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  1. Forgot I had that one installed! But it seems to be true that it is needed.
  2. You can wake the phone using the keyboard by pressing Alt+Sym on stock 🙂
  3. I got a replacment screen from fxtec and it also has small deadzones at the edges of the screen. Maybe 5 mm wide. But they aren't really dead because they register swipes when I move from the middle of the screen towards the edge. But doesn't register if I swipe from outside an in, or try to press buttons close to the edge.
  4. Now I have taken time and installed the new screen. It works but I noticed that the digitizer doesn't register edge touches. The outer 5 mm on each side doesn't register presses, but the digitizer works in that area if I start swiping from the middle and go out to the edge. Wonder if it is changed in some firmware for the digitizer...
  5. Keeping it for spare, it is useable (but annoying).
  6. Got replacement screen today as well! So soon my phone will be in good condition again 😄
  7. Nice to hear you got it fixed! Good it is easy when you got it. My first contact with support was May 5, and I haven't got anything yet.
  8. Looks exactly like mine, for me it started being quite infrequent but got more and more frequent. But recently the frequency has decreased some (think the region of the screen is completly dying). Support told me they would ship a replacement screen so I can change it myself but this far I have only got emails.
  9. I have problem with the snapdragon camera app as well, if I start it a try to change to video mode it crashes, always. Tested clearing cache/storage but crashes anyway. photo works fine.
  10. Anyone noticed issue with pressing the power button once registers as a double click? I have configured so double pressing the power button opens the camera (as the dedicated key is stuck with snapdragon camera app). Recently I have sporadic (but quite frequent) issues with the camera starting when I press to turn off the screen. If it is software debounced, maybe the timing could be extended slightly?
  11. That would be nice, some simple things that are a bit annoying with the Partial Screen app but it was the only one I could find.
  12. Not yet, but they told me they will.
  13. Sounds same as me, installed an app called Partial Screen to block effected parts of the screen. But not really trusting third party screen overlay so not entering anything sensitive on the touch screen with it on. But it made the phone useable while waiting for replacement screen from fxtec.
  14. Try turning on "Show taps" in the developer options (accessible from Settings/System after clicking the build number in About a few times). If it is static build up you should see random activations I think, if problem with the touch screen like some other (me included) hass experienced, it will probably only be along a few rows/columns of the screen.
  15. I have noticed this on stock, but have always just assumed I accidently pressed the power button to turn the screen on.
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