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  1. Hi! This is potentially a very dumb question, but I am trying to update from a LineageOS test build (16.0-20200310-UNOFFICIAL-pro1) to lineage-16.0-20200914-nightly-pro1-signed following the instructions under https://wiki.lineageos.org/devices/pro1/upgrade. However, when I flash (be it from "adb reboot sideload" or from recovery->apply update->Apply from ADB) I always get the error Error applying update: 26 (ErrorCode:kDownloadMetadataSignatureMismatch) I haven't really been able to find anything informative about that error code - any idea what I might be doing wrong? The sha256
  2. Hi! First of all, thanks @tdm for your awesome work - I finally got around to installing test-11 and it is such a massive improvement over stock! Just one issue I'm having: The keyboard in my case seems to register fn and shift as exactly the same key - no matter which layout I use (I tried both the regular android layouts and the finqwerty layouts), I keep getting the same letter/symbol with shift and with fn. I have the German keyboard version. Is there anything I can do myself, or any log I can post to help debug this?
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