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  1. Hi All I've decided to sell my Pro1x, just don't have the time i thought i would have to play with the unit. it's listed on eBay https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/275830465705 local postage to AU is included, please PM me for global postage quote. I've had the unit since Jan 2023 and used it for about 1 week over the last 4 months. it's in original condition. PM me for more info. asking $800 AUD ono. originally $1070 AUD. i'm waiting on spare battery + screen to be shipped from FX Tec which i'll post for sale once i have the items. thank you. ""
  2. Hey Matt ive tried what you have recommender but the below are all greyed out and not switchable. VoLTE Video Calling WiFi Calling EAB how can we switch the radio buttons on? ""Cheers G
  3. same same, picked up a pixel 3 referb from ebay for $200, best $200 i've ever spent on a phone - lol Have raised another support email with them and no reply as yet. have been super patient with the 2 year wait but starting to get to my wits end with the lack of comms. o forgot to ask do you have a link for the rom update please? thanks for the heads up mate, best of luck!
  4. wondering if switching to sailfish or UBTouch would improve the connection? you would think that Android would be the go to for core basic functionality in that area. thoughts?
  5. thanks mate appreciate the update. yea i'm a bit in limbo cant really use it as a daily driver if we cant connect to a network to make/ receive calls. a 2 year wait to be a no starter, glorified calculator- funny not funny.
  6. Also here in Oz same issue with Telstra. have you had any updates or reports back from FX Tech? They had advised that there would be an update coming this month delivered through the play store? i wasn't sure how this was going to work. ""G
  7. Howdy All not sure if i've missed it but haven't seen much if any info if the Pro1 X has a DAC and if so what type and specification it is? any assistance would be greatly appreciated. ""Cheers G
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