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  1. Selling the original F(x)tec pro1. I just replaced the screen, but the new screen has a black screen blotch in the top right corner (thanks aliexpress). The touch screen works without issues other than visually on that one black part. Lightly used with a little bit of exterior wear. Everything on the phone seems to be working fine. Due to the pain in the ass that is the screen of this device I am selling for the low price of $500 CAD. Here it is on ebay: EDIT: sold It's actually really easy to replace the screen with a new one if you get one. Just didn't have any luck getting one wit
  2. Hey! I just got it today after ordering it back on my last post. Has a big black blotch in the top right corner. Risky to order from them probably. May want to try a pricier option. EDIT: Not maybe, the seller is saying every screen has a defect when I asked for a refund. Of course the only photo they showed is a small, not so bad defect. Only reason I bought it. Didn't mind a small defect. In fact my original pro1 screen has very very small defects in the bottom right and left corners. Thought this was just something they all had. This screen must be a piece of crap. Maybe try this one i
  3. As a temporary fix I found the app Partial Screen was useful to disable the horizontal line of ghost touches I was having
  4. In my experience pressing it together causes it to happen more
  5. Same one I was looking at. Thanks! Probably gonna sell the phone now because I'm not really interested in dealing with this issue in another 2.5 years but may as well get a new screen to perhaps fix it first. Phone was fun while it lasted EDIT: This aliexpress seller sells screens with big black blotches on it...probably not the best option. Might have to go for one of the more pricey options instead.
  6. My fxtec pro1 that I've had for 2.5 years started to have ghost touch today without me doing particularly anything. I never opened it up or messed with the screen
  7. They can maintain stock by having the option of not disabling this feature, such is the point of toggleable settings
  8. It also shows up for the default text messaging app for people you've recently messaged. This is really annoying. Rooting the phone simply to turn it off isn't a great solution.
  9. I can just press the lock button twice to open the default camera app via that shortcut, not very important for the shutter button behaviour. I'm more interested in having the shutter button work as expected for the default camera app as in focusing and taking pictures.
  10. It's technically people you have shared or communicated with before. But it could be people you talk to a lot without ever sending them images. I imagine the most common app that uses this feature is Facebook Messenger. There's no way to control or remove people from this view, so it gets very annoying. The easiest way to get around it is to remove the app that uses this feature. In the case of Facebook Messenger, you can switch to Facebook Messenger Lite which doesn't seem to use this feature. However, turning it off fully would be preferable for people who don't want to have randomness on th
  11. Deleting cache fixed it. However, due to the grainy image quality, I switched to the google camera app port. The night view thing is upside-down as previously mentioned, but the image quality of photos seems much cleaner. Only annoyance now is that the shutter button is mapped to Snapdragon Camera app directly and there's no way to customize this that I can find. It would be nice to be able to assign this to other apps.
  12. Possibly the most annoying thing ever implemented into android, the "Direct Share" functionality puts random people you never want to send things directly to above all other apps in the "Share Via" panel, causing randomness when opening and essentially causing people to send weird things to random people by accident. Galaxy phones have a method of turning off this feature. This feature can easily be turned off by blocking it via root. However, there is no good way to turn it off without root. Other replacement apps cannot for example share images so these are not satisfactory alterntives. So w
  13. When I switch to video mode, the app crashes. Edit: Fixed by clearing data/cache for the app. However, the shutter button is specifically mapped to this app, even if I set another camera as default. Would be nice to be able to use the shutter button with other camera apps.
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