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  1. ...."deglue" display from frame is simple. I have preheater for it , sometime i am too lazy to go to second room where is preheater πŸ™‚Solution is simple - buy zippo lighter fuel, littlebit moisten gap between lcd glass/frame...and then use carefully razor blade and put it between glass and frame - but not cutting! ...thats all. Edit - razor blade is needed because is thin!!!
  2. hello all, ....i still have little problem of no internet connection on some apps - mainly on gmaps, translator and sometime on messenger. I really dont known what to check...maybe it is problem on battery optimization but i dont known. After reboot phone all works fine for maybe one day...and then again no internet connection. I can be on lte or wifi but problem same.....and sometime same problem on updater too. Any idea?
  3. ...i have little problem. always after two days on battery - when is battery on around 20% and when i connect charger phone says "plugged in, can't charge right now". After reboot is all fine...i can reconnect charger many times and always charging On old aosp rom was all fine
  4. oooh ok...so maybe is missing whole baseband...just like on live demo units πŸ™‚
  5. hmmm....just question... it lacks only antenna it means that prepro have different back cover?....but hw is same?
  6. ...it looks like whole development of new roms is dead 😞
  7. Hmmm i mean that boot animation can be only in portrait...orientation sensor is enabled after fully booted os. ...you must made something like orientation neutral animation....like rotating logo on center πŸ˜‰ edit....badly written...you can made animation in landscape or portrait....but orientation is fixed
  8. Btw...just for interest...some android kernels can use boot animation with boot sound. You can test to search motorola droid r2d2 boot animation dump
  9. ...yesss you can replace it πŸ™‚ just create bootanimation.zip , set permission to rw-r-r and reboot πŸ™‚ ...here are some from xda user @mauam https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1RpFcoEWYsRt2MX7FotKcLICqYq6l5MFY
  10. @DieBruine wrong and wrong πŸ™‚ 1) microphone is not on top display part - microphone is 1cm right near usb connector (small hole). 2) here is nothing to bend for better mic contact. Mic is digital (4-5pin) and is soldered directly to flex/pcb. What can be bad...flex cable connector (i mean flex cable to usbc,speaker ect) can be littlebit disconnected on mainboard (I do not think so), or microphone can be fall down after phone fall to the ground , or can be damaged ( water, dust etc). Solution...solder new microphone...if it doesn't help will be needed to check aud
  11. I have misterious problem. My volume keys stopped working with off screen on all apps - youtube, eleven player etc. I can still control next/prev. song with long press. When screen is on all works fine? I have found only " volume rocker wake" .Anyone have idea how to fix it?
  12. ...maybe with resistor wire and then quick colddown ? ...maybe
  13. Yesss...they can be madded , but does not exists now. Similar glass is for s9+ but is too long
  14. ...nowhere 😞 curved tempered glass does not exists . You can only buy precurved tpu screen protector for elefone.
  15. yesss...it really looks like pressure damage 😞
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