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  1. Yep, having Tasker installed adds the option to add more buttons. Haven't dabbled into this yet though.
  2. That's weird. I don't experience any problems with my German QWERTZ. I remember I had to set QWERTY to QWERTZ again after updating from LOS 16 to 17 (especially since the keyboard settings were now all moved to language settings). But this time the keyboard settings were preserved for me. Instead I had to reactivate the split desktop function again, since longpress square was set to none.
  3. Sigh... my replacement screen is now starting to misbehave as well.
  4. A quick rundown of my dirty flash: Had LOS 17.1 with OpenGapps Nano installed. Download LOS_18.1.zip and MindTheGapps_11_arm64 to PC Connect phone to PC Reboot to recovery (the recovery from LOS 17.1 will do - no need to fastboot flash the recovery.img) Install via ADB sideload run from command line: adb sideload lineage-18.1-20210401-nightly-pro1-signed.zip Select Advanced -> Reboot to Recovery run from command line: adb sideload MindTheGapps-11.0.0-arm64-20210220_140101.zip Reboot Have my Pro1 running for 4 hours now without issues.
  5. Of all the days to release the first official 18.1 build, they chose this one.
  6. Just tested Total Launcher myself. Same as before: hold down square until the app drawer pops up in a second screen. But I'm on Lineage with Trebuchet as my usual launcher.
  7. Okay, so out of the blue I received a replacement screen for my Pro1 just now. I'm gonna need a while to get it out of all that bubble wrap though. 😅 Update-Edit: It's working! Finally got 100% screen estate again. Took me more time to apply a new screen protector than replacing the screen itself. And the two connectors popped off "like little legos". Now off to work out a way to return the old screen...
  8. Still not incremental but definitely faster than with LOS 16.
  9. Also worked fine via OTA with GApps and Magisk installed. Had some hopes for the HAL qcom_audio fixes in the changelog, but they don't affect my car/bluetooth issues.
  10. I'm on Lineage and sticky shift works more on an app by app basis. WhatsApp, Messenger, Firefox, Discord... they all work fine with sticky shift. But then I write a mail in GMail and suddenly I have to hold down shift again to get the next keypress to be upper case.
  11. You have an SD card inserted? Is it still recognized? Maybe the missing apps were installed on external storage?
  12. I'm now finally on the waiting list for the next batch of replacement displays heading to London.
  13. When installing GApps it needs to be tailored for the installed Android version. Since MindTheGApps hasn't been updated in a while and there is no package for Android 10, we have to go with OpenGApps. I followed the official upgrade guide (which for some reason uses "adb reboot sideload" to skip that one button press in recovery). After flashing Lineage and rebootinga1g into the new recovery, I flashed OpenGapps Nano - from the package description it sounded the closest to what MTG included. And if you previously had OpenGApps installed, there should be no trouble, if you accidentally cho
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