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  1. Expect two years of shipping time and always watch out for a used one. Alternatively or additionally check this thread for a phone for sale: Always check if the offered phone is already sold and be fast if it isn't. Also, the Pro1X has a slower CPU than the original Pro1 since the original chip wasn't available anymore. So if you find a used Pro1, don't hesitate. I ordered mine originally and waited 14 months until I found a used one on ebay. I removed myself from the list back then but ordered a new one around 1.5 years ago but nothing happened so far. One day I'll probably g
  2. @hostar Hey there. It's been a year but I've finally removed the fingerprint sensor. My phone isn't charging anymore and I've decided to take another try on adding a secondary charging port to the phone (let's hope it works out). I've managed to remove the fingerprint sensor without visible damage so I guess it should work fine. Are you still interested? If so, PM me and I'll send it to you for free. Seemingly, it is easy to remove if you push on it from the inner side. Then it will just pop out with little resistance.
  3. This might be a stupid question but how usable is LineageOS 20 in this early state? I'm currently running on LOS 18.1 (2022-03-14) and considering downgrading it to LOS 17.1 since it was the most stable version, I had almost no bugs and Magisk with its hide features worked well (it doesn't with Android 11). The display lighting got better though with LOS 18.1. Should I upgrade to 19.1 or even 20.0? Is it relatively stable and usable?
  4. I've worked for a company before that sold their stuff in supermarkets. It was very usual that we didn't have some products (up to 30-50% missing in the start of Covid19) but then we see the same products in other supermarkets (from our company) in which they wanted to expand to. There are people who want to make sure their customers don't run away and others who only want to expand, risking the loss of everything. We already paid the full price for our phones. Of course it's more rentable to sell the newly produced devices to new companies and earn further money (that's how they pay the
  5. I'm sorry to say that but they told us the same thing a year ago. I am calling that a lie - even by foot delivery the devices should have arrived at the customers already.
  6. My guess is that they're missing parts and always expecting them to arrive in time. It might not even be their fault since suppliers can very well promise delivery as well without actually delivering (with the possibility that they're also missing parts or staff). Transparency would be the key here but many of us have waited years and we never got reliable information. If they're missing stuff they should simply offer to send all the parts for self-assembly. I wouldn't mind building my own phone and I believe many of us nerds would be able to do so. But I'm almost sure that they always
  7. What is the reason they haven't updated via e-mail anymore? Are only the indigogo supporters supposed to get their devices? Last update was on July saying that all shipping would be completed by August (both indigogo and website).
  8. Very interesting to see progress on this topic, especially on system level. A quick feedback on my progress so far: uninstalling a couple of apps (although rarely used) and killing background processes improved the problem. Next step is limiting background processes to 4. I don't totally know what this does, but maybe it reduces background activities.
  9. When I had the software keyboard issues (see thread below), it mostly happened when the cpu was under load. This time I don't feel like there's a direct connection between cpu load and keyboard issues but maybe the system getting junked up. I also think that software should be able to handle this, maybe by prioritising keyboard inputs over any other program. Sadly, I'm not experienced enough to write such a script/program. It was easier to control the keyboard from the Motorola Milestones/Photon Q...
  10. @raymo That's good to know. I had many keyboard issues with double inputs in the past and ghost writing (i.e. thi1es instead of this) in the past. Since pressing hard also means writing slowly, it could be an software issue too. I'll try to uninstall some apps and free up some ram, maybe it does help. If not, the system will get reinstalled in a few weeks anyways, I'll tell you if it helped.
  11. After using my used Pro1 for over half a year I am getting my first hardware issues. The first keys start to not work when pressed normally, I have to press them quite hard to get the key. It started with the 'c' but I now have four or five keys that often do not get registered when pressed. The 'f' and 'c' being the most obvious keys. Is there any kind of replacement or fix for hardware keyboard issues? Also, am I the first one encountering this problem? I haven't found any post in the forum about this (or I failed at searching).
  12. I've recently discovered typeracer as well which seems easier since you have full sentences. Best achievement with the Pro1 today were 370cpm which should equal to about 74wpm in german language. In english I get around 65-70 wpm but I have to quit many texts since they have special characters which I don't regularly use (as ' ). On the computer I get to up to 500cpm at max - in best times though.
  13. So it's not the cable with the connector but a non-visible connection between display and touchscreen that causes this issue?
  14. I replaced my display as well. I ordered the same part as dreamflasher and it works fine. Unfortunately, it's not done removing the screws and just replacing the display since there's a custom made plastic bracket that holds the entire display in place which is glued together. A hot air gun (an hairdryer probably works as well) is needed. The good thing is that tools and glue strips are provided and the back side of the new display comes with a not too strong glue so there's no risk of losing the display but you still can remove the display if it breaks again. For 40€ that's great service a
  15. @VaZsoThank you for your profound answer and description. I had seen the ghost touches thread but didn't think the reason would be the same - thanks to the moderator for forwarding this thread. I've now ordered two of the cheap elephone screens (since they are 32€ instead of 80€) and will replace the screen as soon as it arrives. If anybody knows a keyboard cursor app (probably designed for external keyboards) which allows us to use the keyboard as a mouse cursor, that would be interesting.
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