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  1. The trick is not to film it in real-time. An one-hour-broadcast would be thrilling 😄
  2. Honestly, I'm not in a hurry. The phone has been ordered through my employer, it's officially has been "in use" for four years now, so from my employer's POV it's completely amortized now and I can get a new one anytime. I'm just interested to see how it ends now.
  3. I've mailed on 15th and the reply came on 22nd of August, the previous interaction has been at the beginning of May (just looked it up, the answer has indeed *not* been swift then, it took two weeks).
  4. A couple of months ago, I've contacted fxtec's support to ask them where my phone is in terms of sending queue position or similar. The answer came swiftly with something along the lines of "we don't know that and wouldn't tell you if we did". Recently, I've emailed them again, citing my legal expectation of a website order (in November 2019!) to result in either a phone or a refund. The answer came about a week later, telling me they have changed warehouses (completely?) and there would be some news *very soon* (tm). So nothing we haven't heard so far, not really news, make of it what you wan
  5. Is it OK to vent a bit? I'm following the discussion on IGG and as I'm one of those who ordered the original Pro1 via the website, I can't comment there, but some takes on that forum are borderline stupid. For one, most people there seem to forget that there are substantial outstanding Pro1 orders which still need to be fullfilled and which for the most part haven't been part of crowdfunding. If anything, these people (including myself) would have a right to sue anyone, not the IGG gang (crowdfunding = risk) In other news, fxtec doesn't seem to be going out of business for now, sinc
  6. Last update on Indiegogo has been on the 17th of April, aren't they supposed to update at least once a month? If so, I suppose we are due an update tomorrow.
  7. Good for you! For the record: mine is still "Processing", having ordered November 2019. However, like said before, QWERTZ phones do not seem to enjoy any kind of priority, either before nor now.
  8. Why should they? It's not something I can or want to use and it's not what I ordered, so they'll need to refund if they can't provide QWERTZ.
  9. Apparently, someone listened and now there is crucial information directly in the first paragraph: It certainly feels like QWERTZ is once again in low supply. But hey, last time they've ended up upgrading my Pro1 order to a Pro1x, who knows, maybe I'll get upgraded to a Pro2 in a couple of years.
  10. Dear f(x)tec, I would like to inform you that some of us have ordered a Pro1 via your website three and a half years ago (November 2019), have since been upgraded to Pro1x and also have been promised a somewhat prioritized delivery compared to the IG backers. It would have been nice not to rub it into our faces that you might or might not have completely forgotten about us, since even the e-mail updates have ceased to come by. Please, get your shit together. Sincerely, a patiently waiting paying customer.
  11. OK, thanks, I must have misunderstood then. Even more fingers crossed then!
  12. There are still Pro1 pre-orders, where people have opted for Lineage or Ubuntu on Pro1x upgrade, so these are surely postponed. There is also a question of keyboard layouts -- we've been hearing pretty much nothing about that, I wouldn't rule out only QWERTY being in the first batch. I've ordered my Pro1 with QWERTZ in November 2019, with QWERTZ being one of the reasons I never got it. Sure hope this is not a problem for Pro1x, fingers crossed....
  13. That's why it matters. I've ordered my Pro1 in November 2019 and since QWERTZ has been out of stock, I've been "upgraded" to Pro1x. From my perspective, waiting a month or two more makes no difference anymore, but for "normal" Pro1x backers, who are waiting for maybe six months, it's exhausting. I'm used to it now 🙂
  14. I had good hopes to get the phone I've been waiting for since November 2019 in March or April, but it seems I can put that hope to bed: Does anyone know where Pro1x is manifactured?
  15. It's perfectly possible that Pro1x hardware is coming from a different manufacturer so that it's slightly incompatible with Pro1, even though it's looking identical visually.
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