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  1. The primary support source is their support email address. I emailed them on 2/16. They responded on 2/17 acknowledging receipt of the logs. I've sent them 5 emails since then, one of them emphasizing that I'm very technically competent and glad to try diagnostic builds, and that the core function of the phone is not working and politely telling them this should be one of their highest priority issues. I haven't heard anything since the first acknowledgment email. The last comment by doubleddav is even more reason not to bother with Telegram. They have the support ticket on Zendesk and aren't
  2. Thanks, I wasn't aware of that, but my complaint is specifically about the support process and F(x)tec's responsiveness and development prioritization. I paid $865 for this phone. This isn't some random open source library on github that's purely run by volunteers (which is why I have no bad things to say about XDA... unless they are getting a cut of Pro1X revenues). In addition to contacting them through their support email, I think I've made sufficient posts in unsupported places (posted in both F(x)tec and XDA forums) and I don't have the time to post in more places. If F(x)tec wants to sol
  3. I should add an update that the problem is currently consistently happening. I tried switching to fluenceplus by changing device/fxtec/pro1x/vendor.prop and rebuilding but that didn't help. I noticed some SELinux errors early in the boot so I also tried compiling in new_value=0 in SELinux to always make it permissive, and that made the symptoms of the problem slightly different but ultimately the same. I'm kind of stuck because ultimately the q6voice.c calls make a call to apr_send_pkt and I don't know where the source of this is.
  4. This post isn't specifically about F(x)tec as I had the same problem with Unihertz. I got my Pro¹X about a month ago. I was excited. I love the keyboard. It's fun to whip out at parties. But it simply doesn't work. I mean, the most basic function of making a phone call: sometimes, the caller can't hear me. My issue isn't with the technical problem. It's a new phone, and hardware and software are hard. That's understandable. My issue is the lack of working with users to solve problems and the poor prioritization of issues. Companies can be forgiven when a user reports an issue bu
  5. I compared success and failure logs of the caller-not-hearing issue and the failure logs alone have the message "voice volume failed" which sounds like it lines up with the problem symptom. I found a post with the same error that was fixed by seemingly enabling Fluence. I searched all of ~/android/lineage for "setprop persist.audio.fluence.speaker" but couldn't find anything. In the commit, there was a comment referencing another commit that changes some variable types. I applied similar changes to hardware/qcom/audio/hal/msm8974/platform.c and ardware/qcom/audio/hal/Android.mk, re-built with
  6. Sorry for the delay in responding. It happened both with VoWiFi and over LTE. I'm still waiting for the issue to come back. It happened once and was happening for a few days, then it went away, then it came back for a few days, and now it's just working.
  7. Oh wow, that's good to know. I'll see if I can get a laptop with 64GB RAM instead.
  8. Seems to be memory. It was at 99% in the build and failed with (emphasis added): dex2oatd F 02-16 15:22:03 770205 770205 mem_map_arena_pool.cc:65] Check failed: map.IsValid() Failed anonymous mmap((nil), 131072, 0x3, 0x22, -1, 0): Cannot allocate memory. See process maps in the log. I'm using an external SSD with hundreds of GB free.
  9. I've got the latest LineageOS running on a Pro1-X. Intermittently, callers can't hear me although I can hear them. I can currently reliably reproduce the problem. If we switch over to Whatsapp, for example, it works fine, so it's no the microphone per se. I've provided logs (message me privately for the zip password) in the XDA forum post but haven't heard back yet. Sometimes, it suddenly starts working and I don't know what has changed. I'm on TMobile. I've tried restarting the phone, ensuring the volume is all the way up, calling over WiFi and not, turning off Bluetooth, turning off NFC, ena
  10. Here are the steps I took: 1. Root the device (to do full backups): https://community.fxtec.com/topic/3690-pro1-x-rooting-with-magisk/ 1. Unzip the previous lineage*.zip that was used to flash the phone 1. Extract boot.img from payload.bin: https://wiki.lineageos.org/extracting_blobs_from_zips#extracting-proprietary-blobs-from-payload-based-otas 1. sudo dnf install python-protobuf 1. git clone https://github.com/LineageOS/scripts 1. python ./scripts/update-payload-extractor/extract.py payload.bin --output_dir ./ 1. adb push boot.img /sdcard/
  11. I have a Pro¹X and I successfully got LineageOS 20230127 along with GApps installed and the phone has been working great! Now I want to understand the upgrade process to get to 20230130 as this is my first time upgrading. From an XDA comment, I think I just have to run: 1. Reboot into recovery but DO NOT select factory reset 2. Select Apply update 3. Select Apply from ADB 4. adb sideload lineage-20.0-20230130-UNOFFICIAL-pro1x.zip 5. Reboot I have a few questions: A. How do I do a backup of my data in case there are problems? I searched for "backup" in the forums but
  12. I have a grandfathered-in Google Apps domain which my user uses, and I found a Reddit thread with this same issue: https://www.reddit.com/r/Vanced/comments/kzqyww/comment/hmzqd41/ The solution for me was to modify the password requirements in the domain settings.
  13. Reproduced with adb logcat and the following seem to be related. Perhaps the key exception detail is DeviceManagementScreenlockRequired although I have a normal pin lock. 01-28 19:40:24.958 1593 2406 I ActivityTaskManager: START u0 {cat=[categoryhack:sessionid=cc7b5bce-36c8-4a27-813d-cd635ea29e0c] dat=intent://com.google.android.gms.signin.activity.ConsentActivity/... pkg=com.google.android.gms cmp=com.google.android.gms/.signin.activity.ConsentActivity (has extras)} from uid 10102 01-28 19:40:25.135 2917 3452 W Auth : [GetTokenResponse] No token found in response, service=oauth2:ht
  14. I got this error with the stock OS. I saw a similar post mentioning to first remove the SIM card, which I did (while powered off), and then rebooted, but still have the same issue. Then, I installed LineageOS (with GApps) and I see the same thing (and haven't even put in the SIM card at all since installing Lineage). There's a notification that writes, "Account action required". When I click on it, a small pop-up and activity indicator comes up and then quickly goes away, and the warning notification comes up. See attached: screen-20230128-174448.webm and Screenshot_20230128-173814_T
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