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  1. Actually, I'm looking for the way to modify EFS partition by using backup/restore tools since I couldn't find the way to activate diagnostic mode in F(x)tec Pro1. The most easiest way to backup/restore EFS partition is using TWRP recovery. However, we don't have fully-functioning TWRP recovery yet, need to find other options. Is there anyone who have experiences making backup files of EFS partition without using TWRP recovery?
  2. Thank you for replying, but not this one. It acts like some kind of toggling that only shows short toast message like 'DIAG mode activated'. I think toggling diagnostic mode by dialing code is only works for which the manufacturer has programmed the function on OS, and it seems F(x)tec is not the one.
  3. Brief backgrounds: I'm living in South Korea, and due to speciality of korean telecoms' frequency usage for 4G, most smartphones from US or UK need to be modified their modem/profile files in EFS partition to use VOLTE. Usually other smartphones have the mode called 'Diagnostic mode' which can make possible to access the EFS partition via USB with the software named QPST(Qualcomm Product Support Tools). Diagnostic mode can be activated by simply modifying the .prop files(or just dialing codes like '#*#*717717#*#*'), but I think Pro1 doesn't work with this method. Any
  4. I'm experiencing fingerprint scanner issues on LOS18.1. The device cannot be awakened using a fingerprint sensor in sleep mode. And this issue occurs *randomly*. Sometimes the scanner work, sometimes it doesn't. I'm sure this is not my device's hardware issue because it works properly on stock rom (which is overly responsive). I'm trying to figure out what makes the scanner dead(e.g. 3rd-party application, external add-ons like gapps, magisk), but there's still no result. Is there anyone who's experiencing same issue?
  5. I have same touchscreen issue. Touch screen does not react as usual, randomly freezes without any reason. (Aug/30 build) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=48H3H5kwVIE https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GLLCkAqtvvY
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