PC and import it on the phone. The only downside is the missing synchronisation since google blocked any chromium apps from their automatic synchronisation. I'll do it manually every now and then to have the full list of bookmarks. Edit: Adblock should work too but I didn't really need it with uMatrix yet since it already blocks ads anyways.
  3. This entire discussion makes it look like FxTec caused the delays on purpose. And we can be sure they wouldn't. So as long as the delays are obviously out of their control it really doesn't make sense critizising them. They can't change anything anyways.
  4. I'm very happy for getting any information at all. At this point, the best they can do is estimate. And I don't believe anybody who is in a place where Corona spreads out can handle it differently. I'm impatient as well, but at least they don't ignore us (anymore) when they don't have secured/new information. Also think of them being treated the same. All companies and partners they work with will be promising that they will receive parts, start working, etc. They are in the same boat as we are.
  5. Well, as much as I remember, the swine flu didn't have many symptoms and it wasn't lethal after all (correct me if I'm wrong). This virus really is different and way more contagioud than Influenza and other viruses. And considering the different death numbers there's a lot of room for panic, And I still think that they are so different because people don't get tested and 80% infected don't show heavier symptoms at all.
  6. There was one offer from somebody who doesn't have the devices either... I'm still looking forward on buying a Pro1. I'd even offer a bottle of desinfectant!
  7. They might. But I do think that other estimations are pessimistic. China only documents cases with symptoms, so the lethal rate looks higher than it is. Italia has LOTS of undocumented cases that also increase the proportion of (documented) deaths. The countries with well documented cases and a good health system always had rates of 0.1-0.5% but we will only know in the end.
  8. I think the biggest actions should be taken by the government. The best option would theoretically be to infect all (healthy) children to prevent the biggest infection threat. Children don't show symptoms and they don't care about hygienic actions. Next thing is to isolate elderly people or make sure that infections won't be possible. Visitors should be reduced as much as possible, those who take care about the people will have to pass through huge safety precautions (which is already the case in most places). A word to the panic: I would understand if people were suddenly vomiting on the streets, or dying a few hours after infection. But we are talking about a lethal rate of around 0.2-0.5%. Sadly, most cases won't be noticed since the symptoms are similar to the flu and testing is still difficult. If the government(s) wants to reduce panic, testing should be possible everywhere and at best at home. I agree that public events should be stopped since infections do happen in the incubation state (and we all could theoretically be infected without knowing yet). But hoarding toilet paper is definitely not the right attitude. And the flu with 300-650k deaths per year (worldwide) shows that panic really isn't needed. But don't we all love sensations and exaggerations?
  9. Since many phones were sold with forum threads, I'll try it like that as well. I'd like to buy a Pro1 Qwertz edition. For security reasons and no fees I'd prefer to buy it with meeting in person, so if you happen to be from south Germany, Austria or Switzerland, that would be great (I'm from Munic). Otherwise, ebay with Paypal would be the way to go. Tiny scratches shouldn't be a problem, I don't care about packaging or the earbuds. Another option would be to pass my preorder made in september to you or (if not possible) send you the new device as soon as it gets delivered. But I'd recommend setting up a contract so there won't be a risk for you. Price: I'm willing to pay up to 800€ as a maximum. ~700€ would be fair and I wouldn't mind some traces of usage (slight scratches, even on the screen). Passing the preorder: I'd pay 50€ for getting a used phone excluded earphones. You'll get a brand new phone as soon as it gets delivered. Best way would be to pass the preorder directly to your account if Fxtec agrees, otherwise we would make a contract and I'd send the phone to you when I get it. This way I'd definitely prefer to meet in person - for your security. Please PN me directly if interested, I'll prefer the offer closest to me, so don't worry about timing.
  10. I'd prefer a fully screw-assembled bottom phone but it's still quite easy to service compared to others. I don't think we will get back the plastic cover era that was fixed with some clips and let you replace your keyboard easier. What I mostly wonder is if the keyboard sticks after heating up the glue once. You often need to replace the tapes and I just hate that. If it will still glue together, that'a a matter of 10-20 minutes. Also, if you follow @EskeRahns instructions only charging with 1A or less, your battery will live a long time.
  11. Don't you dare to buy a spare phone when I/we are still waiting for our device to come!
  12. With lots of work you could do it yourself. Take a strong transparent tape and cut out the keys that show on the touchscreen (you could scan those and it should work fine. Try after a few keys to see if it works out. I could imagine this with a Galaxy Fold having the advantage that you could still use the full screen (although I don't know what it would be good for). But I'm not paying $2000 to try out my theory...
  13. It worked fine before the Corona virus spreaded so I guess that's causing some problems. I hope though that it can't be solved the normal way since I really don't believe that they didn't refund on purpose.
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