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  1. According to the buildkite logs, the scheduled build simply crashed and wasn't re-scheduled. This weeks 20230327 update has finished though. Already have it running on my Pro1. OTA went through without issues.
  2. Running the OTA updater right now. Had some issues starting the update because the updater kept crashing when I hit "Install". Fixed it by going to Settings -> Apps -> Show System Apps and deleting the Updater's app data.
  3. This has been annoying me since LOS 16. My Pro1 has never properly worked with my Audi MMI and my parents' VW Golf. Will test ASAP. Edit: Nope. Sadly I still don't get telephone audio though my car stereo.
  4. Dirty flashed the Jan 02 release yesterday. So far everything is still working. I have a feeling that multi-touch isn't working properly in Mario Kart Tour, though I can properly pinch and zoom my photos in the gallery. Launcher is laggy from time to time - sometimes takes a few seconds to react to any input. Pebble users have to reinitialize the app to be able to pair their watch again - but that seems to be a general issue when upgrading to Android 13. Spend most of my time yesterday to get this working again. The SIM pin issue when using two SIMs seems to be fixed. When the screen
  5. Today's build has been cooking for over 12 hours. Guess it's stuck. https://buildkite.com/lineageos/android/builds/50476
  6. Okay, so what I can gather from your replies so far is that the GaN chargers in the wild do at least act differently on the Pro1. So it's not just one board manufacturer supplying all these different brands (despite lots of chargers looking very alike). Gotta charge my Pro1 in tandem with something else for now since even a reboot while plugged in as the only device doesn't help. Haven't tested offline charging yet though.
  7. So I replaced my older charging brick in the charging corner with a new one supporting USB-C PD at up to 65W split to 4 ports (2 USB-C, 2 USB-A). This one to be precise. Now I'm wondering, if anyone else here has one of these newer GaN3-tech chargers and if they have the same issues. I mean that thing charges my laptop, Steam Deck, Switch, Moto G phones without problems. But when I plug in the Pro1 as the only device they agree on the lowest possible charging rate possible - draining the battery further instead of charging (and that's not even the Lineage charging bug - this also happens
  8. Okay... so I'm on my third screen right now and it's still behaving after a few months. I'm starting to suspect the culprit that damaged the first two screens may have been a phone case I've attached to the keyboard half of the device. When closing the phone with a rubber sleeve or a 3d printed hard shell attached to the bottom part (I had both) the screen might not fully close and allow a bit of flex to the screen half when carrying it in a pocket. I've been running the phone naked since installing the third screen and like already mentioned I don't have any problems so far. Ju
  9. This reminded me: whatever happened to split screen since 19.1?
  10. Are your SIMs pin-protected? Like I wrote in a previous post my two SIMs act a little different after boot. When I proceed to enter both pins right when the phone asks they're both active right away. If I let the screen timeout before that, the phone gets stuck until I manually press the power button twice. I also have deactivated WiFi calling for SIM1. SIM1 is my default one for outgoing calls but when I remotely initiate a call using my helmet's hands-free it would go over SIM2 - it finally started using SIM1 when WiFi calling was off (no idea if my provider supports this anyway).
  11. 1. I have an issue with my display. When I restart the Pro1 or press the power key immediately after shutting it down, the display won't come on. Any attempt to "reboot into recovery" results in me flying blind (keyboard is lit and I can still feel the options when pressing vol-up and -down. When rebooting into system I have to tap the power button two or three times until the sim pin screen shows up. Almost send an emergency call once while trying to get the display on. I'll have to see if this is another display firmware issue - I still have the previous defective unit here. 2
  12. FWIW I've just had my phone charging from about 30% to 52% on an Anker wall charger then unplugged it to bring it to my desk where I just plugged i the phone again into a significantly less powerful USB port of my PC. The charging LED did't even turn on and of course it stayed at 52%.
  13. After a few days with 19.1 it still feels more like a UI update before all else. Not much fixed, but not much broken either. I spotted a few bluetooth options I hadn't noticed before in the dev-options so I tried them in my everlasting hunt for a working VW hands-free connection. No luck for me once again. Also stay away from the experimental Gabeldorsche bluetooth stack. This will just put bluetooth into an on/off loop. I do have a weird display bug with Trebuchet though. Sometimes the homescreen is a bit squished, as if it's making space for a non-existing android-button-menu. To r
  14. I've seen the charging issue too over past few weeks. Usually I turn my phone off overnight so that means a clean start each morning. I see this issue come up when I'm heavily using the phone during the day and I recharge to 100% then use it some more and want to top out again starting between 70%-80%. I see the battery level just stuck at 78% or whatever it was when plugged in, so I'm with your self-sustaining power draw theory.
  15. https://review.lineageos.org/c/LineageOS/android_kernel_fxtec_msm8998/+/318274/
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