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  1. Gotta step up to them. Yes, they are slow but they always have been very honest with me; the only ,problem' was they once sent me a replacement phone which was locked up (by google something) and could not be used at all. Helped by a forum member. But hey, it worked after that. Then I bought a second back cover (because I'm stupid and broke off the fingerprint ribbon cable) and waited for the delivery for eternity. Yes, I tried to contact them several times, they even wanted me to cancel that order and send me the money back but I did not want that. Now all of the sudden they got back to
  2. Hi, yeah, I guess you'd be a great book writer :-) from the sound of it this won't help ya (my phone was rattling in the open position, not closed) but anyway. You gotta open the phone, turn it upside down, you'll see 5 black circles in a distinct 'W' pattern on the back of it; carefully remove them with a razor blade or something, there are screws under it. Unscrew, carefully pop out the display from the back frame with a plastic prying tool. Make sure not to break the flex cable, which needs to be disconnected. After the display itself is gone, you'll see where the hinges are; and
  3. Just FWIW; after brief talk with support (wanted to claim warranty) they made me tighten the *inner* screws (didn't know about those - they act as the hinge axis). Now the rattling is back to something I agreed to call okay. I tried to tighten the bottom screw too (the one holding the support arm) to no luck. Basically the screw is too thin or the hinge is too wide. Now I see a way out though; next time I will take the thing apart I'll try to get hold of some PTFE sticky tape, they come in different thicknesses and just stick it around the screw; hopefully that will keep the thing in good
  4. To me all works fine except - the screen previews when going through task list is wrong when in landscape; it's just a cut of the tasks' portrait display. this worked fine in17.1 - battery seems to drain about 50% quicker (this is my third day of 18.1)
  5. I would be more than glad to buy them off you if you make something that would help.
  6. Well it's not a problem from using point of view, though I am scared it will get worse. I will check my purchase date and probably will send it back soon enough before it's expiration, if it worsens. Thanks all.
  7. IDK. Tried the screws; they looked pretty tight - was in fact scared to tight them much more. From my point of view it seems one of the hinge shafts is loose in the bushing. Tried to video it, with my old phone, sorry for the quality 😃 ..hope it works at all, never shared a video yet. link ..the movement is very apparent front-back and less apparent top-down. Sometimes it makes a sort of low pitch squeaking sound.. Checking again in a half-open position: - the top (display side) right hinge is loose - the top left hinge is rock solid - both bo
  8. Hi all. Been using my pro1 ever since this good community helped me to fix software hitches. Thanks again 😉 So now after about a half year, the right side hinge (at the screen) started to become loose at open position. It rattles about half a millimeter; I wouldn't care about it much but it's started about two months ago with a barely noticeable wiggle and has gotten worse. I am pretty sure out of warranty now (unless you get a new full year warranty with a replacement unit?). Did this happen to any of you? This is not related to any fall (experienced my first fall just two days ago, doh) o
  9. Yup, found the same issue, lineage 17 too. It tries to focus, actually hits the sweet spot for a fraction of a second - but then it focuses back a little. Annoying but good to hear it's software related.
  10. Hey there, thanks for a very detailed answer! I think you're the Cornholio who used to solder the sim card slots on Motorola photon Qs, right? 🙂 My problem was luckily solved another way, I think it is official now so anybody else can contact tech support and they'll help him.
  11. Thanks all for the input! After all it was through EDL factory reset. Seems like I downloaded the wrong package, a forum member kindly pointed me in the correct direction. I'm back on track!
  12. Hi all! Just received a replacement unit from the kind people at F(x)Tec, just want to say that's GREAT customer service. Yes, it took some time but hey! On the other hand, I just can't log into the phone (for the first time). It asks for either some password (which I don't know and couldn't find it anywhere in the box) or google account. When I try to put my GA there, it asks for second step auth, which I pass (tried all the possibilities like SMS, clicking on a different device, putting in a security code from GA..) but it always ends up the same: a shadowy box pops up saying ,,ple
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