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  1. My screen broke. Before I got the new screen I logged in by connecting it to computer, swiping up and entering password on the keyboard. Since then I configured USB to always set to file&share and it no longer works with a screen, and also no longer worked with computer, which is what I was trying to do. Anyway, I replaced the screen, but am having issues connecting the dual headed connector inside, so only once stuff appeared on the new screen flickering, I have tried reconnecting all the connectors for hours, and mostly get a flickering power light as the connectors dont
  2. For a few weeks my fingerprint reader has not been working on Pro1 with Linage 18.1 + magisk + GoogleApps, not sure if it has Lineage recovery or TWRP. If I try to register a new fingerprint it acts as if I never pressed anything against it. If I try to unlock it thinks I never tried. I have tried turning it off/on and long press off reboots. I dont know how I can boot or install another OS without wiping or causing issues with my existing data, as would like to work out if its hardware or software. Thanks.
  3. I am still having this problem most of the time. Even if I charge the phone up to say 95%, to avoid it getting to 100%, letting it drain to 16% I still need to reboot to charge it. My serial number is in the 000500 range, currently running Lineage 18.1 from 30 Aug 2021. No battery apps installed.
  4. Had it reprinted in TPU and it fits fine. Thanks for the help everyone and ubuntuscofield for the design and 3dpeople for printing it.
  5. Well I cannot get the top or bottom of this case to fit my phone. I purchased the two different top versions. One of the corners of the top has the internal part filled in the full top design, and its not filled in in the cut out top design. but neither of the tops fit so thats not the problem. Is there a recommended way to try to put it on eg from a certain corner etc. while phone is fully open or paritally? I am thinknig the printing company has made a mistake, are there any recommended companies in UK to get this done. It is quite annoying to spend £40 to get a case pri
  6. Its rooted with magisk. I just updated to16 Aug release of Linage OS and still have this issue. I would like to help fix it but how do I get debug into to the right person. I killed all running apps and still have the issue. Also even with say 70% left it still does not charge until a reboot.
  7. Just received my case from a 3d printing company in UK. It was printed as PLA-(FDM) as that still came to about £40 for two as theres a minimum order limit. I was going to be charged about £15 just to print 1 top and another £15 for 1 bottom if I did it in TPU. I used ubuntuscofield may20 designs but I cant get the phone into the case it seems brittle and really does not look like it fits. See pictures. Has it been printed wrong or does it need a lot of force to put in? I cant seem to get it in at all.
  8. Hi I only just started using my Pro 1 and went straight into installing Linage 18.1, so I have never used it wth stock. The phone never charges unless I reboot it first. I tend to charge it when it gets to the 15% warning. In settings, battery it says "plugged in, cant charge at the moment" I have 5 differnet cables, and 6 chargers and direct usb power sockets or several computers USB2&USB3 and it does not work with any of them until its rebooted. It does not work with the provided charger or cable. If I reboot, it will imediately start charing with any of the ca
  9. Has any one had any success insuring it in the UK. I have contacted several companies and told them about the phone since its not listed on their sitse. Only one replied, asked for details and 3 weeks later has still not added it. Can FXTEC help?
  10. Hi I am trying to insure my Pro1 but I can not find a site that lists fxtec as a manufacture, as all the sites I have looked at I MUST provide the name of the manufacturer. eg gocompare or gadget cover, insist that you select the phone manufacture from a defined list, there is no option for other. I can select an existing manfuacture eg LG, and then say "other model", but thats the only way I can try to get a quote. I am worried the insurance company will not accept that as its not made by eg LG. How have other people insured their phone in the UK? Thanks.
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