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  1. I opened the box and as it says on the back and on the shipping slip it's a black 6/128. So it's not the updated one I ordered and paid extra for.
  2. I received a phone today, a phone, not the phone I ordered and paid extra for to upgrade it. I received a black qwerty 6gb ram 128gb rom, while I ordered and paid extra for a Sapphire blue 8gb Ram 256gb Rom. I haven't opened it, send an email to fxtec and await their response. After 3 years I finally got the wrong phone....
  3. On april 24 I received an email my order was complete, yet 3 weeks later I have seen no phone, nor has customs contacted me. Is this a dead end ?
  4. Finally gotten a mail telling me my order is coming. Ordered 16 feb 2020 Postal service has not contacted me about customs yet ( they have a tendency of keeping my orders 2 weeks before forwarding it to me) so this could easily take a week or more.
  5. I know, but it's kinda cringe waiting 3 years for a phone you've already paid for and bought half price from a retailer who's also in charge of shipping what you were told to receive 6 weeks after buying.
  6. Got an email yesterday from Expansys, in which they advertise the pro1x.. Like they're selling the next batch.
  7. I also ordered from the FXTec website on 19 februari 2020, after waiting 2,5 years I decided to order one from expansys (with the intention to cancel my order and ask for a refund). Today it arrived and it does work perfectly as I am responding to you using my Pro1x. I'm not canceling my order (yet) because I would like to have another one just in case, like I did back in the days with my Nokia E-7 (still having all 4 of them, 2 in parts and 2 not charging).
  8. Did you order on the fxtec website, indigogo or expansys? There's a big difference between the first 2 and expansys in actually receiving your phone.
  9. I got my costums and tax bill up front €111,00 Hkd 2769 for the phone and 550 extra for shipping outside of region.
  10. While ordering my pro1x at expansys, their site stated 2 in stock, mine being 1 of them. By now roughly 10 hours later their stock of the 8gb 256gb blue is more than 10... Please explain why orders on the site placed in 2019 to 2021 aren't being fulfilled when at the same time the Carrier supposedly in charge of distribution sells the phones one its website for half the price and within a week.
  11. Several on discord have gotten their pro1x ,only problems are with stock Android. I can get the phone in a week or so, instead of waiting for the third year. I've been waiting 2,5 years now and it looks like getting the phone is a gamble at this point... I took the opportunity to look into the pdf files referred to that show a 15 million business with only 218000 vehicle cost made this year ... I could be wrong, I could be right. I draw the line here and take my money to buy the phone I ordered 2, 5 years ago at half the price.
  12. I finally give up, I cancelled my order and asked for the refund. I placed an order at expansys to make sure I will receive my phone.
  13. Myself and many others who ordered back in 2019/2020 are put on hold again, it seems like getting the phone I ordered 2,5 years ago has less priority than those who backed on indigogo just 2 or 3 months ago.
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