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  1. Hi, so after the long wait, I finally have my Pro1X. When will LineageOS be ready for Pro1X ? I couldn't find an update on what works needs to be completed and by whom. I only bought the Pro1X to work with LineageOS and don't want to run Android, I bought the phone to get away from it, like most of us.
  2. What's the latest on production of the pro 1x ? It's now 1st March and those 2 cities are no longer locked down, where the phones are being assembled. We were told that by the end of February that manufacturing would be complete, but somehow that doesn't appear to be true.
  3. Would be nice to have an update from Fxtec here (as would be expected really). When will we receive our Pro1-X phones, that we've paid for ? That's not a rude question, I we want to know when your shipping, the website does say November and we're getting fed up waiting.
  4. What's the latest on delivery in August, all set ? BTW - Are we talking about delivery arriving to paying customers on 1st Aug or being sent out on 31th Aug ?
  5. What SD Cards are compatible with the Pro1-X ? I was thinking of buying 1 or 2Tb of storage but with so many varieties on the market, it's not clear what is compatible.
  6. Would love a copy of the STL, can you make it publicly available, i.e. GitHub or elsewhere for download ?
  7. What is the ipega model number that you bought, there are several versions, so not sure which one is the right fit.
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