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  1. Hook, I used UPS for $148usd. UPS called me after the first failed delivery, so I inquired to Francisco about it. He then forwarded me a copy of the Pro1x invoice with another address to deliver, so gave the info to UPS only to have it returned to my home about 1-2 weeks later. Then I felt helpless because I had already wasted the $148 and very much of my time, so I am...just...? I feel if I call it won't be returned. I did everything I was supposed to do to achieve a refund. The phone has barely been used and I only want a refund or 600-700 for it. I have never posted anything on ebay
  2. WHERE IS MY REFUND? I would like a refund too, and I have previously written about this a month ago. Francisco screwed me over for not only the $900 I paid, but the $148 for me to send the damn phone back to FX...the package came back to me as undeliverable to not one BUT TWO DIFFERENT ADDRESSES AROUND LONDON. Now I have this phone that I do not want sitting here and making me more frustrated by the day because I don't want to deal with it any more. I am willing to take a hit on this barely even used device. I am so frustrated that two different addresses weren't good enough. I
  3. I know that. That was captain obvious to me that you weren't judging or doubting, based on your first message proclaiming you weren't or aren't. I was merely providing you (or others?) who might give a bleep, some background knowledge.
  4. I've got an email chain that backs all of it up. Can you believe he gave me an undeliverable address, and then I emailed him about it, only to have him email me the sales receipt that had an entirely different address. UPS couldn't deliver to either. This is BS! My emails to Francisco were cordial and somewhat fine until he screwed me over for a second time. I have done nothing to deserve this.
  5. Hello, can anyone besides Francisco assist me please? My goodness, he was completely useless to my inquiries and cost me at least $148usd so far! I am so frustrated and disappointed with the entire process of ordering and receiving this Pro1-x that I almost need a straight jacket. All I wanted was the correct address to ship it back to the UK for a refund and he gave me two undeliverable addresses. The policy is a refund w/in 14 days of it in my possession, and I made arrangements within that timeframe to ship it back to you guys for a refund. I feel like I have been screwed over after I
  6. You didn't listen either, which doesn't surprise me in this society anymore. The keyboard is too wide, regardless. Just want the device to find a welcoming home and fed plenty of electricity. My goodness, people...
  7. I didn't stutter. And I don't feel like contacting them or I might blow a fuse. Just want the device to find a nice home.
  8. I will sell my Pro1x, yes, I will absolutely sell it to someone who would really appreciate the device. Unfortunately this is not the device for me. Mine was delivered to my home in Billings, Montana on Monday, August 1, 2022. I ordered it on the FX Technology Limited website on September 14, 2021. Darn straight it was for the keyboard, which I found very frustrating to both learn and utilize - just too wide. Moreover, Verizon (20+ year customer) would not recognize the device, so I activated it on T-Mobile, which seemed to be inferior service to Verizon anyway, so see ya later Pro1x.
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