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Who is the designer of PRO1?

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I'm very concerned about who designed PRO1, which is very similar to the Nokia N950 and E7.

Is it a person not related to Nokia or a former Nokia employee?

On the blog is written "For our phone, we hired the same engineering team who designed the Nokia N97, E7, and N950."


I saw this and thought that it was Mr. Shunjiro Eguchi, former Nokia employee, but he is now in Microsoft, so I can not do that.

What do you think, everyone?

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Team FXtec designed the whole device. But part of our engineers of the slider part, who has previously involved in designing Nokia sliders.


This sliding structure is a very sophisticated structure, there is no off-the-shelf solution but has to be designed bespoke with each device. (Take a look on N950 and E7 they are actually quite different)


Regarding back cover, I agree it's not the nicest. But remember this is the engineering sample, it will change in the future and we can't wait to show you.

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