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Escaping issues + post disappeared

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so I just tried to reply to this topic: https://www.fxtec.com/forums/topic/design-the-qwertz-layout/page/8/#post-12822


Given the subject, I had to use literal backticks in my post, and the forum software interpreted those as code tags. Tried to fix it by editing the post to use triple-backticks (some markdown parsers let you escape backticks this way), didn't help. Edited the post again, this time using HTML entities (try to edit a post containing less-than or greater-than characters and that's how they show up in the editor) - now the post disappeared...

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The forum software has a (known) bug that editing a comment multiple times incorrectly triggers the spam-system, as if (almost) the same was posted multiple times. I have 'unspammed' it.


Unfortunately I do not know a consistent way of escaping special chars, except writing them as url encode.

That is an ampersand # the decimal number and a semicolon.

e.g. [ for [


(I tried to fix the comment with ` - hope this was what you intended)

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Thanks Eske for the unspamming.


There is indeed a known bug of system automatically mark a normal post as spam. Our Dev is doing best to fix it.


Sorry for any inconvenience and thanks again for understanding and Eske's prompt help. :)

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