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  1. xnyl

    Setup without Google

    This is not a valid argument in my opinion. For few reasons. There is no good technical reason why functionality independent of Google services of the device is blocked. Ignoring non-alternatives of Apple, vendors that are known for installing spyware, etc. Smartphones that come with Google apps constitute overwhelming majority. And that's when we speak of getting any smartphone. (Almost) all of us are here because they wanted a smartphone with physical keyboard. We wouldn't wait through months of delays if that was optional for us. To my knowledge there are only few options availabl
  2. xnyl

    Setup without Google

    @internationaltraitor: I'm sorry to hear that there more people that are coerced to agree to google practices. I've looked into possibility of making a bug report to google about this problem and run into catch-22 situation. One needs a Google account browse/submit bug report. 😕 I've reached out to Fxtec support yesterday morning, describing the situation, linking to this thread and asking "Will I loose warranty/any other rights if I flash unofficial rom?". I've took a look at ungoogled stock by tdm. Kudos to him but it's not for me. No sources and it's unofficial. Lineage howe
  3. xnyl

    ROM: Ungoogled Stock

    @tdm: I've looked around around the forums and on your github account and can't find sources for this rom. Was my search not good enough or is there some legal crap that prevents it from being published?
  4. xnyl

    Setup without Google

    I was thinking of using using degogled rom but I have some concerns. I'll ask support for confirmation that the it will not be voided by use of unofficial software. Are there any problems with reverting to stock rom after rooting(in case I need to sell the thing)? I have horrible experience with this on Sony Xperia XZ1 Dual. In case of that phone It's not really possible to go back to stock rom after unlocking the bootloader because some DRM keys are deleted(Technically it's possible but it's hard and camera is degraded). I'd say that Google stuff should be addon that you shoul
  5. I have problem with setting up my Fxtec pro1 phone. It wants me to accept Google privacy policy when turning on and does not let me decline or skip it. I can only turn the phone off. I do not need nor want any google features. How do I bypass/decline Google privacy policy without loosing warranty? I'm very unhappy because of this being forced on me.
  6. Have You heard about newly discovered Qualcomm vulnerabilities? DEF CON Safe Mode - Slava Makkaveev - Pwn2Own Qualcomm Compute DSP for Fun and Profit https://youtu.be/CrLJ29quZY8 @Erik: When Can we expect release of patched firmware?
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