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  1. Hey guys, Anyone managed to run wireguard vpn client so far? I'm trying but it seems it's module needs newer kernel and to run it with older kernel I need to compile from source, but it fails to compile. Any help is much appreciated.
  2. Trying to flash my Pro1-x back to stock from SFOS. I am hitting an error " ERROR: function: sahara_rx_data:276 Unable to read packet header. Only read 0 bytes. ERROR: function: sahara_main: 982 Sahara protocol error ERROR: function: main:320 Uploading: image using Sahara protocol failed " I am not sure what my next steps are at all, so any assistance will be greatly appreciated.
  3. First off, thank you to the F(x)tec team for pushing through against adversity and sending the Pro¹ X out to us loyal keyboard fans! I had ordered through the website in August 2021. I'm really glad to be one of the lucky few who already has this fun piece of hardware! I got Model QX1050 in the mail earlier this week. I've been playing around with the device and need help. Some things, like opening and closing the keyboard, I'm getting used to. Other things, not so much . . . The first issue that I came across has nothing to do with F(x)tec. Transferring from one Android device to another
  4. Anyone managed to run Waydroid? Please share your experience and possible steps to get it up and running.
  5. Two Pro1-X issues, possibly related. First, the built-in microphone gain is extremely low. it makes my spouse completely inaudible during calls and only barely audible using a sound recording app. When we attach a wired headset, the microphone gain is fine. Second, and this one is really weird, when we're making a call using the build-in mic and earpiece, we can hear the other party just fine _until_ we try to say anything, at which point the incoming sound cuts out completely for anywhere from a fraction of a second to multiple seconds. I assume this is some kind of feedback avoidan
  6. Does the notification light work on your Pro1X with all apps? I'm struggling with some, most notably Signal, that doesn't turn on the LED for incoming messages no matter what I do.
  7. For the last several weeks I've had serious problems with the display of my Pro¹ X. Right now the display only works when the keyboard is slightly ajar, which makes the phone almost useless. The problems started about a month ago and I think that they were triggered by the interaction between Android Auto and whatever customized software the Pro¹ X has to force landscape mode when the keyboard slides out. Initially, all I noticed is that when the keyboard slides out, the display on Android Auto switches to portrait mode. Later I noticed that after disconnecting from Android Auto, the phon
  8. It's nearing three months that I'm using the Pro1X as my daily driver, and I'm still (mostly) happy with it! Now I wanted to have a look at what AccuBattery says about battery health. It says 92% capacity, 3,031 of 3,300 mAh (sounds less than optimal but then again my second-hand Pro1 has kept its capacity around 2,950 mAh for the whole 1.5 years I've been using it) it also says "we have no full charges detected yet". Right, I do mostly use the Chargie device which stops charging at 80%, still I know I've fully charged it more than once. But to make sure, I did let it go below 15% (as Ac
  9. Lately, the Android 11 System UI starts to crash now and then, after the device has been in use for some time (at least a few days). Once it has started behaving like that, one thing that reliably triggers the crash is opening or closing the hardware keyboard. Drove me nuts today when I was in one of my banking apps which should give me a code to authenticate a transaction in my laptop's browser, I opened out the keyboard to enter that app's password, just to see everything disappear behind the lock screen that the crashed System UI had brought up. Logged in to the phone again, the
  10. I'm the owner of a Pro1 and a Pro1X and my 1X is sitting as a development device. While I'm currently using the Pro1 as a PDA (runs SailfishOS and Arch Linux ARM inside the container) and so far I've been happy with it. What are you doing with your Pros?
  11. I've had my Pro1X since Aug 1, and noticed today that the fingerprint scanner had separated from the case. It still works; the electrical connection is on the other end of it. I've taped it down with a bit of electrical tape for now. What's the best way to stick it down permanently? Should I disable it until it's been fixed? I don't use it anyway.
  12. Hello, I'm facing an issue after restore my device from Ubuntu Touch. It seems my partition table is not properly restored and my stock android now shows 8gig storage... Used this guide to flash Ubuntu Touch: Then this guide to revert back to stock: Anyone knows how to restore partition sizes properly?
  13. It's in the title, but a week ago my little cousin somehow managed to pop the [Z] key off the keyboard. From the look of it, the keys are just held on with a little bit of glue. Can I just super glue the key back on or is that approach unadvisable for some reason?
