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  1. I've also put up my F(x)tec Pro1 for sale: international: https://www.ebay.com/itm/164682340758 The Netherlands: https://www.marktplaats.nl/a/telecommunicatie/mobiele-telefoons-overige-merken/m1661446042-f-x-tec-pro1.html edit: sold
  2. At dark brightness it definitely looks "special", so I might have what you describe. Can you elaborate? (BTW I meant the earpiece.)
  3. The maximum volume of the speaker is somewhat low compared to other phones that I have. Is this a hardware limitation or can this be fixed in the software? (Or is this just my phone.) Also, adaptive brightness in a fully dark room does not go as low as when I disable it and just turn down the brightness of the display.
  4. Exactly how long after flashing and doing `sudo fastboot reboot` should I wait before announcing my current flashing attempt as failed? I downloaded `run-build-lvm-testing` from the latest `master` job: https://gitlab.com/sailfishos-porters-ci/t5-ci/-/pipelines/221095742 Nevermind: I just read the stock vs Ubuntu Touch report above. Reverting to stock first. So after installing stock first using this guide: I now have Sailfish OS running.
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