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  1. I just expanded the size of the root partition without modifying the size of home.img because I had the situation that there wasn't anymore space left on the root partition but only around 20% of the capacity of the home folder was used. Most software packages are deploying their files into the generic linux folders instead of the users home directory and if the diskspace of /dev/sda13 is almost used for a big home.img, this is a problem.
  2. Finally, I decided to other my device with the broken display on eBay with detailed photos of the screen and the casing: https://www.ebay.de/itm/134334431474 The reason is I want neither to buy the Tech Bundle at Indiegogo for that huge price and to wait many more weeks until it arrives, nor make any experiments with compatible displays available at Aliexpress. I ordered a new Sony Xperia 10 III for a very good price and going to use it with an official Sailfish X license.
  3. The device still works. Just the glass is cracked but the screen output is there and the touch also works. No damage on the frame. But are screens made for the Elephone U Pro really usable? Regarding another thread here, they're only usable with the Pro1 but not the Pro1X.
  4. Sadly, my Pro1X fell onto the ground. Now I have a phone with a broken display and a small bump on the backside. I tried to contact FXTEC to get spare parts but my request remains unanswered. If anybody is interested in a damage one to repair it at a later time, feel free to make me an offer! It is the 8/256 version with QWERTZ keyboard.
  5. The installation procedure of SFOS creates a filesystem that matches the size of the 128GB version of the Pro1X. With a few quirks after the installation, it is possible to expand the filesystem if you have the 256GB version. For this, open a shell, become root and execute the following command: resize2fs /dev/sda13 Because the partition already ends at the last sector of the disk and just the filesystem does not use the full partition size, it is easy to change this even on a running system. The size of the user home folders still remain at 80GB and I don't recommend to chang
  6. Is there any shell command to switch the video resolution of an Android device like xrandr does on Linux desktop PCs?
  7. If I connect the phone with an HDMI display, there are neither kernel messages when I run dmesg afterwhile, nor lsusb lists any connected device. The system device tree contains HDMI devices: qcom,msm-hdmi-dba-codec-rx qcom,msm-dai-q6-hdmi But they don't seem to have any relation to the USB-C port. It looks more like if devices based on this SoC can be equipped with a real HDMI port what isn't the case on the Pro1X.
  8. What I found out so far now by evaluating: - any app which crashed before when starting a video still does crash. This includes the sailfish-browser and the ytplayer - any apps which were able to start a video before but performed a software rendering with only one frame each 2-3 seconds now run fluently. This includes the LLS vplayer and any Android video app running in Waydroid. Regarding the crashing apps, I made some experiments a few weeks before with enviroment variables forcing the apps to use different renderers. And the result was that they showed the behavior li
  9. Yes, I mean the Pro1. The same fix makes LLSv Player working on the Pro1X. But any other app I tried so far not.
  10. Hello, I got video playback working by creating a file: /etc/gst-droid/gstdroidcodec.conf with the following content (as mentioned as a quirk for the old Pro1x): [decoders] video/hevc=1 [decoder-quirks] video/mp4v-es=use-codec-supplied-height;use-codec-supplied-width video/avc=use-codec-supplied-height;use-codec-supplied-width The directory does not exist. You must create it before creating the file. After creating the file, I ran as root dconf update , deleted /home/defaultuser/.cache/gstreamer-1.0/registry.aarch64.bin and rebooted the device. Aft
  11. On my system, there is a 86GB home.img file in the root directory. Therefore, must diskspace is being used. Is this file garbage or mounted anyhow without being visible in the output of the mount command?
  12. I also managed to install Waydroid now. By installing the Aurora Store, most Google Play apps I used before also run well. But if an application uses the built-in Android browser for authentification issues, the browser just shows an error page that a proprietary app-specific URL scheme isn't supported. A possible workaround is to deactivate the built-in Android browser in the Android system settings and to install Microsoft Edge from the Aurora store. If the apps use Edge for online authentifications, it works. Google Chrome isn't installable due to a missing library. My other exper
  13. Thanks a lot. That was it. I wasted a lot of time because I thought the reason is maliit, mce or libstick. I will try adams kernel soon. Is it necessary to make a backup of the dtbo partition to keep it possible to re-install the stock android? Furthermore , I realized that video playback isn't possible if the UT kernel is used (any app starting a video crashes). Will a replacement of the kernel fix this or are there bugs on the userdata image to be solved?
  14. After Playing a little bit around on SFOS, the virtual touch keyboard isn't shown anymore when I focus on text inputs. Just the numeric keyboard to enter the security pin is still shown. The hardware keyboard still does work. Has anybody an idea how to get it working again? Changing layouts, installing the dolphin keyboard and such things don't have any effect. I tried to kill the maliit-server on the shell and restart it manually, I get some error messages: WARNING: bool MIMPluginManagerPrivate::loadPlugin(const QDir&, const QString&) Error loading plugin from "/u
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