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  1. Got an answer from support today asking for a couple more pictures of my phone. Was probably overthinking if I should reduce JPEG quality for filesize or send the hires original. Sent the original sizes using several mails anyway. 😅
  2. Yeah, finally got around to send a mail regarding my device their way, video included. That was last wednesday. Aside from the automated Zendesk response I haven't heard from support yet.
  3. Also testing kbd-3 here on my QWERTZ. While button mashing I ran into the issue again where the keyboard completely locks up (save for the Alt key) - so I tried to reproduce it... As far as I see, you can trigger this by pressing two keys at exactly the same time. I managed to lock the keyboard up after just a few tries with X+D or W+S with my big enough left thumb.
  4. Just get the boot image from here. (Just make sure it's the one matching your currently installed version)
  5. I tried it for 10 minutes and it looked responsive to me but I couldn't figure out how to set it to QWERTZ so I went back to the Lineage bootloader. In my case Alt still gives me the emoji popup when that happens.
  6. I once had an issue with my charger that would only charge devices at slow speeds. Turned out I hadn't inserted the USB A connector all the way. Do you have the Pro1 in a case maybe?
  7. Yep, mine is from a QWERTZ batch at the start of May.
  8. Ah heck, now it started with my phone too. I've activated the display fingertip option and it shows a touch frenzy in a straight line right on the upper row of the VKB and the 1 2 3 of the SIM unlock screen. For now I can temporarly fix it by giving the screen a firm massage with my thumbs or by squeezing the spot where the back screw cover is with my thumb and index finger. It's going to be a hard few weeks until I'm back home and can contact support for a replacement.
  9. I can at least confirm having both characters dropped and ghost characters appearing/repeating while typing.
  10. People here have ordered replacement screens for about $50 on aliexpress.
  11. I've just updated to the newest build (20200831). The Lineage page doesn't list any changes since last week, so I don't expect anything to act different except the notification going away. I have now activated the option to auto-delete the update file after updating. Maybe that's why I didn't get the prompt to restart my phone to finish installation. I restarted manually then and everything was fine afterwards.
  12. There's this bug where the directory /persist/data/fingerprint keeps it's data and can't be overwritten:
  13. And before you ask: f(x)tec supports (almost encourages) people installing othes operating systems. So unlocking the bootloader and installing Lineage does not void your warranty.
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