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  1. Where I work they're quite strict with security and 9 is really on its last legs!
  2. It seems to have inexplicably started working. I'd already memorised passwords for Banking apps and disabled it, so won't trust it'll always work but weird, I hope it's not flakey hw caused by the weather or something. No software updates or different apps had been run so I'm struggling to see how this is a software/driver issue
  3. Why not skip it and go straight to 11 ?
  4. Today my phone's fingerprint sensor stopped working. After a reboot it works for a bit but then stops. Could this be related to what is described in this thread? I'd really like a solution other that rebooting. I use the stock os and for a number of reasons need to keep it that way. Could it be a h/w issue? I'm unsure what else could have changed otherwise.
  5. I have the Cosmo communicator but it's not comparable with the Pro1. However in my inbox this morning is: https://www.theregister.co.uk/2020/03/30/planet_computers_astro_slide/ This actually could give the Pro1 a run for its money! WDYT?
  6. In orders mine says processing, in pre-orders it says completed ?! @Erik Can I just nip to your office? It's 10 mins away for me!
  7. Even if it's been split by country, it should still be in order of payment within any given country right? On the stock assigned thread people in the UK who paid after I did, have received an email. Feb pre-order, July 31st payment... no email. And I fear they're not still sending those out. Does this mean Feb or March as I'm in the slow later 30% batch?
  8. Oh wow, my Cosmo arrived weeks ago* and I've barely used it. For me it's far more useful to be able to type quietly lying on my back on the couch, than at a table with a laptop style keyboard. The Cosmo weighs a heck of a lot. I tested the pro1 at an event at the f(x)tec office, and immediately noticed the shifted keyboard issue. I figured I would just get used to it. I had no idea the qwertz keyboard wasn't shifted, I wonder what the option would be for some Tipp-Ex and a software keyboard remapper to make this qwerty. - Damion *apparently there are threads on Cosmo for
  9. It's Friday the 20th, now highly unlikely I'll get the phone before Xmas Eve 😞 Dear F(x)Tec, It's my birthday on the 7th of Jan, please try to make that deadline! - D
  10. So they've arrived in Europe but what about over in the UK? (Just kidding, election related humour)
  11. I don't wish to be too pedantic but that's an awful lot of places: https://www.google.com/search?q=Antarctica+snowfall
  12. Wow I'm really out of date, verizon used to need specific different h/ware as they didn't even use sims!
  13. I know a lot of people going through ILR due to Brexit, and they are extremely thankful they are able to check their location history. I've heard some extremely horrific stories about ad blockers. But that'll need to wait for pub chat
  14. Heh, well deleting the post didn't help 🙂 Yes not collecting helps but then the ads would be less relevant, Google would make less money and all the world changing goodness they're also responsible for, would be at risk. It is possible to turn off collection albeit too awkward to do that well. I'll see if I can feed that back internally. I actually need enterprise stuff so I'm very much hoping I can get the phone fully approved. I may need to buy another one and send it to secops!
  15. I don't think I should start a thread on the merits of using Google. I've deleted a verbose rebuttal of all the tin-foil hattery. If you're in London, pm me to meet for drinks 🙂
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