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  1. Nah... the original plan was to blame Brexit.
  2. Did you order QWERTZ or QWERTY? Havent heard anything about my QWERTZ order 97xx from mid March, available on Aug 1st 06:38 CET, paid Aug 1st 08:05 CET Seems like barely enough QWERTZ phones were assembled to fulfill the IGG orders. When I heard about the 70% completion rate, I was almost sure to be in there. But I was wrong... again.
  3. And the JerryRigEverything teardown video of the LG G8 has shown, that companies no longer want batteries to be replaceable.
  4. I'm still expecting either a "stock assigned" or an "apology" mail - I don't believe they're quite done yet with mails. I've had some exposure with automailer programs and I know finding the right value for "mails per minute" without being immediately blacklisted can be tricky.
  5. #97XX non-IGG, QWERTZ, also no mail yet. Seems like they have stopped for the day. Looks like I'll keep having a Schrödinger's phone till tomorrow.
  6. I don't think the latest @thefxtec tweet was mentioned here:
  7. I asked support in the second half of September if they could at least give me a hint about how many people were still in front of my March order. They would only direct me to the then latest statement of their goal to fulfill all orders by the end of January as they have no access to the names of customers.
  8. Maybe all of fxtec should go on a business trip to the US and each member brings a set of phones in their carry-on.
  9. Mwerrtry Chjridstmasd, evbertybody. (Sent from my Priv with a way too tiny keyboad)
  10. Well, they told us that they plan general street availability before Christmas. They just left out the part where they screw us over.
  11. Yeah, we have two different terms here, namely "Garantie" and "Gewährleistung". It doesn't help that both words translate to "warranty" when trying to explain those. The first one is the voluntary warranty by the manufacturer. The second one is the legally regulated warranty and usually is a thing between seller and customer and lasts for 2 years. Should there be problems with the product, you can return it to the seller - 6 months after purchase you'll have to prove though, that the product was faulty from the start.
  12. Was pretty chill so far. Feel the growing need to vent. Can someone recommend a good place to do that?
  13. First thing I do recommend before applying a protector is taking a nice hot shower. Then after getting dressed you have a nice humid room to work in with almost no dust particles left in the air.
  14. Did everyone get the "Pro1 shipping update" mail? Also the ones who got their "stock assigned" mail yesterday? Are the "stock assigned" mails for batch #2 now all sent out or are there still some coming next week?
  15. Time for me to familiarize myself with Debloater...
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