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  1. Has any one had any success insuring it in the UK. I have contacted several companies and told them about the phone since its not listed on their sitse. Only one replied, asked for details and 3 weeks later has still not added it. Can FXTEC help?
  2. Hi I am trying to insure my Pro1 but I can not find a site that lists fxtec as a manufacture, as all the sites I have looked at I MUST provide the name of the manufacturer. eg gocompare or gadget cover, insist that you select the phone manufacture from a defined list, there is no option for other. I can select an existing manfuacture eg LG, and then say "other model", but thats the only way I can try to get a quote. I am worried the insurance company will not accept that as its not made by eg LG. How have other people insured their phone in the UK? Thanks.
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