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  1. Lol, forget it - after 15 hours this notification showed up
  2. Actually, I find the physical keyboard on the Pro1 cumbersome to use. Too big? I have small hands. And find it hard to get up to typing speed. In fact, I have hardly tried to do so - find myself using the touch keyboard almost all the time. Do others have an experience that the keyboard can take some time to get used to? My fav keyboard phone was the Blackberry Priv which has a whole different kind of setup with a very small keyboard, comparatively.
  3. It's greyed out for me. Have rebooted but still the same. Hmm
  4. Really, Swiftkey does this also with regard to the physical keyboard?
  5. This feature seems to be missing from settings? Is this correct?
  6. That sounds great. Am having some bluetooth issues as well as experiencing the phone being sluggish overall. So was thinking other OS's might adress these issues. As well as being better options in the long run, with a bit more dedicated developers? Anyhow, looks like it'll be Lineage OS for me. Thanks a lot.
  7. This is very interesting. I thought both was android versions. Thank you for that. Also, does Lineage on Pro 1 work well? Or is that alpha stage, as Sailfish OS is? Is there possibility for dual boot on Pro 1?
  8. That things actually work is highest priority. Also, that the system works fast and smooth. But really, what is the differance between the two?
  9. Hello. I am a total noob when it comes to alternative OS's. But am looking to install one of them. Anyone here have an opinion on which one of Lineage or Sailfish is the best alternative? And why?
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