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  1. 😞...i got reply now...again nothing tellig "few weeks & update soon" message 😞
  2. ...i what condition are covers?
  3. I mean , that any usbc port replicator must works and external display too 🙂
  4. yesss but this info is more than one week old...so where is info about posting of small number of devices?
  5. ...yess i need info too...what is missing now - usb connectors ? 😄
  6. CornholioGSM

    Screen Burn

    ...soo maybe 30% i dont know. i am service technician for cell phones and i see burned screen every week
  7. CornholioGSM

    Screen Burn

    then you ca be happy because you are one of the 5-10% without problems 🙂 Here is today picture
  8. CornholioGSM

    Screen Burn

    hmm...thats why i hate amoled display...i see it every week in my work - approx half year old samsung phones with burned displays 😞 Here is only one "solution" - you can test to overburn it. Test to play this youtube video in fullscreen and full brightness...or search on store something like galaxy burn fix. If is fx display 21:9 then search for another video For future is needed to set brightness to approx low, enable anto brightness, better no static images with high contrast and maybe set quick display timeout....yess amoled is shit 😞
  9. CornholioGSM

    Screen Burn

    ...post photo. it looks like on old plasma tv or you have missing color? burned amoled display is classic problem specially if you use full brightness 😞
  10. ...on PhQ with lineage 14.1 is it too
  11. ...i still dot have fx, but i will use bromite ( Chromium) - adblock browser 🙂
  12. this is only temporary solution...digitizer is really bad and you need new display unit 😞
  13. you can use camera on another phone for find sensor 🙂
  14. ...and what about set black color for charging? 🙂 EDIT ... correct...not working for charging notification (
  15. i dont know...but why not...led is controlled same way as on other phones. Download free version and test it 🙂
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