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  1. FTW.. to get into Fastboot Mode via buttons is really difficult. But after several trys with different timings it worked like described: "Then pick your clacky Pro1x, power it down, hold down [Volume -] and [Power] until it boots. It will show a dead droid logo. From there, hold [Power] and without releasing it, hit [Volume +] briefly with another finger. From the menu that just appeared, select Bootloader. The phone will reboot into bootloader mode, where you can use fastboot commands" I'm back with DROIDIAN. 🤓
  2. And yes I did "apt update | apt upgrade" when I played around with the device on Sunday.. Monday. But no "apt dist-upgrade".
  3. I'm not able to re-flash. When I really long press Vol-Down and Power I see the android robot with the comment "No command". Here I can execute the following commands - but without success. This is the only mode where the device is detected from my pc. $ sudo adb kill-server $ sudo adb start-server * daemon not running; starting now at tcp:5037 * daemon started successfully $ sudo adb devices List of devices attached ******** unauthorized $ sudo adb reboot bootloader error: device unauthorized. This adb server's $ADB_VENDOR_KEYS is not set Try 'adb kill-server' if that
  4. I powered-off my device yesterday. Today I pressed the power button to start it again. After I insert my encryption password, I see shortly the debian logo, than the screen stays black. Nothing is happening than.
  5. Yes, i missed something. With adb reboot bootloader I had to switch to the bootloader and run there the flash script. Now I have droidian on my pro1-x 😎
  6. droidian-OFFICIAL-phosh-phone-fxtec_pro1x-api30-arm64-24_20220804 I run sudo ./flash_all.sh but I only get this output: I: Waiting for a suitable device I: Waiting for a suitable device I: Waiting for a suitable device I: Waiting for a suitable device I: Waiting for a suitable device E: No supported device found I'm still on stock Android like delivered. Developer option and USB-Debugging are enabled. What do I miss?
  7. Do you remember: "Yeah, XDA made a phone and it’s only available for 6 weeks! ... and it's the world's first phone to run LineageOS out of the box!" https://www.xda-developers.com/pro1-x/
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