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  1. Some good news! I just received an email saying that they now have parts for repair, as well as Pro1X mass production which will be shipping next month. They've confirmed that they will repair my device, including the display, and will be sending it back to me soon. So a very long delay, but I feel that they went the extra mile now to make up for it (repairing damage outside of what was strictly covered by the warranty).
  2. Complete radio silence since my last email. They've had my device for more than six months now. I would actually completely agree, if they had not set the expectation themselves in our communication that I was eligible for warranty service.
  3. Timeline: 2021-07-06: Phone stops powering on and won't charge. I contact fxtec. 2021-07-07: Reply from support telling me phone is still under warranty, and suggests some troubleshooting steps (try other charges, hold power button, etc). 2021-07-07: I advise that I've tried several chargers, and holding the button makes no difference. Inform them that the device did experience a drop several months beforehand which was severe enough to break the screen, and that I replaced the screen myself. The phone worked fine for about six months after that. 2021-07-09: Fxtec suggests
  4. Eastern Canada. I've gotten the initial response back from f(x)tec support and they've confirmed that I am still covered, so now just going over some basic troubleshooting with them. Here's hoping!
  5. Oh, strange. According to the FAQ here ( https://www.fxtec.com/faq ) it's a one year warranty. I'll reach out to fxtec and verify.
  6. It's out of warranty and I have no interest in paying for its repair. I will also not be selling or giving away a device which contains personal information that I am unable to personally verify is wiped or unrecoverable, sorry.
  7. I lost the original screen to a fall late last year but got it up and running again with a replacement from aliexpress and all was going well. Unfortunately after about a year and a half of use my Pro1 just mysteriously... stopped working. All I know is that it was working fine when I woke up and it was placed on my desk while I was working, until at some point I picked it up to check for messages and found it was powered off and not turning back on. Plugging it in made no difference, and the light to indicate charging doesn't even illuminate in the first place, even after trying several diffe
  8. I used the included two sided tape from the kit. It's been holding just fine. I don't have any real tips for applying it beyond "be careful".
  9. Just did my replacement as well. Didn't have a heat gun and just brute forced the old panel off, and while it worked for me it is a process I can't honestly recommend. Does the version on aliexpress with frame also work with the pro1? If so that would eliminate the need for that step. Aside from that it all went very smoothly. New display is indistinguishable from my original as far as I can tell.
  10. Good to know! Just found a link in another thread and ordered the screen. Hopefully all goes well!
  11. Going to assume my repair options are nil. Would've like to have it longer, but oh well.
  12. Happening to me as well. Also if I try to manually check for updates I get the error "Network connection failed(Failed to connect to fota server /". Man, I really like this hardware, but the software has been in shambles since day one.
  13. Connected to LTE band 4 as we speak. Anything specific you want me to check?
  14. I've discovered a workaround of sorts. For whatever reason, pairing the devices (both my car audio and my headphones), allowing them to fail to connect, then turning off contact sharing in the "previously connected devices" list on the Pro1 makes them connect successfully most of the time. On the occasions when they don't connect, restarting the phone seems to sort it out. It's still not 100% reliable, but I can at least use them now.
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