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  1. stock Android OS - i need to run Wireguard, Signal and Leica Fotos, and i don't think they are supported on the alternative OSes that FxTex may run on. i used in the past for a mere 10yrs a Nokia N900 where with that one support for various non-stock software just sucked...till finally the Pro1 surfaced :)
  2. similar issues here - my Pro1's fingerprint reader system works quite erratically and can change its behaviour on an hourly basis. moreover, at times the reader appears dead, but while i push the central button the screen lights up and looks unlocked just to turn black again due to the middle button press, very annoying ! sometimes it works as expected, and then i am each time pleasantly surprised. it's totally unpredictable though one can be sure that when i am in a hurry it will not work, dafke..... in any case, i love the phone, don't want anything else, strangely :)
  3. problem sounds familiar, i had two of those N900 with this problem - getting the Pro1 solved the issue... sorry for not having a better solution to offer !
  4. same issue here - need then to re-attach the charger cable. i usually check now on the screen if the percent power left is increasing after a minute or so of charging...
  5. me too, having keyboard issues with my 2y-old FxTec Pro1, mainly with letters 'a', 'd', sometimes 's' - characters are either swallowed or doubled for the last month or so...
  6. i am using an Fxtec Pro1 with Bell Canada for the last 1.5 year or so - in contrast to my old Nokia N900 which didn't work with Bell but with Rogers instead. in any case, the Fxtec works perfectly well with Bell.
  7. nop, the TOP PART is in place, it's fine for the last year or so. at that time i had to exchange the touch screen which works right ever since. but what definitely and robustly improved (no random behaviour) is the CALL VOLUME function for calls via SIGNAL. my ear drums finally don't get anymore perforated when i answer or do a call with SIGNAL. but i believe i still have no control whatsoever over call loudness when speaking over the REGULAR phone service. and what also seem to work reliably is the LED NOTIFICATION LIGHT, as said earlier, in terms of color control and actual blin
  8. me too actually - it appears to follow some random pattern in terms of functionality. it worked initially for 2-3 days, what surprise, but now ... once in a while it plays the notification sound, quasi randomly, that's it, so much for the brief joy...sigh !
  9. i began using a few days ago SIGNAL for all SMS/phone/video calls with my FxTec Pro1 - and, voilà, miraculously and finally, the LED notification light and related notification sound for incoming SMS messages started to work as expected, meaning the LED color is now adjustable and the (media) volume for the related audio beep also, from muted to actually quite loud ! and it seems to work reliably for days - as compared as to the previous scenario where these settings kept changing or stopped working entirely till the next reboot. anyway, SIGNAL-app for Android did it for me, not to speak ab
  10. i don't seem to have this feature : "4G calling" (HD voice aka wideband audio) - but i definitely experience this very loud audio volume with certain callers, notably with one that uses a landline phone as you observed too. are the settings under "Mobile Network" perhaps carrier specific ? my phone/data service is with Bell Canada.
  11. and i love my Pro1 too : i forgot to write this to this audience on the 4th of february. that's when i had made a first foto with that Snapdragon, a year earlier. i must have received the phone a day before or so. a full year went by, wow !
  12. i wrote - like others too - a few months ago a few words about my experience with the Snakehive wallet, see here and here. so far i am pretty happy with the result, no major complains about this new wallet & case (TIYA P20 Pro TPU) combination.
  13. i just replaced my screen a few days ago - wasn't hard at all, see here. i followed for that TeZdevice's advice here. you can do it in less tan half an hour. my screen & digitizer worked thereafter flawlessly. the reboot also brought back some sound effects such as the glang when charging - which implies that Android isn't as stable as a full-fledged unix box. my linux-based Nokia N900 was rock-stable and robust with uptimes up to a year or so...
  14. TeZtdevice, your advice was greatly appreciated - i replaced the original screen of my Pro1 and the new screen works flawlessly, or let's say, the upper 1/6 part of the screen started to be responsive again ! that's fantastic because apps like SONOS or FOTOS cannot be rotated and do not allow landscape mode. now i am able to reach reach again the apps' settings buttons. of course i also very much appreciate Fxtec's support service that sent me this replacement part for free !
  15. does anybody know where to get the HOWTO video shows from that will explain how to replace the Pro1's screen ? i just received a new screen by mail (see here) which should fix the problem i describe in the above post.
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