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  1. ordered in February still waiting .
  2. I never mentioned 60000, i guess I accidently quoted it.
  3. Looking at the numbers refering to the profiles on the forum ,there are about 8000+ orders placed. Resister's account was created in nov.2019 and is profile 7772 as mine is created in feb and is 7949 as for erik who is nr 1 If this is the case, there are over 60.000 orders.
  4. May I ask what ordernumber you got (if you login on the fxtec.com site you can find it under orders) because I placed my order and paid on februari 16 and got ordernumber 52999# ,perhaps we can discover how many order there could be and how many are forfilled, if I can get some dates and numbers from several people I might be able to clear the mist.
  5. I ordered mine in february this year and still waiting.
  6. It would be great if mine arrived before my birthday at the end of september.
  7. I started as a cook in institutions some 25 years ago and I remember the introduction of the new health code in kitchens. No more fresh soup, desert, or local vegetables, but all industrial produced/processed half products. in 25 years our lives have changed dramatically from dirt which enhance the immune system to a sterile environment in which we turned in to weak helpless beings with a depraved immune system.
  8. A linear motor uses a driver which is a software issue, so by adjusting the driver you can increase or decrease the vibration of the motor.
  9. Seeing a crack in the glass, i guess it was dropped, and if it fell on a corner lines can occur (my X23 (no brand) has several colorful stripes on the right side of the screen, but still has functionality as touchscreen (although not visible)). When looking at the parts picture, I get a slight deja vu regarding my Nokia E7 which taken apart looks nearly the same. (knowing the background of fxtec) heck, why bother reinventing the wheel, while the one you developed still runs.
  10. The Netherlands, Hillegom (near Amsterdam) Not having to use a touchscreen anymore, and the fact it resembles the nokia E7 (which has been my favorite phone ever, but after my third one died and Microsoft took over, I was done) I was sold.
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