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  1. Yes, finally managed to sell it. Ebay sure was a hassle with all their rules and exceptions. I don't want to use them ever again for these kinds of sells - it was super complicated. But hopefully new buyer will be happy.
  2. I think the first user tried to scam me or something as I recieved emails claiming that payment was made and that I should ship it, but nothing showed up on eBay or Paypal accounts. Then the user was de-registered.
  3. Actually highest bidder couldn't follow through on the payment and is now de-registered as an eBay user. Contacted second highest bidder on eBay messages but if that person doesn't check their eBay account I want to make that person aware of it here.
  4. Yes, it sold at a quite good price, at least for me 😬 I also thing indiegogo has put pressure on prices. For me, I really hope Fxtec can put a spin on production, I think a lot of people would love this device.
  5. Thank you so much! Yes, I would say condition is quite good! Tried to keep it in good condition.
  6. I just posted mine for sale. It's a QWERTZ in quite good condition and you can find it here: https://www.ebay.com/itm/293952256604 I don't have discord, so if anyone wants they could put my link on there, so people there know about it - thank you very much if you do that. Will answer questions here or in DM. All the best,
  7. Hmm well, I would be happy if I atleast got back what I payed for it. So selling price, basically, but I wanted to try auction because maybe there was a high demand for it and I might get more than that for it. That may sound greedy but I am financially in a tight spot between jobs and basically down to zero so that's why I want to auction it. Maybe I am wrong in that demand assumption though as it hasn't attracted that much attention here yet. Condition is a bit used but in my opinion not that much, depends on how picky one is but to me it is a used but totally ok/fine condition. Used 2-3 mon
  8. Yes! I am happy to pass it on to someone who I am sure will be much happier than me for it.
  9. Hello, I am parting ways with my Pro1. Simply put, it was not for me. I like Blackberry type portrait keyboards, and after 2 months of use, I realized I did not use the keyboard at all, basically. I am wondering if anyone can say where I should best post the phone for sale. I want it to go on auction. Ebay seems to demand for me to have sold 10 items before I'm allowed to sell anything internationally (I live in Sweden). It's a QWERTZ if anyone's wondering. It has some use, but not much. Thank you,
  10. Lol, forget it - after 15 hours this notification showed up
  11. Actually, I find the physical keyboard on the Pro1 cumbersome to use. Too big? I have small hands. And find it hard to get up to typing speed. In fact, I have hardly tried to do so - find myself using the touch keyboard almost all the time. Do others have an experience that the keyboard can take some time to get used to? My fav keyboard phone was the Blackberry Priv which has a whole different kind of setup with a very small keyboard, comparatively.
  12. It's greyed out for me. Have rebooted but still the same. Hmm
  13. Really, Swiftkey does this also with regard to the physical keyboard?
  14. This feature seems to be missing from settings? Is this correct?
  15. That sounds great. Am having some bluetooth issues as well as experiencing the phone being sluggish overall. So was thinking other OS's might adress these issues. As well as being better options in the long run, with a bit more dedicated developers? Anyhow, looks like it'll be Lineage OS for me. Thanks a lot.
  16. This is very interesting. I thought both was android versions. Thank you for that. Also, does Lineage on Pro 1 work well? Or is that alpha stage, as Sailfish OS is? Is there possibility for dual boot on Pro 1?
  17. That things actually work is highest priority. Also, that the system works fast and smooth. But really, what is the differance between the two?
  18. Hello. I am a total noob when it comes to alternative OS's. But am looking to install one of them. Anyone here have an opinion on which one of Lineage or Sailfish is the best alternative? And why?
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