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  1. Resurrecting this topic, I have been away from my pro1 for quite some time (got a Titan pocket and I preferred the size of that one). But now I went back to the pro1 due breaking the titan pocket -.- Going back I took the time to change to LineageOs 19.1, I noticed I still have this same issue. Does anyone know if it is possible to configure some minimum time between presses of the powerbutton? Or is the only option still to just disable that shortcut?
  2. Got my Titan Pocket today! I will try it as my main phone for a while and see how I like it, I really lile that it is smaller than the pro1 and I actually prefer that style of keyboard (can reach entire keyboard and operate the phone one handed easily).
  3. Yes! Reported that my replacement failed to fxtec Jan 9, provided some photos showing that there was no outside damage to the phone. Got a new screen March 18. I hope this one lasts more than 6 months.
  4. Updated the link in my first post due to old one having died. So if someone wants the rough 3d scan and the model for a case I made: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/uee2exvq1k9l0g8/AADEZnXLLar2HUjdHvcaj3O1a?dl=0 ping: @ubuntuscofield
  5. Last time I got a new screen from fxtec and replaced it myself. Sent a mail to support again and asked if they could send another one (and if they have checked with their supplier about fixing the root cause).
  6. Six months after replacing the screen the ghosts are back:( Same location as last time.
  7. You got one! 🙂 One request, add some menu that shows available keyboard shortcuts. Can't figure out how to move cursor to addressbar with just the keyboard.
  8. The replacement screen I got from fxtec has a similar bump in the corner. Didn't notice before.
  9. Is it possible to unbind the ctrl-space shortcut? It messes with my emacs:p I use FinQWERTY and us international on stock, works great! äåößáśéíµ¤þüúð¿
  10. Here are the files again: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/vydlyn2obudlv5x/AAAEa3yOoUxzSIg5INjXqv5ma?dl=0 As I don't like to use cases myself I lost interest:P But happy if it helps someone make a good case 🙂
  11. Oh sorry, I will put it up again soon. I would attach it here but max size is 2MB and the file is 9MB.
  12. Yeah, they told me it was a driver issue and said that I could send it to them to get it fixed, or they could send instructions so I could fix it myself (with a warning that it would take about 2 hours to perform the fix). I asked them to send instructions (which they did) but never got around to following them, and after the latest OTA update the issue magically was gone. So either write to support, or try to just reflash the stock image I guess.
  13. Thought this might interest people here: https://www.businesswire.com/news/home/20200819005202/en/OnwardMobility-Announces-Agreements-BlackBerry-Foxconn-Subsidiary-FIH
  14. Forgot I had that one installed! But it seems to be true that it is needed.
  15. You can wake the phone using the keyboard by pressing Alt+Sym on stock 🙂
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