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  1. Just bought the Astro Slide 5g - curious to see which one hits my front door first... (only two left at the Indiegogo price of $586. - I made it just in time...
  2. Yep. That is exactly why I stopped buying Samsung. They became tall and skinny which totally threw off the balance of the phone when typing. Then there was all that bloat and programs you can't delete (Google). So here I am, awaiting my freedom from all that.
  3. Haha, YAY... OH... YAY... OH... YAY... OH... lol. My hopes are high but my fingers are crossed that this one will be followed through. Thanks for posting!
  4. "Please note, that this date is only for backers that choose Android OS." Does that include people that bought off the website?
  5. Interesting. I had no idea that they were swindled! But very good points. Well said.
  6. Crazy because this is all new to me. I don't have experience with companies that have alI these delays. Well... lol... I take that back.. I think I waited 1 year? 2 years for Upward Mobility to put out a new Blackberry? Guess it is a small company thing?
  7. Hahaha! I an not ranting... But people have mentioned that they have been waiting a long time. I am late to this as I came in about two months after the February release date so I am not stressed about it just saddened that it has been pushed back a few times since I ordered.
  8. Well... Here we are at the end of the month and still no shipping emails... Crazy.
  9. Yep. Thanks for the response. And the concept of bundling is one I hadn't thought of. I wonder how many of us are in the US. I suppose all of our questions will be answered shortly if they stick to end of the month shipping.
  10. Thanks. I hope that I am not put at the bottom of the list because I ordered off the website. But I am excited to see who gets the first shipping notice as that will be the sign that things are underway.
  11. I just clicked on the Pro 1 buy button on the website which brings you to the Pro1X now - no surprise. But under that it says "Shipping July 2022" - I am really hoping that is for those that didn't pre-order.
  12. Anyone know anything about Arrow OS? I have never flashed a phone so this opens up a whole new can of worms for me... Ugh.
  13. Ditto on that. I am in the US. Free shipping. My receipt shows no breakdown. Flat $899.
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