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  1. lineage_pro1-userdebug 14 AP1A.240405.002.A1 55d8b5678d My Pebble is connecting all by itself again!
  2. 21-20240420-NIGHTLY-pro1 installed smoothly via OTA, I've installed Magisk before reboot to make sure it stays rooted. Didn't notice anything new though.
  3. Can confirm. With a bit of fiddling around, putting my Pebble into pairing mode and reconnecting through the Pebble app (or should I call it Rebble app now?) I get a popup for a pairing request every minute or so. Eventually I am lucky and the pairing is successful and stable until I put too much distance between watch and phone. They won't automatically reconnect.
  4. OTA update 20240413 went through without a hitch. First thing I noticed after updating: My preferred SIM card for data, calls, and text is still set. NICE!
  5. According to a reddit thread all LOS21 builds are currently on hold until they get Google's new QPR2 features implemented.
  6. OTA went fine here. I just noticed that Magisk got kicked - on LOS20 it was auto-patching the boot image. Will have to remember to manually patch before rebooting in future OTA updates. When I flashed LOS 21 for the first time last week I noticed the installer had a convenient "reboot to recovery" popup after flashing for other installers like GAPPS that target the currently active system partition.
  7. Yeah, I also keep whipping out that one old laptop where I know I installed the drivers and minimal adb and fastboot properly whenever I want to flash my phone. Did the update yesterday and was busy getting my Pebble watch back running as pretty much anyone who upgraded to Android 14 before me. Since I've pretty much given up hope on every seeing hands-free working with the Pro1 in my car, I wasn't surprised when it still didn't work. I think it actually got worse as the connection now drops and reconnects every 15 seconds or so causing the music in my radio to restart during a call
  8. Kinda reassuring that I'm not alone with this. Had to open up my Pro1 to replace the bulging battery today (screen was already a bit wobbly and no longer flush when closed). While reassembling I ripped the fingerprint cable apart. I don't even know how I'm supposed to put it back in place while also holding both sides of the lower shell. If I get a replacement, I'll probably destroy that one, too. Phone is charging and properly closing again at least. Battery was still at 47% despite having a manufacturing date of mid 2019.
  9. Installed 20-20231216-NIGHTLY-pro1 last night via OTA. Running fine so far.
  10. You ever been in an updating mood and think about to hit the "update all" button in the Google Play Store while the OTA update is running? Yeah, don't do that. Sometimes the Play Store updates cause my UI to crash and restart. And yesterday this happened while I had the OTA update running. The bootloader already pointed to the unfinished system partition and I couldn't start my phone until I switched back to boot_a using fastboot. Other than that.. latest OTA is working fine now after my second attempt 😅
  11. This has been driving me nuts for months now. When I wake up my phone with th fingerprint sensor, it takes a couple of seconds until it responds to further inputs. If I wake it up via power button I can unlock it using finger print and use it right away.
  12. So glad the Pro1 is a A/B device. After OTA updating and applying Magisk-Delta as every week I rebooted and then the touchscreen would no longer accept inputs. I could navigate the reboot menu with the PWR, Tab and Enter buttons, enter my SIM pins, but I couldn't get past my lock screen. Went to fastboot mode and switched to the version from previous week (slot b in y case). Will try again if you guys down't have problems. For reference: fastboot set_active b
  13. OTA update 20230424 is live and installed without problems for me.
  14. Looks like today's build has crashed (log) Unless it's rescheduled, we'll have to wait another week.
  15. According to the buildkite logs, the scheduled build simply crashed and wasn't re-scheduled. This weeks 20230327 update has finished though. Already have it running on my Pro1. OTA went through without issues.
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