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  1. ...i am on last los too...but i have uninstalled audiofx and installed viper4android. Both speakers are working if v4a is enabled or not.
  2. yesss...can you please upload it?
  3. hi all....have anyone backup of stock rom launcher apk?
  4. Updated too...it takes long time...play store still, magisk too...all works πŸ™‚
  5. Soo i am now littlebit scared...update or dont update and wait for new update? πŸ™‚
  6. anyone can help me how ti install magisk ? i have installed magiskapp 24.3, and then i have tried to install magisk.zip in recovery...but i stuck on could not find meta-inf/com/google/android/update-binary ***SOLVED***
  7. ...i have now forced samsung adb driver on w11...without problem πŸ™‚
  8. Hmmm it sounds littlebit hard to remote help you. For me it looks like display touch problem. Because i have not hear about fully not working touch...have you visually checked display unit ?...then all flex cables and connectors? Here can be problems with touch ... but problems like shifted touch, no touch on edges etc. about keyboard it looks like hw problem too - was keyboard water spilled?...how about connector? ...will be needed more informations about your phone
  9. Hello, i have writen small tutorial here ....or you can order whole bottom board directly from fxtec...but it will be long waiting for it. Directly charging battery is not good idea...you can littlebit charge it with laboratory power supply , but is needed to watch whole charging process. Fx dont have qi charging. Water inside connector is problem, but it is not whole problem - you must open phone and clean all an resolder all visually coroded parts.
  10. heh...i have dark edges on display from start using my fx πŸ™‚
  11. ...exactly as you say...thats why i hate c connectors...and work on it. Sometime are pads too smashed and is impossible to make bypass for all missing pins...then is solution made bypass only for data and charging. On removing...use around 330celsius and head connector from top...it must be really fully released. If is near microphone, then cover it with kapton tape and if mic have hole on another mobo side then cover this hole too...mic can be smashed really quickly with hot air! ...then remove all old tin from holes for connector frame.Put new tin on all pads(same amount - not
  12. it is possible to change it πŸ™‚ .....but sometime i have problem, that i customer have broken / missing pins....then is it littlebit harder and is needed to made new ways with enameled wires.
  13. Looks like this connector have hidden one row of pins...it must be soldered with hotair or infrared. ...post photo of another side...are visible pins? you have visible 6pin - gap - 6pin correct? Check my pic what i mean EDIT...check this :
  14. ...simple...put phone to preheater, set it to 80ΒΊC for 1min....and then use foil for cut display πŸ™‚
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