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  1. Does anybody know how to turn the red led light off? ever since yesterday June 8 2021 it started blinking and it hasn't turned off. It does has over 50% battery. No notifications, missed calls, or alarms pending nothing at all. Yesterday morning i did notice that nothing would happen when i went to click anything on the screen that i had to restart the phone and went back to normal, but red led light still blinking. I don't charge my phone overnight at all either so i don't know whats going on. Yes i know it turns on red while charging and green while coming close to full charge.
  2. I have fxtecpro1 and the RED LED light started blinking since yesterday and hasn't stopped. How can i get it to stop? I know it turns red while charging and then green when comes near to full charge. If anyone knows how to turn off please let me know, thank you
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