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  1. BUT i still have one big problem on los21. Screen rotate is sometime tooo slow and laggy. Rotating animation freeze on 75% of rotating process for approx 2-4 seconds 😞 It is not launcher problem - tested on original los launcher and then on lawnchair too
  2. One interesting thing. After last los update are all buttons on wired headphones again working 🙂 I mean specially volume and play/pause. Was not working on all android 13 los versions.
  3. hmmm ok so if you have "limited" version of 1X then you must ask for correct firmware directly by fxtec. At this time is not good idea to flash firmware for another 1x model. ...different camera is not biggest problem....but cpu, emmc partition / size is big problem.
  4. i have updated (ota) to 21-20240413 without problem 🙂
  5. hmmm that looks bad and i am not sure if you can fix it self. Phone is after fall / crash? or why have you revert phone to stock? For me it looks like problem with soc qc66x an mean that you cannot reflash fully baseband. it will be possible maybe with jtag programmer in factory. After flash have you tested modem erase commands in cmd /terminal?
  6. Pro1 have no information about bl/bb version in bootloader. It is always blank. ...it will be maybe same on 1X Phone with erased or broken baseband can boot into system normally bud without wifi, gsm....no imei etc. Your booltoader looks working. After fastboot reboot command phone boots into bootloader automatically again? Have you checked flashing process for errors?
  7. nono...it is not my fold. I am service. $550 was my purchase price for me 🙂 Then is needed to add some $ for work for customer. Ok your 9210 was mechanically damaged...but foldable phones can be damaged with classic using. Thats difference. I hope, that your magic2 is madded better than others
  8. foldable displays have cracking problems...lines on display etc ;( These phones are too pricey for its quality...and displazy change is really expensive. For example display for fold 5 cost me around $550.
  9. Hmmm just another phone with problematic foldable display 😞 Samsung and Motorola (lenovo) make phones with these displays for maybe 4 years...and still same problems 😞
  10. Thats we mentioned on top...for me best idea
  11. Ooooh discord, telegram etc...bad idea 😞 ...best way is move all to another host...and if not, then is better idea to use xda. I know that xda is not good as was, but now is it maybe world oldest wotking forum about smartphones. * i mean , that maybe 80-90% users here have xda account.
  12. ...in oddsolutions builds is it classic problem from los19 i mean. Updater always says , that is new version for you. BUT it is same version as you have. You must check date of build 🙂 ...soo wait for new build (date) BTW i have two problems. Both not too important. i have reinstalled and reflashed in recovery magisk...all looks working - root, rooted apps etc - but magisk always says , that is needed to reinstall due " recovery mode cannot get correct device info" And another problem ...this problem was on los20 too. I want t
  13. yess - it is same as with los 20 from odd solutions . Gapps are included, update will be monthly.
  14. Lineageos 21 for pro1-X is out 🙂 https://updater.oddsolutions.us/#/devices/pro1x/builds Untested
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