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  1. Oh dear, how I hate the locked phone world... Thanks a lot for all the information, it will maybe not replace my laptop, but I will at least have a nice degoogled phone ^^ I looked for the astro slide too but the lack of linux support got me off (no support to Ubuntu Touch or Mobian, just a mention of linux). Hope that the pro1x will be worth!
  2. Wow, thanks for the kick reply ! The keyboard was only if I would be far from home knowing that a screen is available for my use in a indoor place (yes, really specific). The integrated keyboard for everyday outdoor (and indoor) is what get me hyped. A device with a keyboard running natively linux and having all gsm functionalities, I only found the pro 1(x) for that ^^' Also, Ubuntu Touch would be already enough for me. And Mobian isn't a mainline distro technically speaking. Yeah it is not, but if a version of the linux kernel is working with the device, next should b
  3. I wouldn't be too bothered to bring a dock, keyboard (which is already tiny) and all, as it would replace my 1.5 kg laptop in my backpack (plus I don't need a mouse if I have a touchpad/tactile screen). The display would be my main concern. But to be honest, when I need a screen to work more seriously I will certainly have one to connect too (friend's house tv, university, work...). The pro x1 would also be more powerful than my laptop at least in term of ram (I don't know how amd64 and arm ships can compare), which was already enough for me. I don't really want an "ecosystem". I usual
  4. Hello, I am what we can call a power user on linux and do the vast majority of my work in a terminal (note with vim, email, rss…). I currently have my desktop computer at home, a laptop that I bring pretty much everywhere and my android phone. I am heavily interested in a phone with a keyboard and tend to hate android with every cells of my body. The question is, would the Pro X1 replace both phone and laptop in your opinion (or experience) ? Considering that : I am a linux power user especially in the terminal My laptop is an Acer Swift 3 with 4GB of RAM, an intel i3 and it w
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