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  1. Soo. Thanks to a forum member (MANY thanks..) I know what's up - it's a faulty display board. As soon as one connects it to the phone, it reboots itself indefinitely. Luckily I have two spares so we'll have it replaced (he's very short on time and I've waited for ages, soo.. what the hell) and all *should* be fine. Not exactly happy about FxTec's support though; they just stopped talking to me at all. I know I'm no longer covered by warranty but I am pretty sure they should've asked me to send the device back to them and find the source of trouble themselves. But heck. I sincerely ho
  2. Alright, got somewhere but not exactly anywhere. QFIL finally sees my port, great. But I'm missing the prog_firehose_ddr.elf file in my stock ROM. I got the ROM from here but apparently it's a build for fastboot, I guess. All my googling attempts fail, again :)
  3. Trying, but not much luck. Apparently my phone can be powered up in EDL mode, as I hope this is what it's supposed to look like ..but on Windows, with Qualcomm USB Driver v 1 installed as administrator, I see nothing in device manager and I see nothing in QPST .. I'll probably try VirtualBox windows or something. My physical windows computer is rather an old one with win 8.1.. EDIT: scratch that. Apparenly my A-C cable (used to connect to the old machine) was destroyed.. now it shown up, working further..
  4. So, still no news; they finally got back to me (said they were sorry for the delay.. oh well) but only pointed me to a last self-repair attempt; I am supposed to use QFIL tool to put the stock ROM back. Well, I tried, but failed; the device just doesn't show up. I was unable to find any official how-to guide anywhere, neither did I find anything on the mighty Internets. Anybody got a clue what to do? Tried asking the support guys but, well, they've gone back to radio silence.. 😄
  5. Hm, tech support is very very hard to reach these days. They initially told me to flash etc, so I've told them all the steps I'd done, and there's been radio silence ever since. Wondering if opening a new ticket would help.. 😞 still stuck with a borrowed phone, not cool. Oh well. I'll try to keep my optimism up.
  6. => boot loop. At least I get to actual rom booting, as opposed to only the kernel running in circles with lineageOS. I like the AICP logo, though 😃 it makes one smile.. I'll leave the phone on charger for a while in case it somehow boots, but I won't hold my breath. Thanks all for the help. I am afraid this is not a software issue. I'll wait for the support response.. BTW if they tell me to send it in, is it better to return to stock ROM or does it not matter? EDIT; I'll try one more thing, AICP-r without gapps. Just for fun. EDIT2; no change. The boot loop seems faster,
  7. Finally got to another try. 1; flashed recovery 2; booted into recovery 3; sideloaded aicp 4; reboot to recovery 5; sideloaded gapps 6; reboot now ... about 6 reboots and now it is stuck at the Pro1 logo .. heck no! BTW, no reply from tech support yet.
  8. Thank you Sir. Downloading now, will try flashing later today or tomorrow morning. In the meantime I've created a support ticket but I guess I'll send them the machine and they'll keep it for the better part of next year 😄
  9. I would gladly try that one. Thing is I can't find LOS 18.1 recovery boot.img anywhere. You specifically state that 19.1 won't work; could you perhaps up it to some google drive or whatnot?
  10. IDK, not much of a change, I've tried the FB erase and the boot loop continued -- if I'm not mistaken I've seen some weird logo after several reboots -- something like lineage logo with ,erasing' below that but only for quarter of a second and then rebooting continued as always 😞
  11. There's no wrong logo, it's just that the device reboots again as soon as the ,ROM logo' would show up. I'll try fastboot erase (although after fastboot flash stock rom I'm pretty sure the phone was basically bone stock before my last attempt). FWIW this is like my 40th time of android flashing to various android devices and apart from an old samsung core prime (which had 0 custom roms and 1000s of stock ones) I've never encountered anything like this.. 😞 .. The worst thing it just happened out of the blue, there was no update, no nothing, I haven't even held the phone in my hand. I've just st
  12. well but the point is I never get past the boot sequence :[ I can try installing once more. I do it through fastboot & adb EDIT.. fastboot flashed lineage recovery, adb sideloaded lineage 19.1, mindgapps 12.1 and no, it immediately after first Powered by android logo goes to another reboot. Doesn't even show the lineageOS blue curve logo. F** hell.
  13. Thanks Eske but I can't get into android at all 😞 .. it's just booting (show kernel F powered by android logo), then either LOS animation (blue arc) or (as of now) stock F logo but then between 1 - 15 seconds it shuts down and starts booting again 😞 BTW between 2 am yesterday and 9 am today it ,was' working -- I was asleep but woke up to a normal phone -- and at that time I haven't installed almost nothing, only Chrome, one game (forge of empires) and SMS backup application. It did end up in a boot loop during that time but I was able to ,break' the loop by reinstalling gapps.. today I wa
  14. Alas, hello again 🙂 I've been using my pro1 (non-x) for some years now. Basically just on LineageOS, usually the latest version. Apart from the usual ,Connected, not charging' and some trouble with location in maps in some applications things were going quite fine. But yesterday all of a sudden the device restarted itself and kept doing so indefinitely. I am able to get into recovery, bootloader, no problem. The lineageos recovery seems not to offer any of the usual ,empty cache' options apart from factory reset, so.. after a while of trying various ways how to break this loop I bi
  15. Gotta step up to them. Yes, they are slow but they always have been very honest with me; the only ,problem' was they once sent me a replacement phone which was locked up (by google something) and could not be used at all. Helped by a forum member. But hey, it worked after that. Then I bought a second back cover (because I'm stupid and broke off the fingerprint ribbon cable) and waited for the delivery for eternity. Yes, I tried to contact them several times, they even wanted me to cancel that order and send me the money back but I did not want that. Now all of the sudden they got back to
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