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  1. ...if you want you can post me PM I have some C connectors for fx purchased approx one year ago
  2. Btw...i have interesting problem with headphones buttons. From los 19.1 update from around september i am unable to use play/pause button. I can ff/rew without problem....but centre button isnt working...it works only for double/triple click. Is here way how to edit buttons functions?
  3. Hmm i mean that new camera app is only reskinned old one. Google camera is still better
  4. hmm interesting. I have in vw caddy mk4 original stereo with navi and all looks fine now. ...was no problem from los 17.1
  5. I have found problem with bluetooth vs car stereo (by me VW). Music works fine - from youtube, mp3 etc...but i am unable to connect call. Stereo says call connected, but audio still on phone. When is call ended radio stay saying call connected. EDIT...maybe solved... Deleted paired device on car stereo, then deleted in phone and then paired on radio again.
  6. Rapair missing pads/ways is simple on n900. ...always is better to use new usb connector...old one have have loose soo solder back old one is repair for short time.
  7. Hello, I have now found this : https://updater.oddsolutions.us/#/devices/pro1/builds I have not tested it, because i have only one device. ...but i have tested los 20 for motorola phone from same web and it looks working without problem.
  8. By me it looks like problem is gone. I am on november 28 lineageos and my phone was charger many times 🙂
  9. ...hmmm sooo best way for me is stay here and not register unnecessary to discord. Approx three years ago was best xda forum for all phones - before moves from phpbb (or what was it) to new unusable layout. Soo i am glad, that we have this official forum.
  10. Search it on phonedb...here you can compare it with another devices https://phonedb.net/index.php?m=device&s=list
  11. ...how about update magisk? it is safe or not? ...i dont want to reinstall whole phone
  12. ...i am on last los too...but i have uninstalled audiofx and installed viper4android. Both speakers are working if v4a is enabled or not.
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