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  1. It's perfectly possible that Pro1x hardware is coming from a different manufacturer so that it's slightly incompatible with Pro1, even though it's looking identical visually.
  2. Out of curiosity, what are your guesses?
  3. Quite possible, but still an achievement in planning. If the devices arrive before Christmas, it will an achievement of logistics. Either way, good for them. (wouldn't mind them hand-crafting a couple of QWERTZ-Pro1 devices though...)
  4. Still, aren't those the first devices f(x)tec ever delivered on time? That's impressive, all things considered. Not being salty, but rather happy that planning and production seem to recover nicely.
  5. Sorry to everyone for yet another topic on the matter, but I have the feeling that the forum is filling up with owners' talk (which is great, since that means many people have got their phones, even though those are mostly QWERTY people) and unfulfilled orders are a bit on the backburner right now. My order is for a QWERTZ, placed on 20th November 2019 (order number 42XXX), back when my boss' biggest worry has been the Brexit and not COVID-19 (he paid for the phone). Last update we've got has been on 18th August 2020, which was probably a generic mail for everyone -- QWERTZ has been out o
  6. Ordered and paid 20th of November 2019, QWERTZ, to Germany. Still waiting. Are you sure the majority of orders has been completed? Should I be sending a mail to [email protected]?
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