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  1. 1. I have an issue with my display. When I restart the Pro1 or press the power key immediately after shutting it down, the display won't come on. Any attempt to "reboot into recovery" results in me flying blind (keyboard is lit and I can still feel the options when pressing vol-up and -down. When rebooting into system I have to tap the power button two or three times until the sim pin screen shows up. Almost send an emergency call once while trying to get the display on. I'll have to see if this is another display firmware issue - I still have the previous defective unit here. 2
  2. FWIW I've just had my phone charging from about 30% to 52% on an Anker wall charger then unplugged it to bring it to my desk where I just plugged i the phone again into a significantly less powerful USB port of my PC. The charging LED did't even turn on and of course it stayed at 52%.
  3. After a few days with 19.1 it still feels more like a UI update before all else. Not much fixed, but not much broken either. I spotted a few bluetooth options I hadn't noticed before in the dev-options so I tried them in my everlasting hunt for a working VW hands-free connection. No luck for me once again. Also stay away from the experimental Gabeldorsche bluetooth stack. This will just put bluetooth into an on/off loop. I do have a weird display bug with Trebuchet though. Sometimes the homescreen is a bit squished, as if it's making space for a non-existing android-button-menu. To r
  4. I've seen the charging issue too over past few weeks. Usually I turn my phone off overnight so that means a clean start each morning. I see this issue come up when I'm heavily using the phone during the day and I recharge to 100% then use it some more and want to top out again starting between 70%-80%. I see the battery level just stuck at 78% or whatever it was when plugged in, so I'm with your self-sustaining power draw theory.
  5. https://review.lineageos.org/c/LineageOS/android_kernel_fxtec_msm8998/+/318274/
  6. Did the OTA just now and the new keyboard driver is a godsend.
  7. I've just installed the LOS 18.1 Nov 1st update. And OMG... what a difference that new keyboard driver makes.
  8. Updated to the Sep/06 build today. Can confirm that the screen lag is fixed.
  9. The Aug/30 build introduced a weird sticky touchscreen issue for me. It's very apparent in Mario Kart Tour. When I go for a power slide and then let go of the screen to go straight again, the driver keeps sliding as if I kept my finger on the screen. In other situations tapping the screen seems delayed (maybe the release is registered too late). I've switched to the other system slot to revert to build Aug/23 and the issue is gone. Can anyone confirm?
  10. Just noticed a weird issue with inoming calls and VoLTE. Sound was stuttering and highly sped up - totally incomprehensible. But it only occurred on my side and just with incoming calls. Turned VoLTE off for now. German 1&1 using the Vodafone network.
  11. Had this happen to me as well yesterday. Noticed the phone didn't keep charging at 73%. I had used it while plugged in some time before but it was cool right then. Was fixed after a reboot this morning. Usually I shut down my phone over night but this week I had just used airplane mode, so it had already several days of uptime.
  12. Hmm, I should try a cache wipe. Certain keys have the habit of being repeated on my phone for some weeks now. Havvve only been doing OTA updates since Lineage 18.1
  13. Lot's of bluetooth fixes in the changelog pushing my hopes for tomorrow's build 😳 Edit: Sadly doesn't fix my handsfree issues.
  14. I have removed it but couldn't remember how. Had to google it: Go to Settings -> System -> Gestures -> Power Menu There you can deactivate cards and tickets.
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