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  1. Also, if I'm sitting the phone down on a desk or table I'd just put the sleeve there and place the phone on top.
  2. I just received the sleeve today. It's pretty nice and gives me an idea of what the phone would feel like in my hand. Microfibre lining should be good for keeping the display clean. I probably won't use the screen protector.
  3. I'm just getting a sleeve for mine https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07XK6SLS8/
  4. I looked at this device as well but decided to go with the pro1 x for the following reasons: - size: the communicator and astroglide look more like a netbook than a phone - cpu: media tek cpu reviews don't sound as good as qualcomm - linux: with the new cpu and the new 5g capability, it makes me wonder about linux driver support - schedule: they're planning on shipping in june or something which makes me suspect it might be more like 2022
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