  14. I opened this topic because we already have SailfishOS and Ubuntu touch topics, but I don't really consider them Linux. I'm interested in operating systems that are perhaps closer to Linux than Android. It's hard to talk about this while knowing: Android is Linux. That's why I prefer to write examples: Plasma Mobile PostmarketOS Mobian (Debian) PureOS (Librem) Kai OS Anyone have any experience with these?
  15. NEW Version of guide here Below the original text: (above inserted by EskeRahn) If you're reading this, it seems like you miss the good old Android OS or you've accidentally fried your PrawnX already! Don't worry! We have your back. The link below is the full build of the Pro1X stock Android OS (v2.1.2): https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1_sgQ64ef9Di9kJ63Y6WNqllGRgRFOjac?usp=sharing We are still compiling/drafting a complete user manual for flashing your Pro1X, but hope this helps you out for now.
  16. My physical keyboard backlight does not light on automatically when I open the keyboard... I've found how to manually switch it on/off by echoing 1/0 in /sys/class/leds/:kbd_backlight/brightness But now I need to find out how to detect when the keyboard is open or closed...
  17. Hi all, my spouse received their Pro1X today (stock ROM). The build quality seems excellent, and they're super pumped about the keyboard and excited to make it their primary device. However, they immediately ran into an issue: they can't log into their Google account, either during first-boot or afterwards. Wi-Fi connects and we can load web sites in Chrome, but the Google login flow gives them the old "there was a problem communicating with google's servers" error. We tried a few different ways of adding the account, did a factory reset, and even Google's "DisplayUnlockCaptcha" tool. Any
  18. Anyone else experiencing this? After setting up Nova (Prime) Launcher and making it default, I still frequently get asked which launcher I want to use when the home screen is about to come up.
  19. I just received my pro1 x, while using it in the dark i missed the keyboard backlight. Is there a trick to turn in on or is it defective?
  20. Except for the shutter release button not having two steps (which is no problem for my as camera apps seem to start with continuous autofocus anyway), I have not seen any complaints yet with regard to the camera, or were there some? I've only found a small one so far; my preferred camera app ('Manual Camera') does offer RAW mode, but, when activated, either freezes or crashes when I try to shoot. The default 'Snapdragon Camera' app doesn't offer RAW mode to begin with. Neither does 'Open Camera', although it ought to, as long as the camera itself supports it. Might be a b
  21. Hey F(x)tec community! We thought it would be a great idea to invite Pro1-X owners to come join our beta testing scheme! We know our stock Operating System still needs optimising and requires further development, we believe with the help from our community members, it could speed up the progress of finding and fixing bugs/issues to provide you with a better user experience. Therefore, we created a Telegram group dedicated for users who are interested in testing new Android builds. Anyone with a Pro1-X will be eligible to participate in this programme. However, before you go ahea
  22. I received my Pro1x from IGG contribution; I already have the original Pro1 from years ago. I opened the box and played with it a little and the cameras definitely seem better quality. However, I've noticed that the power button seems to be stuck on one side and not seated properly. I'm attaching a photo to show how it is stuck/depressed on the top edge and raised up on the bottom edge (when holding the phone in the normal orientation with the camera towards the top). This is distinctly different from how the power button on my existing pro1 sits and I immediately felt it as being wier
  23. Anyone else observing this? Once paired and connected, I cannot make the phone 'forget' a Bluetooth device. At least not with audio devices which actively try to reinstate a connection with a controlling unit that knows it, like a phone or a laptop. Tried this with a 'Willnorn Soundplus' Bluetooth speaker and a 'Logitech' BT audio adapter for stereo systems. If I tap 'forget' while the device is connected and active, nothing at all happens. If I tap 'disconnect' and then 'forget', the device moves to 'previously connected devices' for a second, then immediately reconnects and
  24. SMS works, mobile data works, but we can't make or receive calls. The error is "Server unreachable". We're on Consumer Cellular, a US AT&T MVNO that doesn't restrict devices past what AT&T does. AT&T doesn't have the Pro1 X on its support list. VoLTE is switched on in settings. We copied the APN info from my phone (which works for calls/sms/data on the same carrier) because the Pro1 X didn't provision automatically. So, has anyone gotten this phone to make calls on AT&T or any AT&T MVNO? Or any US carrier?
  25. I opened this topic to talk about multi-boot options. Does anyone have a complete description of how to solve e.g. should the stock ROM be bootable in addition to the UT?
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