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  1. Hadn't even noticed it, since I barely use the launcher in landscape. But yeah, Trebuchet acts the same way here too, no matter if I set it to my usual 5x5 or go to a lower 4x4. Have recently unlocked and flashed an old Moto G3 Osprey to Lineage 17.1 - Trebuchet doesn't even work there. Overall I like the launcher being barebone - Nova always felt a bit bloated to me. All I'm missing with Trebuchet is the ability to set a specific screen as home screen, so I have three screens with my calender widget on the left and additional apps on the right just one swipe away each. And it used to be possible back in CyanogenMod days.
  2. Guess they're currently focussing on shipping phones. Ordered mid March 2019 and haven't heard anything about mine either.
  3. Can't you ignore the warning as suggested here?
  4. You did not tell your router to reject new/unknown MAC adresses? Just asking...
  5. Found my Pro1 unlocked in my pocket having done all kinds of stuff by random touchscreen interactions. 2nd or 3rd time this happened. Have now deleted and re-entered my fingerprints. Will keep an eye on this.
  6. All four buttons are there for my car, same goes for my headset. Difference is that I can use my headset for calls but not the car.
  7. With or without HD audio my car connects using SBC. When I disable "media audio" I can't see it using any audio codec at all. Copy of phonebook and call controls work though.
  8. @DieBruine and @Wasmachineman_NL My Senheiser PXC-550 II are supposed to support aptX and aptX-LL. Developer menu shows it connects with AAC only. And then there's the weird behaviour of my car's hands free where I can use the Pro1 as a music player but phone calls will use the phone speaker despite BT being set in the caller screen. Since the car is from 2010, there might be some older 2-way codec not working, too. But that already has it's own issue on GitHub. @_DW_ the game installed fine for me. Started okay and downloaded an additional package.
  9. Yes that one. Weird. Had the phone on the charger and didn't bother it with other tasks. I took the time from "Install now" after downloading and stopped when it prompted to reboot.
  10. OTA update went fine for me as well. Have set it to high priority, that cut down installation time to about 30 minutes.
  11. I don't think ordering QWERTY instead of QWERTZ will get you a Pro1 any sooner.
  12. Where would I run "tar" from? Within the adb root shell? How would I stop services? Do I need to be in system/bootloader/fastboot? Anyone willing to write that up in a bit more detail? I'd really like to test some bluetooth things on stock but would then want to return to the current state Lineage is in.
  13. @Hook you need to reboot to bootloader and install the official boot.img to the active boot partition first before booting to recovery and sideloading.
  14. Probably stating the obvious here, but the boot.img from the test-builds is not compatible with the official lineage installer. So doing the "fastboot flash boot <recovery_filename>.img" before going to recovery and sideloading lineage is mandatory when switching from test to official 😅 Other than that, everything went fine just as reported by @EskeRahn
  15. Are you going to write a little tutorial for how to switch from test to official without wiping?
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