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  1. Update: From what I've seen so far, it seems that the easiest way to get a good boot image is to find the OTA file after it is downloaded but before it is installed. I'll provide another update if I can find a way to get the boot image extracted properly, but for now, unless someone else has the 20200306 image, we might have to wait a few more days for the next update. (Alternatively, is it possible to safely downgrade the device and use an older boot image to root? There were some messages that implied it might be possible, but I want conformation from someone who knows what they are doi
  2. Oreo and newer versions have a newer theming framework built in to the system, which doesn't seem to write to /system. This is why rootless theming worked in Oreo, although Google disabled it in Pie. From other research, it seems that it's much harder to break the system with substratum on newer versions, and recovery seems to be much easier. As for the boot image, I'll try to find that later, when I have time.
  3. I'm on 20200306, is it possible for me to get the boot image from my device and share it here? And also, another question, if I installed substratum, is there any way for me to back up my system so I can easily restore it if something breaks, and would I still be able to install updates with it installed? I think that both of those things are possible, but I'm a little uncertain since I don't want to ruin my device.
  4. I've been wondering if it would be a good idea for me to root my phone at this time, using the Magisk guide at https://community.fxtec.com/topic/2537-magisk-install-step-by-step-root/. I think that I can understand how to root the device, but I can't tell if installing Magisk or some other root utility would prevent me from installing any more OTA updates, especially the update to Q when that is released. It seems that I should be fine, but I just want to ask if installing Magisk on the latest device version would put me at risk of being unable to install any more updates. Thanks, and I'll let
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